Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goodness Gracious

Thanks so much Rini!

I have been going to the hospital for my follow up once a week and I think this will be the pattern of my new routine. It's all about health now and at the age when numbers do count other than the wrinkles on the faces, your well being becomes suddenly important. You start noticing things you  never bothered to scrutinize before, that bag under your eyes, those visible lines on your hands, the dry patches everywhere and constantly you would then fall sluggishly on your bed mumbling "...I'm old...".

I am now 40 and this new age hit me the most when I realized that I was seeing the doctor more than I was seeing my husband ... for lunch that is.:o). There are many tests to be taken, blood to be withdrawn and I have been scanned too many a time that I feel I should have a personal bar code already. ;o). In the meantime before another operation is due to take place, I am eating and practising  a healthy lifestyle, not just for me but  for the whole family as well.

 I have been reading a lot about the benefits of juicing and even though I do not have the juicer machine of my dreams such as below, I am still determined to make juicing part of our daily routine. The most challenging quest isn't making full use of the ordinary blender but forcing the small kids and the grown up one to drink up and liking the green concoctions. After more than a week of juicing I think I am getting better at reducing the bitterness of some of the vegetables by including lots of sweet fruits and honey. Some vegetables have this very raw chlorophyll   after taste and it is quite a challenge to try and camouflage the taste and make it drinkable.

The kids would normally down their juices immediately after they reach home. They have to drink it 30 minutes before their meals for the body to absorb all the nutrients efficiently. Do not drink your juice with food as fermentation would occur, well that's what I found out from many of the articles. For my kids who hate vegetables and not so much into fruits, I think juicing is a great idea to ensure they get the required portions for the day.

Above is  the winning combination of the week with 12 ingredients made in one jar!

The ingredients:

1. purple cabbage
2. tomatoes
3. carrots
4. celery
5. sawi
6. cucumber
7. oranges
8. pineapple
9. apples
11. honey
12. dates

blend with adequate water.

After sieving this is what you get ...

...Ribena, well that's what I told the kids!

It's a different juice everyday and I know I am giving myself and my family something good. In the morning before they go to school I make them chocolate shakes with walnuts, almonds, oats and wheatgerm blended with milk and cocoa powder and you instantly see them roaring to school.

After 10 days of juicing I noticed the improvement in everyone's mood. I get more smiles and they are less irritable. My daughter mentioned that she does not suffer from headaches anymore whilst my son said he is less tired after school. My husband lost 1.5kg and I on the other hand did not lose anything unfortunately, huish. It is a great way to start and end your day and I am sure you would try juicing soon. You need not have any special gadget, just your ordinary blender. Try not to use the same one for your chilies though. :o)

For more juicing ideas please visit here. Happy juicing everyone!

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- azlin - said...

OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! Saya pening just reading the list of sayurans ! and you told the kids its kancil okkk ! hehehe...hope you are feeling much better now..have missed reading your entries...take care cuz.

Wiz said...

Hehehe yes I am so the kancil and harimau too if they do not drink up. Thanks for the kind words Kak Lin!

zue said...

Salam wiz, naper ni, sakit apa? hope you are feeling well and getting well. , talk about, dah banyak dah.....but still in denial...hehe........take care, paling kuat pun, minum orange juice,kalau makan di kedai, starfruit juice, but not as healthy as yours lah.....

Wiz said...

Zue- sakit orang tua la Zue, mcm2 bila dah meningkat umur ni. should try juicing, you would feel the difference.

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
How are you holding up? Hope you're feeling and recovering well.

So you've been juicing the family, eh? Hehe! Happy to know that everybody's loving it. I started with my daily morning orange juice when I came here and since then tak pernah demam or selsema. Back then kejap2 selsema la, kejap2 demam la.

And Kak Wiz, 40 is NOT old! At all! Dalam kelas aerobik saya, mostly umor 45 ke atas. Saya pulak yang cepat semput dari diorang. Body diorang pon solid molid je. So don't say you're old maa. Age is just a number, right? What's inside is important, and I know you know this already :)

Hope everything goes smoothly for your next op. Take care dear, don't work too hard tau!

Wiz said...

