Monday, March 26, 2012

In Bloom

Thanks so much Lizni.
Design was given by the bride.

My thoughts and my hearts are always in bloom and to think that I am not much of a flower person, having that feeling is just astounding. "...saya bukan gadis bunga." I think I said that to my husband when we started to like each other long time ago. And for him to answer "...yerrr saya tau and thank God you are not!" as his acceptance for who I was, sprouted flowers in my heart for him instantaneously. That announcement opened up many more announcements it seemed, from the type of house he liked, the type of garden he wanted and the type of prints he preferred on my baju.

When I declared I was not much of a flower person, it didn't mean my life should be devoid of flowers all together. I love flowers in my lawn and sometimes a vase of a loosely arranged bouquet of daisies on my table would be nice. But he does not really fancy them. He has always wished for a house with only a carpet of green grass in front macam padang bola.:o). I believe he got what he wished for as no flowers have ever survived in this compound of ours. I just do not have a green finger.

But as I look around now, true to my declaration some 20 years ago, there's not a single flower or flower print in my house and in my wardrobe. The curtains are in stripes, the cushions are too, my baju are mostly plain and everything else can be categorized as anything but flowery. Oh yer, I have a vase of fake roses somewhere, a leftover from a cake project 4 years ago, so that's not so bad.

I may not have flowers all around me but I sure have lots and lots of them inside. You can't see them but they are blooming in hues of the rainbow all the way through. It's not what you see outside but more importantly it's what you feel inside. And right now they are in bloom...

...for that special person who hates flowers so much. All the way through.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hundred Little Reasons

I can give you hundred little reasons to why I don't have much to say, the same ones you have given me, the exact hundred little reasons to why I was away.

Hundred little reasons are all yours to create, so that I have hundred little reasons to bake and decorate. For everyday is a special occasion, it does not require a reason, for cakes to be given without needing a mention. It's when you give, you will receive the best gift. The sweet thought would only initiate, loving responses from relatives, friends, doctors, nurses and working mates.

Thank you for these hundred little reasons. May there always be a hundred more but the best one is perhaps, to give, for no reason at all. :o)

Reason: Hantaran

Reason: Hantaran

Reason: Khatam Quran

Reason: Hens Night

Reason: Birthday

Reason: Appreciation for Doctors and Nurses

My heartfelt thanks to Kak Mala, Hidayah, Nizreen and Phang and another person whose name I have forgotten (so sorry)for giving me hundred little reasons to be part of your hundred little occasions.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love Is... and me,

and the time in between,

the celebrations of the ordinary,

and the daily start to a new beginning.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dessert For The Heart

My heart flutters happily at the chance of feasting on desserts and since I am in the business of making other people happy too, feasting becomes almost a daily affair. Most desserts are beautifully laden with either lots of sugar, butter, eggs, shortening or cheese. The more the tastier, the creamier the better. However what this heart aches for, it cannot have anymore. Therefore, changes to the recipes needed to be made to accommodate my sweet tooth as I don't think extraction of the invisible tooth is an option to either me or the dentist.

I for one love love love fruit pies. The combinations of the crumbly buttery pastry with the custardy or cheesy layer, fill the gaping cavity in my sweet tooth. It is always the perfect dessert to end a meal, sometimes, it becomes the main meal for me to start the day ;o). Below is a recipe I love doing whenever whatever whenever feelings creep in and it is the mood booster for any day of the week. It is soooooo sedap, so guilt free, so unwicked, so good that you can hear your heart saying "...thank you, I love you" for it. I never really measure when I do this but for your reference, I had to yesterday and below are the rough measurements. This recipe is for you kakyong!

Eggless, Butterless, Healthy, Your Heart would Love You for It Strawberry Pie

The Crust
(Do the crust first and let it cool, once cooled start on the filling)
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 Tablespoon castor sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt of rock salt
2 tablespoons of cold milk mixed with 1/2 cup of canola oli.

You need to whisk together the dry ingredients in a small bowl. In another bowl, mix the oil and milk and beat till frothy. Then add the wet ingredients slowly to the dry ingredients and knead until a ball of dough is formed. It should be soft. You may need extra flour or maybe less for this. Refrigerate for 15 minutes.

After the dough is rested, take it out and you may press the dough onto your pie plate evenly. The dough is perfect for an 8 inch pie plate. Bake till it is golden brown maybe about 20 to 25 minutes.

