Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Here!

You know it's here ...

when food in the fridge disappears before noon,
when the television is switched on way too soon,

Thanks so much Hariz' mum!

when many cushions fly across the hall,
when you trip over little things and fall.

Thank you so much Adam Izz' mum!

when night takes too long to start,
when fights are launched due to a single fart,

Thank you so much Zara's mum!

when you can't seem to hear yourself speak,
when you have to give chase with that familiar stick.

Thank you so much Adriana's mum!

when whines and cries end up in stares,
when "No" only means you are not being fair,

Thank you so much Althea's mum!

when taking sides means you love the other more,
when your feet, hand, nose, elbow ache and sore.

Thank you so much Ali's mum!

You know it's here...

when hugs and kisses are the preferred currency,
when the faces you grow to love are all you see,

Thank you so much Maryam's mum!

when lonely moments leave you at their sight,
when you are theirs exclusively day and night.


It's here! The school break is here!
Have fun with the kiddos folks!

5 treats:

Shas said...

Lovely cakes kak wiz! You r very talented in decorating as well as in writing.

I love school holidays as traffic is definitely much better. Although my kids' school holidays will only begin in mid december.

Edi said...

Semua cakes sgt cantik! My fav is the striped cupcks hihi. Ya la, this yr baru i rasa pengalaman cuti sekolah yg sebenar. Kena angkut anak i gi kerja skali for this week e4 hantar dia duduk dgn atuk dia next week! Hv fun with yr kids kak wiz!

Ayu Safieza @ Humaira' said...

Assalamualaikumwbh Wizzzzzzzzzz....

Salam Maal Hijrah buat you sekeluarga..semoga Allah swt menerima ibadat2 kita dan mengampuni dosa2 yg lalu....dan semoga tahun baru ini menjadikan kita lebih solehah disisiNYA.....sbg isteri, ibu, anak, teman dan pemudah masyarakat, Amen...Insya'Allah:).

Wiz said...

Shas- Thanks for your kind words. Yes, you have got to love school holidays just because! kekekeke. Have a good one soon k.

Edi- Enjoy your time with the kids Edi! Plan nak gi mana? Just came back from sand and sae one and roght now doing lotsa laundry, errrrrkkkkk itu yg paling tak suka tu.

Ayu- InsyaAllah, let's hope and make dua like that on a daily basis kan. To wait for a year to end is too long. Everyday should be a hijrah to become a better person for everyone. Have a good day everyday!

PatinPasta said...

Salam Kak Wiz,
How are you? Hope everything's well :)