Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Is... and me,

and the time in between,

the celebrations of the ordinary,

and the daily start to a new beginning.

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KG said...

i heart you!

zue said...

you don't have to touch it to know,
love is everywhere that you go,
love is love is nothing without you.
love is love is everything
you do.....

a song by culture Club? ingat ingat lupa , but love the song, i guess i am romantic at heart..... don't we all kan wiz?

Wiz said...

Yanie- Love is...not saying a word. :o)

Zue- Yes I remember the song. I like the youtube video ni sebab the idea of love is an everyday thing that we take for granted. Thanks for dropping by ZUe.

Ribbon Clown said...

k Wiz,

I used to collect that "love is" cutouts when I was in school. It was one of my hobbies then. Mana tah I letak those scrapbooks.. hmm..


RC :)

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Ye lah Wiz. I pun sama gak, collect those 'love is' stickers, loads of them...

Wiz said...

Rc- Go find them, they are precious now! I remember that I used to look forward to cutting them out and keeping them in my organizer. Mcm cute sgt and the words are simple but meaningful kan. Thanks for dropping by RC.

Wiz said...

Murni- Do you still keep them? I don't have them all, ada hari yg I termiss, so just curious of finding those that I didn't collect. Maybe can check out yours. Cute kan the messages in the Love is column tu. i love them all.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wiz, it is really wonderful you still remember me, terima kaseh. How re you? Ada tu sniffies lagi?
Hope you now much better,
Was really sukahati see you dropped by my pondok....been a long time.

Yes, love makes the world go round....
Boleh mabuk juga if not careful, ha ha.
Have a nice weekend.

Edi said...

kak wiz,
i ade satu sampul surat penuh cut outs Love is.. tu... dah kuning2 tapi sayangggg sgt... ade kat rumah trg.. taknak bwk balik sini sebab takut hilang.. hehe..

love is.. saying i love u!

Wiz said...

Uncle Lee, Thanks for dropping by. I would visit you when the kids are fast asleep coz all the pictures in your blog are too much for the little eyes to bear hehehe. Sometimes must also wait for my husband to go to sleep to hahahaha.

Edi- Simpan tau, jaga betul2 sebab mana nak cari dah Love is tu. Yes Love is saying I love you but the best is not having to say it and knowing it just the same.

KC said...

as always so gorgeous! :P