Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Long Entry

First of all, I would like to offer you these flowers. You can pick your favourite colour and wear it on your hair k. Pak Kordi, mintak maap banyak2, bunga ini untuk wanita2 shj.

My right shoulder hasn't been cooperative lately. Simple chores like laundry, cooking and typing words here can be quite a challenge for me. Sometimes it hurts to even stretch out my hand to wave goodbye to the kids. If you haven't seen me wave, just know that it is always a frantic gesture, nothing subdued or melancholic in nature, hence the pain. So now I just flank the kids with a more princessy one, the kind that would make the late Princess D proud.

I am a familiar face at this friendly clinic to where I go for my shoulder therapy. The doctor suggested that I go under the red light and also do some ultra sound treatments to relieve the pain. When I smsed by better other about the ultra sound thingy, he jolted. Of course I had to say the doctor wanted to check if the baby was fine and that he had given me some vitamins, iron pills similar to the ones a pregnant lady would have to consume. He was more than alarmed, he was scared. I think I knew where he was coming from. He didn't want to go through it again with me in the OT battling for my life. It was a difficult pregnancy and labour the last time around and he was there to witness it all. I knew I should have just made him stay outside.

Due to the persistent pain, not subsiding after the many treatments, the doctor asked for my blood sample. It came out that I am hypoglycemic, anaemic and with a high cholesterol level. It only means that my sugar level is constantly low even after meals and cake consumptions around 3.8 to 4.2,yeah I know! and according to the doctor my shoulder pain is due to the insufficient blood flow. He ordered me to take a lot of carbo,maintain a low fat diet and also to take sweet things and food that is high in iron like meat, cockles, more often. Agak keliru di situ kerana saya patut menjaga tahap kolestrol saya tetapi saya perlu mengambil makanan yg tinggi zat besi yang selalunya tinggi kolestrol juga. Since I am allergic to seafood, I end up eating lots of spinach, oats bread and fruit juices in between. Dan pada sebelah malamnya saya berjalan, tahap lari2 anak untuk menurunkan tahap kolestrol saya. Sekarang ini ketembaman saya sangat terserlah. Tanya kawan saya Yanie.

Other than that, I am good alhamdulillah. I have been baking despite the pain but so much less now. I take only what I can do, I know my limits. The shoulders still hurt and I constantly smell like minyak hijau 24 hours a day. When that familiar smell tickles my olfactory I think a lot of my arwah grandfather as he smelled like that all the time with the biggest toothless smile on his face. That thought of him makes me happy.

Time spent with kids the last school holidays also made me happy. We travelled north all the way to Alor Setar to see paddy fields. My son asked me, "pokok beras tu tinggi tak Mama?" He is a big rice eater, so I knew I had to bring him to see how "pokok beras" looks like.

As we entered Kedah, paddy fields were a big spread of green carpet along the way. We pointed to him, tu la pokok padi, with our fingers pointing to the greens. Later he said, "...satu padang ni ada sikit jer pokok padi ke ma?, then we knew he thought pokok padi were the trees spotted di tepian sawah padi. Of course kakak had to scream "No! Adnin, tu ha yang macam rumput tu lah pokok padinya eeeeeeee! " tak pasal2 kena tengkin hahaha.

The Paddy Museum was a must visit for these kids. It was an interesting visit and a must go if you are in that region. What we liked best about the Museum was perhaps the 360 degree mural on the top floor. I could just sit there for hours all day long with that panaromic view rotating in front of me. On our way to my uncle's house the adorable CikTan, we made a quick stop to visit a baker friend of mine. We have never met each other so it was a surprise for me as it was for her. She greeted us with cakes and brownies and the warmest hospitality. We talked for quite a bit and she was excited to tell us about her new guesthouse venture. If you do not have a place to stay when you are in Alor Setar, her guesthouse is the perfect treat for you and family. Thanks so much Zue for having us that day. It was lovely meeting you and kids.

This is my baker friend Zue.

After a quick reunion and the scrumptious meal provided by our favourite uncle CikTan (thanks so much Ciktan !), we headed to Alor Setar tower to capture the sunset. The view from the top was breathtaking! We initially thought of having dinner there but after reaching for our wallets and realizing we didn't have that much to splurge on, we came down and settled for some leftover food we bought earlier.

CikTan and Nawal and hubs.

The Alor Setar Tower

The school holidays ended brightly for the kids. We purchased the iCity tickets via Groupon. The idea was to bring the kids to see snow, in the big refrigerator :o). My sister convinced me that her friend had advised her it wasn't that cold. Rasa macam peti ais jer. So we only wore a jacket each, declining the thick coats that were provided upon entry. Mentang2la my sis tu dulu blajar kat negara yg selalu snow, so she just put on a flimsy shirt on. Masuk2 jer we chuckled at those with thick clothing and scarves around their neck with the attitude "Relaxla bukannya sejuk sangat" and giggled again. Haish.

