Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Gift of Giving

 The gesture of giving something meant to be given, 
Makes any day, a meaningful celebration.
Gifts come in big packages, some in  boxes so petite, 
Others are conveyed via words, in any way, they are alwiz a treat.

Some like them pretty, others like them plain instead, 
But  I love mine in paper bags with a simple ribbon to decorate.
It's all about what's inside, but please don't be mistaken,
The gift comes secondary, what's  inside your heart is more important.

So give, give, give, not just presents wrapped in a fancy decoration.
Give your time, your effort, your kind words that need to be mentioned.
Give a nod of appreciation if you are least in the mood,
Or simply give a smile ...when you know you should and you could.

Give a prayer to strangers, wishing them good things in your heart,
And the angels will offer the same prayer for you, whilst you are in their guard.
It needs not be an expensive gift, or an extravagant present,
A sincere salam to the toll lady would lift her spirits up to heaven.

And once you have given all that the heart speaks true,
There will come a time when all the gifts will return to you.
A friend offers her time to hear you out,
When sometimes you feel like you want to shout.

Another comes running to your rescue,
When she stays back to finish your work with you.
When your car breaks down and you have the urge to cry,
A helpful stranger from nowhere, suddenly drops by.

And in some moments when work buries you in your place,
A smile from the kids turns that frown into a happy face.
Feel free to give as much as you know how,
And you will receive so much more, ... maybe later, maybe now.

And if I could help you choose a gift that stays in someone forever,
And remembers you, not only  for your lovely gesture,
I would hand you a piece of my heart and my soul goes into them too.
They are the core ingredients of all the cakes that I do.

All packed in the way I like to see them best,
Flavours of the delicious three, in a simple paper bag.
Try and give them to your colleagues
And witness a smile from their faces so big.

Your boss I'm sure would fancy them too,
He is just too shy to say it to you.
Your family would be delighted if you bring these back,
You can enjoy three different flavours all in one stack.

And when you feel you have given enough to all the people that matter,
Let's not forget to reward yourself later.
Take a spoon and open a pack with unabated relish,
For it's alright once in a while, have the cake to yourself and  be selfish!


Cake bars in white paper bags,

All three in one stack.

Some come in brown packages tied up with string,

These are a few of my favourite things.

Flavours of the three:

1. Choc fudge cake drenched in chocolate fudge sauce with couverture chocolate shavings.
2. Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting sprinkled with crunchy toasted almond flakes.
3. Jaffa cake, an orange cake drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with orange cream and choc chips.

All these for RM50

Have a prosperous month of giving, and as we know it already, tis' the most beautiful thing.

To order, please drop me "The Gift" email addressed to 

16 treats:

Cahaya Kita said...

sis wiz... still igt i x

Wiz said...

Cahaya- InsyaAllah ingat, if I get to match the face with the words here. Profile pic kecik sgt, tak nampak.

Nissy Popsy said...

love the simple yet nice packagings...


KG said...

yeay! love everythg here and you!

alia said...

Oh wiz, so sweeeet!! & love the packaging so much. May I share this on my wall? - boleh la tlg promo sekali. Now, excuse me while I go & think who is deserving of these wonderful gifts. 1st on the list is of course, ME!! Love thyself, kan3?

Wiz said...

Nissa- Simple jer, I like them to be practical first before anything else and most importantly to avoid wastage.

Yanie- thanks yanie.

Alia- hehe I knew I would get you to comment here sebab only those who deal with kids and read and teach poems would take a fancy in what I have written. Trust me, others are thinking " corny!" kekeke. But I am being true to myself, can't help to make things rhyme. That's my weakness. Yes reward yourself is a must!

tukanama said...

Assalamualaikum Teacher!

How r u? Salam Ramadhan.. =)
The white paperbag with blue ribbon is cute ^__^


Wiz said...

Khalilah- Walaikumsalam Warahmatullah. Alhamdulillah, ingat lagi awak kepada teacher awak yg semakin kerepot ini. Cute eh? I thought so too. But both my kids and Mr. Azam prefer the other one though.

Edi said...

salam kak wiz,
selamat berpuasa...
suke suke suke all the cakes and packaging. and the price is so very affordable.. dngar nama cake pun dah meleleh.. hahaha..

take care, adore u! muahhh!!

Wiz said...

Walaikumsalam Edi!

How are you? Hope you are well and ready for the big day! Take good care of yourself k and rest rest rest so that you can get back into baking asap. Muahs!

R&R Family in Germany said...

I love the white one! Bila nak Part 2 nih?

KG said...

yup! happiness is making others happy!

Wiz said...

KG- yes, and the best thing is, that's our job which we do on a daily basis. So sudah sepatutnya we are happy overloaded kekeke yer ker?

Zubaidah Arshad said...

that looks gorgeous. any delivery to kertih, terengganu?

Wiz said...

Zubaidah- Thanks so much. If I happen to go to Trengganu I would surely alert you k, so I can bring some with me for you and for others who might be interested.

Zubaidah Arshad said...

Owh that would be really lovely! Drop me an email whenever you are here!

Thanks ever so much!