Aida- kalau begitu saya kena duduk sana supaya rasa muda drp kwn2 aerobik awak yg lain hehe. Yes, I have started juicing with the family and I feel good even if the kids tak makan sayur masa meals. I don't have to masak sayur pun in fact coz I know they already have their daily intake for the day dah. Alhamdulillah, I am good. Hope I dont have to undergo another op, sebab takut.

van kordi said...

All the best for the coming operation wizz. Get well quick. Kirim salam sama azam. Rindu sama dia lah pulak. :-(

Wiz said...

Pak Kordi- In honesty, he misses you guys too. But he said once he has made a decision he is going to stick to it. He is really into health now, sampai juice sayur ni pun dia sanggup minum. In all 40 years of his life, inilah pertama kali he puts vege in his diet k. Thanks for the wish and we hope you guys have good fun and bak kata Ella, "are you enjoy?" hehehe

Aza/Rin/Na said...

Wiz .. assalamualaikum ( lama tak tinggal jejak kat sini .. :-)) - well, i have started juicing too ... but i put that 'asam masin boi' la to the drinks ... taste much better with that asam masin manis ... but i dunno whether its healthy or not ( with the asam ... hehehehe )

happy juicing - cheers ..! ( take care )

M-O-M said...

Kak Wiz, i rather eat my vege dari kena force to drink them eugh....heheheh

and operation apakah yg disebutkan? get well soon, and take care.

hugs and kisses muah muah...from delilah ;)

Zatil said...

Kak Wiz..hold on yer and be strong. Bcoz, internal strength will sure cure any thing. Insyaallah..

Love ur bebola kat ceke tu..

Nissy Popsy said...

u can also try n do green apples + celery juice.. my mom normally drink that. don't ask me wat its for, but she said elok utk kaum2 wanita... hehehe.. ergghh i dont like the taste! rather have my herbalife shake jer.. :D

ohh u shud try taking d herbalife shake my dear, it's food n good too.. :D

jasmin said...

Hey Wiz..

I'm planning of getting into this juicing too tapi my blender ordered kat groupon still tak kunjung tiba.. hmmm...

another operation...? i doakan & aminkan doa2 you...

hope we can meet soon.. makan2 raya ke...


Wiz said...

Aza/Rin/Na- Walaikumsalam warahmatullah, Thanks for dropping by. Asam boi, feveret saya tu hehe. But the asam boi tu byk preservatives thus making it not a very healthy choice. But sgt sedap kan?

Dian- You and Delilah are as cute! Imagine if people appreciate adults to have chubby cheeks and think them as sexy and cute kan. Why does it only applies to babies?

Wiz said...

Zatil- InsyaAllah. Tu la sekarang ni nk makan benda yg sihat jer. Hopefully the juicing can improve my health and the rest of the family too.

Nissa- Would love to try Herbalife but ianya bukan dalam kemampuan saya. By juicing everybody gets to drink it together. Kalau Herbalife, sayang nak bagi the kids minum sbb mahai! I love apples but bila letak celery dia jadi tak berapa sedap. In fact kalau juicing dont put celery sbb nanti memang akan put off by the srtong taste.

Wiz said...

Jasmin- Beli kat groupon yer? Yg mana Min? the smoothie maker tu ker? I bought one too but it does not work as efficient as it should so I used my old blender which does the job better. but now kena rajin cari sayaur and buat the juice and paksa d kids minum, tak kira, they have to sit down and drink. Mommy Monster mwahahaha

jasmin said...

Yup the smoothie maker. Berkenan sbb nampak slim. Blender sedia ade bau bawang & cili.
I have to force myself more then the others at home.

Little Flower Pot and Gifts said...

kak wiz! me too started juicing last week! my first juice is cucumber, green apples and celery. strong smell yes but not bad lah hehe..i bought kenwood blender kat carefour for 89(x sangka murah, selalu mahal kenwood, 100+) hope bertahan semangat nak ber'juice' hehe! cheersjuice to u and family!

Wiz said...

Suz- So proud of you! It isn't as difficult kan. Mula2 I really thought that I had to have a good quality juicer then I thought, why not give my old blender a try, tapi kena tapis la. Bykla kerja kan but for the glow in everybody's faces, I think it is worth it. I will write and show more ideas on juicing and we will go through this healthy journey together.