After a couple of minutes, I felt like strangling my sister who was looking half frozen already. Tetapi disebabkan saya tidak boleh mengeluarkan tangan saya akibat kesejukan yang melampau, keinginan saya itu tidak tercapai. The kids were ok running around waiting for their turn to go on all the snow rides. I on the other hand could not take it anymore, so I took my niece and ran for the exit door which was waayyyyyyy at the other end. I seriously thought I had to amputate some of my toes due to frostbite since I was just wearing crocs. The kids could not stand the extreme cold any longer, they too ran for the exit abandoning all the rides.


they had to settle for the rides outside.

iCity Shah Alam.

Itulah sahaja cerita-ceriti saya setakat ini. Will share with you some cake pictures in another entry soon k.

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Ayu Safieza @ Humaira' said...

Whiz dear...

How is everything...? Glad u made it for the jalan2 cuti2..hope everything went ok for you...take care taw...hati2 buat kerje rumah dear..

Ayu dah returned to work, 2 weeks ago....tsgtlah busy hectic try to adjust myself...but still in the process of taking care my cholesterol too...haikhaikhaikhaik!!!

Wiz said...

Ayu- Happy to know that you have started working. You will get used to it insyaAllah. And about the food tu, buat la resepi yg low fat, saya tersiksa tau tgk gmbar2 makanan awak. ;o)

shas said...

Hi kak wiz, hope you get better soon.

zue said...

Hey you! Salam Wiz! Good to have you back, been missing you r writing and now i know why.I know the feeling i guess cos I share yuor pain, actually it's my left arm as I am left handed, rasa sakit, ingat lenguh2 bissa so pegi jumpa on echinese therapist and he said, 'tulang dah terkeluar' dari tempat dia and i could hear the bone 'clicked' masa dia masukkan balik! can imagine your Princessy wave as i myself couldn't lift even a cup of tea, akan tersa sakitnya. now masih rasa sakit tapi belum bpergi buat x-ray pun lagi.
Yup, it was my pleasure too having you around , tho' for such a brief moment, oops gotta go, hubby balik, nak pack baju dia nak pi langkawi

KG said...

wiz, welcome back....i pi tgk dox i sat, jap lagi i baca..hehe!

pakkordi said...

Hello?! I can always pass over the flower to wifey. Nampak lah macam saya ni romantik kan?

Azam's baseball cap is sooo not cool. Hahaha.

Ida said...


can't even begin to tell you the joy of reading a new entry here.miss you heaps.and as for that shoulder of yours,i hope it is on the mend.nanti dah baik betol boleh i ajar you water skiing kat putrajaya lake nih :)

Wiz said...

Shas - thank you so much. Good to be back.

Zue- Thanks again for having us and all the best in your new venture k.

KG said...

i gelak besarq baca post ni...take care wiz! wish i could help!

Wiz said...

Pak Kordi- Dei, apa daa! bunga untuk your wife mestila beli yg spesel2 sikit baru la romantik. cakap Zue!

Waaaa mata awak kalah mata laser superman la Pak. Topi yg image nya begitu kecik dlm gambar tu pun with the tulisan yang saya jahit cross stitch di tepi sebelah kanan topi that reads "The team with the most league titles in English Football" tu pun awak boleh nampak! Wa Respect sama Lu la Pak Kordi. kehkehkeh.

Wiz said...

Ida- it's hurt it's hurt Ida. Thats mean tak boleh la saya nak water ski dgn awak dlm masa terdekat ni. I cannot helps myself k, if I pain like this, I slowliness sikit.

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
CONGRATS for your pregnancy! Dah berapa bulan, if you don't mind me asking :)

Take it easy with your arm and shoulder, ok? Take a loooooooong break if you could (cewah.. pandai je kasi idea kan?)

Pasal anemia and high cholesterol tu, sama la kita. Kak Wiz try banyakkan makan bijirin (ye ke word ni) macam lentils gitu. Memang susah nak balance tapi kita cuba mana yang buleh.

Kak Wiz cepat sejuk sebab tak de lemak. Haha! Kalo saya la, mau pakai seluar katok pon no hal ;)

Bear hugs and smooches for you, take care tau!

PatinPasta said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO! Please don't publish my comment yang salah itu! Sungguh memalukan! Pleaaaaaaaaaase! SORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYY!

Wiz said...

aida- kahkahkah, nak publish jugak sebab saya suka baca yg kelakar. Don't apologize, actually I wished that I was.