Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You Know You're Old ...

Thanks so much Ita!


1. find dressing up is a chore.

2. think the mirror is being mean to you.

3. take longer to rest than to get tired.

4. only watch the beginning and the ending of a tv show.

5. find your children the same height as you.

6. ask your 8 year old child how to work an electronic gadget.

7. can't live without your glasses.

8. answer your kids with "because I said so!"

9. only ask for a back and foot massage as your birthday and anniversary presents.

10. begin to sound exactly like your mother!

I am all that and more!!!!!!

Thanks so much Min. Hope he felt like your rock star!

10 treats:

Aza/Rin/Na said...

i am all that too wiz ..... :-) ( senyum kelat jer )

Edi said...

kak wiz,
at least you LOOK younger than yr age! that's important! haha.. yg lain2 tu, tulang reput ke semua tu, tak penting :P

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

First glance, tgk mcm wish list. Dah tgk btl2, baru realise that it was just me in a breakdown version LOL...

PatinPasta said...

There will never be the term "old" when the soul is forever young.. and kicking butt! :D
(adakah saya dalam denial? haha!)

pakkordi said...

wiz, should have made the guitar player on the cake look more cina bukit! hahahaha.

Wiz said...

Aza- YOu too? o noooo! I wanted to write more TETAPI rasa agak keterlaluan pulak nanti. So biarla sepuluh jer.

Edi- Untuk mengekalkan wajah muda seperti saya, makanla snek MAMMEE!

Wiz said...

Murni- That list was the kind version k, I wanted to be lethal but takut nanti I yg breakdown upon realizing how ancient I am.

Wiz said...

Aida- Yup forever young in the heart. But when you see me acting like a kid, please slap me duu tiga das k.

Wiz said...

PC- O cina bukit ker, alaaaaa, yg I buat ni Cina Jinjang! kan baggy pants tu. kekekeke

jasmin said...

TQVM for the Jackie Chan rock star cake. We all sgt suka. MY rock star..? Hmmmm I hope. Susah bersuamikan celebrity tau.

By the way, I am all that and more too.... I have my glasses for nite driving.