Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Gift of Giving

 The gesture of giving something meant to be given, 
Makes any day, a meaningful celebration.
Gifts come in big packages, some in  boxes so petite, 
Others are conveyed via words, in any way, they are alwiz a treat.

Some like them pretty, others like them plain instead, 
But  I love mine in paper bags with a simple ribbon to decorate.
It's all about what's inside, but please don't be mistaken,
The gift comes secondary, what's  inside your heart is more important.

So give, give, give, not just presents wrapped in a fancy decoration.
Give your time, your effort, your kind words that need to be mentioned.
Give a nod of appreciation if you are least in the mood,
Or simply give a smile ...when you know you should and you could.

Give a prayer to strangers, wishing them good things in your heart,
And the angels will offer the same prayer for you, whilst you are in their guard.
It needs not be an expensive gift, or an extravagant present,
A sincere salam to the toll lady would lift her spirits up to heaven.

And once you have given all that the heart speaks true,
There will come a time when all the gifts will return to you.
A friend offers her time to hear you out,
When sometimes you feel like you want to shout.

Another comes running to your rescue,
When she stays back to finish your work with you.
When your car breaks down and you have the urge to cry,
A helpful stranger from nowhere, suddenly drops by.

And in some moments when work buries you in your place,
A smile from the kids turns that frown into a happy face.
Feel free to give as much as you know how,
And you will receive so much more, ... maybe later, maybe now.

And if I could help you choose a gift that stays in someone forever,
And remembers you, not only  for your lovely gesture,
I would hand you a piece of my heart and my soul goes into them too.
They are the core ingredients of all the cakes that I do.

All packed in the way I like to see them best,
Flavours of the delicious three, in a simple paper bag.
Try and give them to your colleagues
And witness a smile from their faces so big.

Your boss I'm sure would fancy them too,
He is just too shy to say it to you.
Your family would be delighted if you bring these back,
You can enjoy three different flavours all in one stack.

And when you feel you have given enough to all the people that matter,
Let's not forget to reward yourself later.
Take a spoon and open a pack with unabated relish,
For it's alright once in a while, have the cake to yourself and  be selfish!


Cake bars in white paper bags,

All three in one stack.

Some come in brown packages tied up with string,

These are a few of my favourite things.

Flavours of the three:

1. Choc fudge cake drenched in chocolate fudge sauce with couverture chocolate shavings.
2. Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting sprinkled with crunchy toasted almond flakes.
3. Jaffa cake, an orange cake drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with orange cream and choc chips.

All these for RM50

Have a prosperous month of giving, and as we know it already, tis' the most beautiful thing.

To order, please drop me "The Gift" email addressed to 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Once Upon A Crime ( Part 1)

Thanks so much Tok Ma!

 It rained that evening, setting a cosy mood to unwind with friends over a bowl of instant noodles. The best seat of the house was always by the window, on my roommate's  bed, overlooking the road down below, just so we could  watch some seniors  crowding the uncle's van for some knick knacks! There was no entertainment in the house other than Shake's radio and Sheila Majid was constantly singing "Lagenda",  the DJ's favourite song choice, hence the gawking at the handsome seniors who always happened to be buying their ration at the uncle's van. Perhaps they knew there was an appreciating crowd above them every time and perhaps they liked the undivided attention. "Perhaps...", I was in my  third perhaps when I spotted my cousin's car in a distance approaching the parking area, happy, i jumped out of Shake's bed and ran down to meet her. At that time there was no such thing as handphones or emails and we communicated with the outside world by lining up at the phone booth patiently. I didn't know she was going to visit neither did I know how that night would  change the course of my life, ( putting this in exaggeration actually). And so  the story began...

The chilly night created a happy mood for everyone. The other students were walking about, chatting with packets of snacks in their hands, munching noisily. You could actually hear the crunches each time they took a bite of the Twisties or Cheezels or Roller Coaster. I was tempted to grab a packet from the uncle but I was too excited to see my cousin and  desperately hoping she had brought better food to be shared with me in the car. I hastened my steps to reach her car and to my surprise she brought my other cousin who just came back from the UK with her. 

"...kakyong!!!!!, awak pun ade? bestnyer!" Both of them were smiling from their seats and welcomed me with endless  chatters only cousins would be able to understand.

Kak Lin and Kakyong are my two elder cousins, the people I shriek,  and roll my eyes to, for communication. There was never a time, when we meet that we do not shriek in between chuckles or roll our eyes to something. There are often important stories to discuss and to analyze with great intensity on how they would affect the world we live in, including the green house effects as well as the environmental issues relating to them. :o) With our analytical views towards anything and everything, our chats are very animated, with hand gestures flying in the air and shrieks and laughters that could penetrate any sound proof windows. I reckoned, it did that night, when we were in the car, talking endlessly as if we would never see each other again. I remember kakyong was reading an airmail and sharing the content with the rest of us when there was a loud knock on the passenger's seat window.

"Keluar! keluar!"

 I searched the face who directed me to exit  the car and it was the male security guard for the girl's block who was on duty at that time.

"Kenapa pakcik? ada apa? I asked in bewilderment. He then asked for my matric card and looked at me with disgust and bent down to look at my cousins in the car.

" baru pukul 10 lebih ni jer, belum curfew lagi pakcik." I defended my action as if I needed one. He then said out loud and directed me to go in right away. "Masuk!, masuk sekarang!"
And at that moment time stood still for me. The handsome seniors weren't no longer the attention, but I was. The 50 metre stretch from the car to the gate was the longest one I ever took. I hung my head with humiliation, dragging my legs to walk the walk of shame. Everyone stopped at whatever they were doing and turned to look at me with ill thoughts. It was on their faces, before the murmuring began. "tu la, buat lagi, sapa suruh duduk dlm keter dgn boyfriend?" I heard it coming from one of the boys. Perplexed,  I left my cousins without a word. They didn't know why I was sent back to the hostel in such a revealing act, ...neither did I. 

