Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ribbon Me Happy

Thanks so much Rosdiana!

We could only choose from these three colours of blue, white and black to adorn our hair. Colours were such a big thing then and being deprived of them was accepted as an abuse to our rights as children. But since blue was my favourite colour, I didn't mind the rule at all. I had my ribbons in many shades of blue, there was navy blue, light blue, sky blue, electric blue, midnight blue. And when I was feeling a little bit adventurous I would use a few types of blue to tie on my ponytail. It was either the ponytail or the pigtails, even though I would do anything to have someone do my hair in french braid.

I went to school taking the bus with my best friend at that time, Liza. She was the fairest of them all. She had the longest hair to the envy of everyone including me. Her brown hair attracted attention from friends to teachers to boys. We were just 8 years old then and all we knew was what ribbon to wear to school the next day. Having the fairest of them all as a friend didn't boost my confidence. In comparison to her, I was the darkest of them all. It wasn't the first thing on my mind then, but the people around us were the ones who made the fuss. When we walked around together, they would say things like "black and white", "day and night" and a few others not good to say them here. I refused to pay much attention but sometimes when those were the only words you heard even when you were at home I eventually withdrew from the crowd. Liza too somehow didn't come by as much, as her popularity grew over the years.

Being self conscious at such a young age was honestly miserable. I became somewhat contented confining myself in my room with my fairytale books. I did not read that many books only these few ones which I memorized from page to page. I was in my mind the Cinderella with my brothers as the evil step sisters, the Sleeping beauty with me falling asleep most of the time after rounds of Tedrals, the Rapunzel sans the long hair,but I always imagined all the ribbons I could put on my hair if I was Rapunzel. I was all the fairytale characters except for Snow White of course.

Thanks so much Yanie!

As I wore my blue ribbon on my ponytail one morning, in the guestroom downstairs looking forlorn as my hair wasn't behaving that day, I heard him sing. He was next to me, sitting on the edge of the bed holding on to his cane, just about to disembark his bed when he crooned ...

"...hitam manis, hitam manis, yang hitam manis, pandang tak jemu, pandang tak jemu, yang hitam manis pandang tak jemu." "Hitam manis tok ni nak pergi sekolah dah?"

I felt better instantly and I smiled with the biggest of smile so I could make him see as he was partially blind and straight away took his hand and salam and cium tangan. "...kakyang nak pergi sekolah dah tok! Nanti kakyang balik, tok cerita ayam togel lagi and Sang Kelembai lagi k" He chuckled like he always did with his small eyes behind those thick glasses.

Other than my ribbons, Tok made me happy.

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PatinPasta said...

Awwwww.. you are so sweet and kiut! Can imagine tiny lil you with all shades of blue ribbons on your hair. :)

And I agree, being self conscious when we were kids.. was hard. I was kinda tall in my class and my friends called me 'giant' (not for the size as I was skinny.. believe it or not. haha!). So saya selalu bongkokkan badan, sampai la sekarang. Tomi selalu bising "Stand straight, be proud."

Wiz said...

Aida- Klakarla awak ni. Yes, I believe all kids are self conscious at one point of time. But there are some who take it to the extreme. I took mine by staying indoors and day dreaming hahahaha sampai lah sekarang. But this comes with a warning to all "Do not try this at home. Adult supervision is required."

Edi said...

mcm mana kak wiz dulu hitam manis tp skrg putih melepak??? saya dr kecik sampai tue ni hitam sama je :( hehe

betulla kan.. dulu masa sek byk sgt restrictions.. bantut minda. seb baikla kita pandai rebel! haha.

miss u kak wiz!


Wiz said...

edi- putih melepak? over la tu. Dulu tak reti pakai bedak sekarang touch up2 sikit putih la dia. ANyway this is the result of staying indoors jer, tak kena matahari so terputih la sikit. MISS YOU TOO!

Ida said...


inilah lagu yang saya selalu nyanyi kat baby haziq and he would coo-ed oh so heartbreakingly sweet.awak telah membuat saya bernostalgia. *effect sapu air mata yang bergenang :)
and my dear, you must somehow discovered some magic elixir for looking better than ever.if you could just bottle it, i am so sure you'll be rich beyond your wildest dream :)

Wiz said...

It was my favourite song to listen to and to sing. There's this soothing note to it which takes me places. ANd now when everytime my son comes back home with that familiar sad face telling me that kids at school call him Negro, I cup his chin and sing the same song my grandfather used to sing to me. And that makes both of us happy. Thx Da.

Ayu Safieza @ Humaira' said...

Whiz dear..

Happy weekend sis! I was there the version of always be the 'S' size. Siap dulu I ask mom to buy me numbers of vitamin and calcium so that I can become tall just like they did....

I know it did not work...ahaks....I am 33, and at 153cm.....with 48kg...I am glad they think my boy is my little brother now...hehehehehe..

Speaking about tok....:( reminds me about mine...He was there for me too...

Ida said...

wiz please tell adnin, dia adalah antara the most bestest handsomest *feel free to tambah appropriate superlatives* boy i have ever the good fortune to meet.this auntie is convinced dialah yang akan embody the description of the 'tall,dark and handsome' very this auntie.
*hugs to you and especially to adnin*

zue said...

macam tak caya lah wiz, you are now, the fairest one of all....bolehlah category snow white tu, me, masa sekolah rendah, my umi suka pakaikan bulu ayam, warna merah lagi!, that's where the talent to write comes from, all those years sitting alone in your room, with your books and your thoughts, ada hikmah dia tu kan....

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KG said...

tq wiz! my saviour as always!