Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hundred Little Reasons

I can give you hundred little reasons to why I don't have much to say, the same ones you have given me, the exact hundred little reasons to why I was away.

Hundred little reasons are all yours to create, so that I have hundred little reasons to bake and decorate. For everyday is a special occasion, it does not require a reason, for cakes to be given without needing a mention. It's when you give, you will receive the best gift. The sweet thought would only initiate, loving responses from relatives, friends, doctors, nurses and working mates.

Thank you for these hundred little reasons. May there always be a hundred more but the best one is perhaps, to give, for no reason at all. :o)

Reason: Hantaran

Reason: Hantaran

Reason: Khatam Quran

Reason: Hens Night

Reason: Birthday

Reason: Appreciation for Doctors and Nurses

My heartfelt thanks to Kak Mala, Hidayah, Nizreen and Phang and another person whose name I have forgotten (so sorry)for giving me hundred little reasons to be part of your hundred little occasions.

6 treats:

KG said...

wiz, the gooseberry green and pink assemble was the firts one i saw here that got me attracted to you! awww!

Wiz said...

Yanie, like they say, you are the cakes you bake kekekeke. I am all the goeseberry or goosebumps that anyone can take in a day.

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Guess what, my reason is just the same as Yanie's. Those so-called 'shabby chic' cuppies that caught my eye when I first started blogging. I just love the way u put your ideas on cakes Wiz...

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Suka tau baca ayat2 Kak Wiz, rasa macam atas awan gitu (jangan gelak, saya tak reti nak berbahasa cantik2 :D).

Suka tengok hantaran no 2 tu, sungguh perfect. Kejam sesiapa yang makan tu!

Wiz said...

Murni- Thank you hank you thank you. Initially I just thought my ideas and presentations were weird, not similar to popular others. But I guess that makes a person different and I may not be a popular cake artist, I don't mind being different eventhough I get less orders I guess hahaha. Thanks for dropping by Murni.

Aida- Saya sentiasa berada di awang-awangan Aida tu sebab nya tulis pun serupa itu. Sebab kalau saya berada di bwah saya tak der masa untuk menulis. So saya perlu mengapungkan diri untuk menulis. David copperfield belajar teknik mengapungkan diri drp kak wiz la, jangan tak tau hoccay! ;o)

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

X pe Wiz, that make 2of us (yg x byk dpt order)...sbb I kalau buat kek suka syok sendiri... tu la pasal agaknya...