Thanks so much Ida Zentell! be continued.

Friday, July 20, 2012

In A Galaxy Not So Far Far Away...

The long fought battle has been won! The green aliens have been conquered once and for all. It is no longer a struggle for this Mommy Monster to accomplish her daily mission. She has conquered once and she thrives to conquer all, right after the very first victory. All is good now,  at least for  this side of the universe. Even Baba and The Star Command joined forces to install a better Universe for the new generation, a stronger and healthier  generation which beams goodness from the core of their existence.

Nothing goes to waste in this galaxy. Every bit of the shredded greens is turned into fuel for our  everyday consumption. The juice from the green and all those fibre leftovers get to be relished. Initially, it was hard to convince the skeptical minded that anything that does not look good does not necessarily taste bad. But now after much practice of the trickery, everyone is eating and drinking healthy. 

Without much persuasion, when I put something that looked like these the other day on the table, an empty plate was the only thing that was left in a few minutes. I call these Vege Nuggets, made from all the leftovers from our green juice.

We have been having these every evening now and for the first day the kids thought they were home made chicken nuggets. I just wanted them to give it a try and like them without force and alhamdulillah they ate them all! They were only told about the content the very next day, not only surprised but it had grossed them out for a little while. But since they have tasted and liked them, they continued eating them whilst saying how unbelievable for them finishing the sayur and liking it too.

Here is the simple recipe.

All the leftover veges from your green juice.
The one in this picture was made from
1. One whole carrot,
2. One whole cucumber
3. One bunch of Sawi
4. A fistful of baby tomatoes
5. A cup of brocolli
6. 4 oranges
7. A cup of honey dew
8. One whole guava

All these are mixed with

1. An egg
2. Roughly about a cup of wheat flour, maybe more.
3. Minced onions
4. 2 tablespoon Wheatgerm
5. half teaspoon of oregano leaves
6. salt, pepper and turmeric powder to taste.

Once shaped into discs, coat them with corn flour before lightly frying them in canola oil.

Other than vege nuggets, you can also use the green leftovers to thicken soups, gravy and even curries. It gives more flavour and packs a punch of vitamins and nutrients to any simple dish.

I think the kids will fast better this Ramadhan insyaAllah with 2 weeks of prepping them  with the green juice. Their energy level has increased tremendously and hopefully they would not be as tired  and lose so much weight this time around.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Ramadhan dan juga ingin memohon kemaafan jika ada kata2 saya disini yang menyinggung perasaan. Semoga Ramadhan tahun ini adalah yang terbaik dari segi amal ibadat, rezeki dan kesihatan. Let's strive for the best one this year!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goodness Gracious

Thanks so much Rini!

I have been going to the hospital for my follow up once a week and I think this will be the pattern of my new routine. It's all about health now and at the age when numbers do count other than the wrinkles on the faces, your well being becomes suddenly important. You start noticing things you  never bothered to scrutinize before, that bag under your eyes, those visible lines on your hands, the dry patches everywhere and constantly you would then fall sluggishly on your bed mumbling "...I'm old...".

I am now 40 and this new age hit me the most when I realized that I was seeing the doctor more than I was seeing my husband ... for lunch that is.:o). There are many tests to be taken, blood to be withdrawn and I have been scanned too many a time that I feel I should have a personal bar code already. ;o). In the meantime before another operation is due to take place, I am eating and practising  a healthy lifestyle, not just for me but  for the whole family as well.

 I have been reading a lot about the benefits of juicing and even though I do not have the juicer machine of my dreams such as below, I am still determined to make juicing part of our daily routine. The most challenging quest isn't making full use of the ordinary blender but forcing the small kids and the grown up one to drink up and liking the green concoctions. After more than a week of juicing I think I am getting better at reducing the bitterness of some of the vegetables by including lots of sweet fruits and honey. Some vegetables have this very raw chlorophyll   after taste and it is quite a challenge to try and camouflage the taste and make it drinkable.

The kids would normally down their juices immediately after they reach home. They have to drink it 30 minutes before their meals for the body to absorb all the nutrients efficiently. Do not drink your juice with food as fermentation would occur, well that's what I found out from many of the articles. For my kids who hate vegetables and not so much into fruits, I think juicing is a great idea to ensure they get the required portions for the day.

Above is  the winning combination of the week with 12 ingredients made in one jar!

The ingredients:

1. purple cabbage
2. tomatoes
3. carrots
4. celery
5. sawi
6. cucumber
7. oranges
8. pineapple
9. apples
11. honey
12. dates

blend with adequate water.

After sieving this is what you get ...

...Ribena, well that's what I told the kids!

It's a different juice everyday and I know I am giving myself and my family something good. In the morning before they go to school I make them chocolate shakes with walnuts, almonds, oats and wheatgerm blended with milk and cocoa powder and you instantly see them roaring to school.

After 10 days of juicing I noticed the improvement in everyone's mood. I get more smiles and they are less irritable. My daughter mentioned that she does not suffer from headaches anymore whilst my son said he is less tired after school. My husband lost 1.5kg and I on the other hand did not lose anything unfortunately, huish. It is a great way to start and end your day and I am sure you would try juicing soon. You need not have any special gadget, just your ordinary blender. Try not to use the same one for your chilies though. :o)

For more juicing ideas please visit here. Happy juicing everyone!