Monday, September 26, 2011

In One Breath

I have never been on a hiatus before but this sudden discontinuity attack was the result of my inconsistent internet connection. It gets disconnected for no reasons at all and most of the time when I am trying to update my pages here. I am still here folks, alhamdulillah, baking and chasing after the sun rays. There were also times when I felt the sun was chasing after me, I got heated up several times, ;o).

Raya this year was all about receiving and meeting special people. Close friends, long lost ones, present and past all came together beautifully. The people who planted smiles on your face and cared to see them grow. I felt blessed when far away friends came for a visit despite their tight schedule. Having Fasha and her kids at my house was indescribable really. We spent the whole day laughing insanely and enjoying the little spread I had prepared. My sis came over too and with her kids, mine and Fasha's, the house was filled with Raya atmosphere. Seronok sangat. Thanks so much Fasha for making time to visit us here. Tahun depan harus datang lagi!

My absence here was made up with my presence elsewhere. I spent a lot of time with my cousins in preparation of our Family Reunion Event which successfully took place from the 23rd to the 25th of September. The things we did were simply unbelievable. I enjoyed those late nights of jamming sessions with them trying to sound as presentable as we possibly could. We were not born as performers, hence our baking endeavour. The Reunion was a time and place to be together as well as to let our kids mingle and know each other better. We managed to accomplish what we set out to do and that has sowed a big garden in our hearts, hopefully we will make time to harvest it annually.

At the Reunion with dearest uncles and aunties and cousins.

All smiles! Thank you for the most wonderful time everyone. Love you guys to bits and pieces.