Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Super Something

Thank you so so much Zurina!

You see, I haven't been feeling super lately. It's like I was sitting in the midst of something, when everything just seemed to pass me by. Just like the song, I was watching my dream only from a distance with little allowance of guilt. I spared some time and waited but nothing came out of it. Perhaps, I didn't know what I was waiting for. Perhaps, I missed it when I wasn't looking.

For right now, I feel the need to be a Super Something so I could go on feeling super in need. I need an agenda, a new wardrobe, and maybe a whole new world to save.

And whilst I am at it, better pack an extra cape and some disposable masks, just in case. ;o)

Up up and away!

Yuna, striking a "super something" pose after her performance at Petronas Philharmonic Hall. Great voice, wonderful personality.

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Oven Gigs said...

up..up..and away!!! Swooooshhhh!!