Tuesday, October 18, 2011

U Want Anything?

Thanks so so much Emy!

He texted me the other day asking if I needed anything. I was at home preparing dinner and chasing the kids to take their baths after school. He was at Mydin's getting things he didn't tell me about. He likes to buy things right after he gets his salary. It is his way of celebrating his family, I can feel it sans so many words.

I texted back " thanks, saya dah masak dah. What I want, you can't give, so I shall not ask.;o)"

I knew he would call me back to decipher my message, and so I waited all ready with my answers.

"...What things that you said, you shall not ask from me?" he sounded bemused with my answer.

Impossible things, I said, like a tree house, a trip around the world, an island in my kitchen and my impossible list went on and on. I wasn't trying to be a spoilt one or the ungrateful one, I was just being silly for the sake of initiating a response from him other than the usual greetings and everyday predictable conversations.

There was an eclipse of thoughts in his silence and just before I wanted to say "gotcha! saya main2 je la" he breathed out "...if I can afford it, I would give the world to you, your tree house your trip around the world, anything,you know I would kan?" I know he knows that I know. And I said "...just come home already!"

But he got me better things. Better than the tree house, better than the trip around the world or any of those silly stuff I wished for. He came back with a tub of Walls double dutch ice-cream, which he carefully hid from the children's view, and a plastic bag of mangoes which I love. The mangoes we all shared after dinner, the ice-cream, we had to wait for the kids to hit the hay before we took the tub out and just spent some quality ice-cream time together, kekekeke.

As we were about to enjoy our ice-cream, him with the spoon and me with my index finger, just the way I take my nutella, I said to him, you know what sayang?


"...I am sooooo into this Groupon thing and they help little people like us enjoy cool things we know we would never consider of buying on any normal day. I think I have sent you a couple of emails regarding all the deals, some of them that I like very very much." hinting mode on.

"I'd buy you the tree house if they ever have discounts on it at Groupon!"

Set! I said affirmatively.
ermmmm.... If only he knew the things I have already bought or plan to buy via Groupon!

To know all about Groupon do visit their facebook page here.

Thanks so so much Marissa!

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Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Betul Wiz, nasib ada Groupon kan... kalau tak jgn haraplah nak berangan certain2 things n certain2 trip tu kan eg mcm Krabi deal tu ke...those facials yg dirt cheap tu ke...and the list goes on and on... (mcm never ending pulak)

fiza said...

hi kak wiz!! i love this entry.. ;)
baca crita you hati i kembang kuncup, oh & the cakes..! cantik sangat ;) ermmm...ape yg you shopping kt groupon tu....??

Wiz said...

Murni- Did you buy the Krabi deal tu? Please write to me about it

fiza- hehehehe thanks fiza. We don't have big things to celebrate in a big way so little things matter to me, even a cheap walls ice-cream. I bought those tall slide ride kat groupon and a few more cheap deals. Those guys at groupon are very helpful, nice dealing with them everytime.

- azlin - said...

I love Groupon toooo ! As for things that Mon can't give me..the island in my kitchen is one of them..but for what he has given is priceless..sapa lagi you know that can tolerate my temper, my merajuk-tendencies and my asyik-nak-ngenyot ? :)

Wiz said...

Kak Lin- terpaksalah Mon ngenyot skali, in exchange for the missing kitchen island. That I would like to see. Ngenyot Mon ngenyot!

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

I don't Wiz, but my brother did. Nanti kalau ada ape2 deal yg seronok boleh lah kita share2 story ye...

tukanama said...

baiknye husband teacher..*terharuuu*


*Azreen* said...

kak wiz, marissa bought the cake for my wedding :) thanks so much! the cake was gorgeous and yummy!