The filling

1/2 cup of sugar
3 level Tablespoon of cocoa powder
4 level Tablespoon of cornflour
1 1/2 cup of Low Fat Milk
1 Tablespoon of golden syrup(if you don't have you can omit this.)
1/2 cup of yogurt ( I use tesco's natural yogurt 99sen each)
1/2 teaspoon of rock salt
1 teaspoon vanilla

Put sugar, cocoa powder, cornflour and salt into a pot and mix well. On a slow fire, pour the milk, the golden syrup, yogurt and vanilla and whisk until all is incorporated and thick. Do not leave the custard unattended as lumps would be formed. If this happens jugak, you may want to beat it using an electric mixer to smooth out the mixture. Once it has thickened, remove it from the heat and straight away spread it onto the pie crust and leave it to set in the fridge.

You can top the pie with fruits of your choice or maybe crushed toasted pecans or have it plain just like how my kids love it. I had some strawberries with me yesterday, Tesco was sellling them cheap at RM4.70 per box, so had to buy!

I love everything about this dessert especially the crust. It tastes buttery and crunchy and most importantly it does not get soggy after a while. I love how it comes out every time sans all the fattening ingredients like butter and egg yolks. The chocolate custard, tastes divine as well.

Happy trying!

The chocolate custard filling has yet to set but the kids insisted for a slice, and they both had three in one sitting.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ceritalah Lagi Tok

Terima Kasih Nadira

Setiap kali selepas makan, saya akan pimpin tangan Tok dan kami akan berjalan menuju ke kerusi malas di luar. Tok suka ambil angin malam sambil menghisap curutnya. T- shirt Pagoda Tok yang berlubang menjadi hiasan di badannya yang terlampau kurus itu. Kain pelekatnya diikat rapi dan terselit dompet kecil warna merah disisi. Daripada dompet kecil itulah Tok bersedekah duit belanja sekolah kepada kami. Kadang-kadang dapat lima kupang sorang, kadang-kadang seringgit. Tok memang seorang yang tersangat murah hati dalam setiap segi. Selain daripada duit wang saku yang selalu disedekahkan kepada kami, Tok tak pernah lekang dengan senyuman dan juga cerita-cerita dongeng rakyat. Kami adik beradik membesar dengan cerita Tok dan antara cerita yang paling kami ingat ialah cerita Ayam Togel.

"...Tok ceritalah." Saya dan adik saya menggoyangkan lutut tok mengharapkan cerita kegemaran kami diperdengarkan sekali lagi. Kami duduk di atas lantai sambil mendongak ke arah Tok yang sedang duduk di atas kerusi malas kegemarannya.

"...ha ha ha, nak cerita yang mana satu?," Cerita ayam togel Tok, please!" jerit kami sambil ketawa. " You want to listen to the same story again? Kakyang and Cik Siti Wan Kembang tak jemu ker dengor cerita ayam togel tu hari2?" tanya Tok. "...takkkkkkkk!" sorak kami lagi . Tok memang pandai berbahasa Inggeris selain Tamil dan bahasa Jepun. Dulunya Tok bekerja sebagai seorang operator di syarikat telefon dan keperluan untuk bertutur dalam pelbagai bahasa adalah amat diperlukan ketika zaman perang.

"Ok ok, Tok cerita"

Terima Kasih Afiza

" Pada zaman dulu ada seekor ayam ni dipanggil Ayam Togel. Ayam togel ni ayam betina dan dia ada anak kecik yang suka bertanya. Ayam togel ni dan anak dia akan keluar tiap hari untuk cari makan.

Dekat kampung yang sama tinggal juger seekor musang ni. Kerja dia tiap-tiap hari ialah tengok ayam togel dan anak Ayam Togel ni sebab dia memang teringin nak makan ayam-ayam tu. Tapi Ayam Togel ni dia bijak, dia tau niat musang ni, oleh itu Ayam Togel dan anaknya akan sentiasa tidur di tempat yang berbeza setiap malam.

Pada suatu hari, Musang pergi bertanya Ayam Togel.

"ayam togel, ayam togel. Kau nak tido kat mana malam ni?" tanya musang.
Ayam Togel tu pun jawab "...tidur kat dalam reban la Musang, mana lagi."

Musang pun seronok sebab dia rasa dia akan dapat makan Ayam Togel tu malam ni. Tapi, Ayam Togel ni lagi bijak daripada Sang Musang. Dia tau musang ni ada niat jahat so setiap kali musang bertanya dia akan bagi jawapan yang salah.

Malam tu anak Ayam Togel pun bertanya pada ibu dia.

"mak, mak, kita nak tido kat mana malam ni?
"mak rasa kita tido bawah rumah je malam ni."

Bila dah lewat malam, Sang Musang pun menjelma. Musang jalan pelan-pelan pergi ke reban ayam tetapi Ayam Togel dan anaknya tak der pulak kat situ.

