Monday, July 23, 2012

Once Upon A Crime ( Part 1)

Thanks so much Tok Ma!

 It rained that evening, setting a cosy mood to unwind with friends over a bowl of instant noodles. The best seat of the house was always by the window, on my roommate's  bed, overlooking the road down below, just so we could  watch some seniors  crowding the uncle's van for some knick knacks! There was no entertainment in the house other than Shake's radio and Sheila Majid was constantly singing "Lagenda",  the DJ's favourite song choice, hence the gawking at the handsome seniors who always happened to be buying their ration at the uncle's van. Perhaps they knew there was an appreciating crowd above them every time and perhaps they liked the undivided attention. "Perhaps...", I was in my  third perhaps when I spotted my cousin's car in a distance approaching the parking area, happy, i jumped out of Shake's bed and ran down to meet her. At that time there was no such thing as handphones or emails and we communicated with the outside world by lining up at the phone booth patiently. I didn't know she was going to visit neither did I know how that night would  change the course of my life, ( putting this in exaggeration actually). And so  the story began...

The chilly night created a happy mood for everyone. The other students were walking about, chatting with packets of snacks in their hands, munching noisily. You could actually hear the crunches each time they took a bite of the Twisties or Cheezels or Roller Coaster. I was tempted to grab a packet from the uncle but I was too excited to see my cousin and  desperately hoping she had brought better food to be shared with me in the car. I hastened my steps to reach her car and to my surprise she brought my other cousin who just came back from the UK with her. 

"...kakyong!!!!!, awak pun ade? bestnyer!" Both of them were smiling from their seats and welcomed me with endless  chatters only cousins would be able to understand.

Kak Lin and Kakyong are my two elder cousins, the people I shriek,  and roll my eyes to, for communication. There was never a time, when we meet that we do not shriek in between chuckles or roll our eyes to something. There are often important stories to discuss and to analyze with great intensity on how they would affect the world we live in, including the green house effects as well as the environmental issues relating to them. :o) With our analytical views towards anything and everything, our chats are very animated, with hand gestures flying in the air and shrieks and laughters that could penetrate any sound proof windows. I reckoned, it did that night, when we were in the car, talking endlessly as if we would never see each other again. I remember kakyong was reading an airmail and sharing the content with the rest of us when there was a loud knock on the passenger's seat window.

"Keluar! keluar!"

 I searched the face who directed me to exit  the car and it was the male security guard for the girl's block who was on duty at that time.

"Kenapa pakcik? ada apa? I asked in bewilderment. He then asked for my matric card and looked at me with disgust and bent down to look at my cousins in the car.

" baru pukul 10 lebih ni jer, belum curfew lagi pakcik." I defended my action as if I needed one. He then said out loud and directed me to go in right away. "Masuk!, masuk sekarang!"
And at that moment time stood still for me. The handsome seniors weren't no longer the attention, but I was. The 50 metre stretch from the car to the gate was the longest one I ever took. I hung my head with humiliation, dragging my legs to walk the walk of shame. Everyone stopped at whatever they were doing and turned to look at me with ill thoughts. It was on their faces, before the murmuring began. "tu la, buat lagi, sapa suruh duduk dlm keter dgn boyfriend?" I heard it coming from one of the boys. Perplexed,  I left my cousins without a word. They didn't know why I was sent back to the hostel in such a revealing act, ...neither did I. 

Thanks so much Ida Zentell! be continued.

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R&R Family in Germany said...

Hey....I remember being stopped by teh pakcik guard...but couldn't remember why? Cepat la sambung!

Wiz said...

I never really told anybody. Will do so now. Kak lin knows and masa tu memang uncle Amat pun nak get involved sebab I was wrongly accused k! Sgt panjang ceritanya, it was one event which led to another. Kena la tunggu kakyong hehe