Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Here!

You know it's here ...

when food in the fridge disappears before noon,
when the television is switched on way too soon,

Thanks so much Hariz' mum!

when many cushions fly across the hall,
when you trip over little things and fall.

Thank you so much Adam Izz' mum!

when night takes too long to start,
when fights are launched due to a single fart,

Thank you so much Zara's mum!

when you can't seem to hear yourself speak,
when you have to give chase with that familiar stick.

Thank you so much Adriana's mum!

when whines and cries end up in stares,
when "No" only means you are not being fair,

Thank you so much Althea's mum!

when taking sides means you love the other more,
when your feet, hand, nose, elbow ache and sore.

Thank you so much Ali's mum!

You know it's here...

when hugs and kisses are the preferred currency,
when the faces you grow to love are all you see,

Thank you so much Maryam's mum!

when lonely moments leave you at their sight,
when you are theirs exclusively day and night.


It's here! The school break is here!
Have fun with the kiddos folks!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Loaf Story

My love story, as many a time written and expressed here in words only decorous to me, is only one. However my loaf stories are aplenty to talk about. I am as I would like to think myself as, a good baker, not excellent but good enough to pull a few tricks here and there to make the baked goods look presentable if not pretty. I have baked quite a storm in my oven, ranging from cakes to pies to pastries, but nothing will satisfy me enough until I bake my own fluffy shop like bread. My attempts to making my own bread started before I baked cakes. I set my own standard as a woman and to me a wholesome woman should be able to pull out a homebaked bread from the oven to be served to the family every morning. Ini adalah influence daripada cerita Heidi bercampur Little House on The Prairie bersama Waltons. Ya, saya bayangkan diri saya memakai gown kembang bersama apron putih sambil membunyikan loceng triangle tu untuk memanggil suami yang bekerja keras dan anak2 yang bermain dengan lembu dan kuda untuk santapan pagi bersama keluarga.

My loaf affair isn't a bready tale. It can be categorized a a horror film, too disturbing to be shared in this space and time. The many loafs that didn't get to reach my table were not thrown away but were fed to the fish and crows at the nearby lake. There were times I could swear to you, I thought I saw the fish and the crows turned away from the pieces of my hard bread dispersed to them. errrrkkkk.

Amongst the many unsuccessful affairs, one loaf story shall be told with great delight and the recipe of this relationship shall be shared. This is a recipe for those who have never baked, who have little time and who like me dislike complicated steps and procedures to baking anything. This is something your husband can do, second only to boiling a pot of water. Super easy!

Hokkaido Milky Loaf
original recipe taken from Angie

1. 540gm Bread flour
2. 60gm cake flour
3. 10gm Instant yeast( I used 1 packet of mauripan yeast)
4. 30gm Milk Powder
5. 80gm sugar
6. 9gm salt
7. 1 large egg
8. 250gm fresh milk( I used Low fat Milk)
9. 150gm whipping cream.

The method is very straight forward. You need to put in your mixing bowl in the sequence of the number above. Put in the flour first, then the yeast and so on and so forth. Mix one after another and use the bread hook, like captain hook punya tangan tu, to start kneading the dough. it will be sticky at first but keep kneading until it forms an elastic ball. If you have a bread machine just set it to sweet bread function.

Knead until it forms into a ball and doesn't stick to the side of the bowl.

Once that's done, leave the dough in the mixing bowl and let it rise for an hour. After the dough has risen, place it on a lightly floured surface and give it a punch! Dushum! to deflate it. Divide into 6 balls and put them aside for 20 minutes.

After that, take each ball and roll out and do the folding method as seen in this link. and place the dough in a loaf tin. Wait for another 30 minutes till the dough has risen double its size and brush them with egg and milk wash. It is 2 tablespoon of milk and 1 egg yolk mixed together and brush the mixture on top of the dough.

Once ready bake at 180 degrees Celsius around 30 minutes or till golden brown.

The before and after. Wooohooooo I got bread, I got bread!

The verdict is supposed to be cottony soft and deliciously addictive. Mine turned out to be not so cottony soft. It is on the heavy dangdut side, which I love and the taste is similar to potato bread sold at Tesco and Carrefour tu. Nice. I had two loaves last night, now I only have crumbs stuck at the side of the pan. Siapa habiskan mama punya share ni!!!!!??????!!!!!!

Must make again.

Before the end of this Loaf Story, these were the last few slices.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You Know You're Old ...

Thanks so much Ita!


1. find dressing up is a chore.

2. think the mirror is being mean to you.

3. take longer to rest than to get tired.

4. only watch the beginning and the ending of a tv show.

5. find your children the same height as you.

6. ask your 8 year old child how to work an electronic gadget.

7. can't live without your glasses.

8. answer your kids with "because I said so!"

9. only ask for a back and foot massage as your birthday and anniversary presents.

10. begin to sound exactly like your mother!

I am all that and more!!!!!!

Thanks so much Min. Hope he felt like your rock star!