Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Heart is Full

Congratulations Lil!
While I am writing this my son is sitting close to me slurping his share of the instant curry noodles. The gravy, runny and thin, the noodles slightly soggy with an egg poached in the centre makes staying indoor in this rainy season such a treat. Come evening, heavy showers clean our porch diligently. Big puddles decorate our grassy patch making them the perfect natural pool for sneaky feet to trample on. In the background, behind the screen of my laptop, the bigger kids are throwing the big cushions on the floor. One has dressed up as Batman, the other is stretching the skipping rope as the main obstacle. From the looks of it, they are probably making some sort of a safety net to cushion their precarious jumps.

 As I look on, I can't help but wonder about my own safety net. Have I created one for the kids if ever something were to happen to me. Would they be alright in my absence? There will be many falls in real life and if I could not be there for each one of them, the best thing to do is to equip them with a good pair of feet. So whenever they fall, they would fall strong and jump back to safety.

...and grooming them into Batman is a good start. :o)

I am listening to this song below with the kids. Part 0:46 is so so so so true.;o)


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van kordi said...

Chill lah wiz. Semua ok.

Wiz said...

PakCik Van- Insya Allah. A mother worries all the time. Thanks

Zatil said...

Yeay!! Great to see u r back kak Wiz and of course ur gorgeous cake!

Yes, me too sometimes wondered what would happen in my absence..would they live, who'd shower them the same attention and love..

Dont you strong and show them love..we plan, Allah swt determines. I pray for your health ;)

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Love reading your writings. Always make my sky looks brighter and the room feels warmer. :)

And yea I agree, a good pair of feet and a good heart are the best things to equip.. for everybody.

Take care!

Wiz said...

Zatil, thanks for dropping by. We always wonder, I think mothers do best at that but the thing is whilst wondering we worry sometimes too much kan. InsyaAllah, Allah is the best of all planners.

Wiz said...

Aida- my sky is brightest today and my room is warmest. All because of you. :o)

mrs plain-june said...

aaah. sis.. been wondering the same thing.. i even talk to them about my absence.. they still cant take it. kept saying ummi pls dont say like that.. pls dont die yet..