"...Penipu! tak guna punya Ayam Togel! marah Sang Musang.

Esok harinya, Musang tak give up dan pergi untuk bertanya pada Ayam Togel lagi.

"Tok, musang ni dia macam tak pandai kan Tok?" saya memberi komen. " hahahaha" Tok ketawa menampakkan giginya yang jarang-jarang itu. Lepas tu Tok sambung cerita lagi.

Musang pun tanya Ayam Togel lagi sekali "ayam togel, ayam togel, kau tido kat mana malam ni? Semalam aku pergi reban, kau tak der pun kat situ." "Oh, semalam aku tido bawah rumah, malam ni pun aku tido bawah rumah lagi" Jawab Ayam Togel.

Sang Musang pun balik dan menunggu sehingga malam.

Malam pun tiba, Ayam Togel cepat2 mencari tempat tido yang baru. Seperti biasa, anak ayam bertanya lagi.

"Mak mak, malam ni kita tido kat mana?"

"kita tidur ateh alang pulak k. Nanti Musang tak jumpa kita." jawab ayam togel.

Lagi sekali, malam tu Sang Musang pergi mencari Ayam Togel dan anaknya. Bila sampai jer bawah rumah, Ayam Togel tak der kat situ. Musang cari lagi dalam reban, pun tak ada. Musang jadi marah.

"Cis! kena tipu lagi." kata Sang Musang.

Esoknya Musang pergi cari Ayam Togel dan lagi sekali tanya soalan yang sama.

" Ohhhhhhhhhh Cik Ayam Togel, malam semalam kau tido mana? Jenuh aku cari tak ader pun?"

"aku tidur kat atas alang," jawab Ayam Togel.

"Oh iyer ker, errrm malam ni nak tido kat mana pulak?
" Rasanya atas alang lagi la!" pekik Ayam Togel.

Sang Musang pun balik dengan penuh harapan. "nanti kau malam ni Ayam Togel, habis kau aku kerjakan!"

Malam tu, anak Ayam Togel tanya lagi pada ibunya.

"Kita nak tido kat mana malam ni mak? Ayam Togel seperti kehabisan idea. Dia tak tau nak tido dekat mana lagi. Semua tempat dah pernah tido. "kita dah tak der tempat nak menyorok lagi" jawab Ayam Togel.

Tiba2, Ayam Togel dapat idea bila dia ternampak sebiji labu.

"Mak rasa kita patut tido dalam labu ni malam ni, harap-harap Sang Musang tak jumpa kita." bisisk Ayam Togel pada anaknya.

Kali ini, Sang Musang nekad untuk mencari Ayam Togel dan anaknya sampai dapat. Dia mencari di merata tempat, di reban ayam, di bawah rumah dan di atas alang, tapi tak berjumpa Ayam Togel dan anaknya itu. Musang menjadi sangat marah.

Ayam Togel dan anaknya duduk diam2 dalam labu tetapi tiba2 anak ayam togel terasa seperti nak terkentut.

Setiap kali terdengar perkataan kentut daripada Tok, saya dan adik sudah seperti teruja, bersedia untuk ketawa. Tok tahu kami menyukai cerita bahagian itu, dan setiap kali Tok akan cuba menyebutnya dengan kelakar dan kuat.

"alamak, mak mak saya dah tak tahan ni, saya nak kentut. Bisik anak Ayam Togel pada ibunya.

"Jangan nak, nanti Musang dengar kita, habis kita kena makan." marah Ayam Togel.
Anak Ayam Togel pun cuba sedaya upaya untuk tahan, tapi tak lama selepas itu
"mak mak, saya betul-betul tak tahan ni mak, saya nak terkentut dah ni" "Jangan nak, jangan nanti musang dengar."
"makkkk, saya ...." "mak kata jangan!"

"makkkkk dah tak boleh lagi ni dah...

...pooooooooooooootttttttt " kentut anak ayam dengan kuat, terlalu kuat sehingga labu pun meletup pecah.


Bunyi labu dan kentut yang kuat itu menakutkan Sang Musang. Dia sangkakan bunyi kuat itu bunyi bom atau bunyi tembakan. Musang pun lari lintang-pukang meninggalkan tempat itu.

Tinggallah Ayam Togel dan anaknya dengan aman selepas itu.

Kami pun ketawa berdekah2 walaupun dah berkali2 Tok ceritakan cerita yang sama. Walaupun begitu, kami masih terhibur. Lepas habis ketawa kami menggoyangkan lutut Tok lagi...

"...ceritalah lagi Tok!" :o)