Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sunny Days

I am only human who constantly forget that everyday is a blessing. Blessings don in many entries, at times unrecognizable to the naked eyes of the unappreciative. I am guilty of that on a daily basis especially when kids act up, cakes slide down, ideas dry up, orders slow down, there are always reasons to dampen any sunny days.

I am still learning to be appreciative of any days ahead, sunny or rainy. Hot and sunny days give me perfectly dried clothes whilst wet and rainy days offer me cooling ambiance, both perfect for any appreciative souls.

Thanks so much Linda!

And in between those days when it is neither sunny nor rainy, little gestures by heart warming people greet you at the most opportune time, in a big big way. It makes you believe again that everyday comes with abundant of blessings even with some imperfections you stumble along the way.

Thanks so so much HS for the card and the novel!

At the end of the day, it is up to you to create those special moments to be shared amongst your precious ones, even though they miss to appreciate you and your gestures. The fact that you know that the desserts you put in the fridge will be munched on, the soup you left in the pot will be slurped up and they are always there for you to hold and embrace make those little imperfections impervious to this heart.

Our favourite pie.

3 treats:

PatinPasta said...

Dear Kak Wiz,
Gitu la kan. Kadang nak stay positip everyday memang tak buleh. Ada jugak hari awan berarak mendung (dengan kilat menyabung bagai :D). But hey, the sun will surely shine!

Wiz said...

Aida- yer begitulah hidup ni. Kita pun namanya manusia, mesti terasa diuji dan secara azalinya memang manusia ni lemah. So jika anda membaca entri2 yg lemah di blog saya tolong abaikan. Saya nak pergi naik rollercoaster di pergunungan Sepanyol satu hari nanti supaya saya rasa bertenaga kembali. Awak tolong tunjukkan jalan buleh?

KG said...

happy to see you back here wiz hugs!