Friday, July 20, 2012

In A Galaxy Not So Far Far Away...

The long fought battle has been won! The green aliens have been conquered once and for all. It is no longer a struggle for this Mommy Monster to accomplish her daily mission. She has conquered once and she thrives to conquer all, right after the very first victory. All is good now,  at least for  this side of the universe. Even Baba and The Star Command joined forces to install a better Universe for the new generation, a stronger and healthier  generation which beams goodness from the core of their existence.

Nothing goes to waste in this galaxy. Every bit of the shredded greens is turned into fuel for our  everyday consumption. The juice from the green and all those fibre leftovers get to be relished. Initially, it was hard to convince the skeptical minded that anything that does not look good does not necessarily taste bad. But now after much practice of the trickery, everyone is eating and drinking healthy. 

Without much persuasion, when I put something that looked like these the other day on the table, an empty plate was the only thing that was left in a few minutes. I call these Vege Nuggets, made from all the leftovers from our green juice.

We have been having these every evening now and for the first day the kids thought they were home made chicken nuggets. I just wanted them to give it a try and like them without force and alhamdulillah they ate them all! They were only told about the content the very next day, not only surprised but it had grossed them out for a little while. But since they have tasted and liked them, they continued eating them whilst saying how unbelievable for them finishing the sayur and liking it too.

Here is the simple recipe.

All the leftover veges from your green juice.
The one in this picture was made from
1. One whole carrot,
2. One whole cucumber
3. One bunch of Sawi
4. A fistful of baby tomatoes
5. A cup of brocolli
6. 4 oranges
7. A cup of honey dew
8. One whole guava

All these are mixed with

1. An egg
2. Roughly about a cup of wheat flour, maybe more.
3. Minced onions
4. 2 tablespoon Wheatgerm
5. half teaspoon of oregano leaves
6. salt, pepper and turmeric powder to taste.

Once shaped into discs, coat them with corn flour before lightly frying them in canola oil.

Other than vege nuggets, you can also use the green leftovers to thicken soups, gravy and even curries. It gives more flavour and packs a punch of vitamins and nutrients to any simple dish.

I think the kids will fast better this Ramadhan insyaAllah with 2 weeks of prepping them  with the green juice. Their energy level has increased tremendously and hopefully they would not be as tired  and lose so much weight this time around.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Ramadhan dan juga ingin memohon kemaafan jika ada kata2 saya disini yang menyinggung perasaan. Semoga Ramadhan tahun ini adalah yang terbaik dari segi amal ibadat, rezeki dan kesihatan. Let's strive for the best one this year!

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Nissy Popsy said...

gud idea wiz.. shall try this green vege leftovers a try! hehehehe

selamat berpuasa to u n azam n kids ya!!!



van kordi said...

cibok aje niccaa tuuu..

Wiz said...

Nissa- you can also turn them into karipap fillings or poppiah fillings tau. Nothing goes to waste kan. Selamat berpuasa to both of you too!

Wiz said...

Pakcik Van, errrr somehow that does not sound right kekeke. Ingin mengucapkan selamat Berpuasa zahir dan batin. Kirim kan assalamualaikum kpd isteri yg tercinta dan terindah.

Sheila Wahid said...

Salam Ramadhan from Sheila...

Idea yang bagus.. nanti boleh cuba untuk anak-anak di rumah..


gentenaar said...

this is brilliant Wiz! I am motivated to do the same = ) I would have to start early then, cos by around 8pm i feel like a weak leafy leaf with iftar only at about 2145 hrs! No more energy left, hope this helps. Thanks for sharing Wiz, Hugs xx hope all's well on your side of the globe. Salaam Ramadhan and selamat berpuasa. *M*

Wiz said...

Sheila- Walaikumusalam warahmatullah,
I am just so satisfied with my kids and husband's progress. The third day puasa and all of them tk complain lapar and tired. In fact my kids langsung tak tido masa ptg2, boleh pergi main basikal kat luar lagi. I do not give them any vitamins, only this and I love the fact that I know what I put in their vitamin smoothies instead of just reading them at the back of the bottle. I feel empowered. Hope many will take this up and make include this routine kan. Thanks for dropping by.

Wiz said...

Mush! how have you been? Thanks for dropping by. Yes, so far the kids have yet to complain about juicing and eating leftovers. It is their staple now. Depa tak der la cakap sedapnya and lazatnyer but one thing they like is the overall general feeling after juicing. They themselves notice the difference. If tak minum green juice satu hari they will feel something is not right and ask for it sebab badan dh mula rasa sedap kan. Hope everybody takes on to this idea and we become a healthy nation! Selamat berpuasa Mush.