Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When I Was 21

Thanks so much Milia!

I held a secret. A secret I packed tightly inside of me and was never exhaled out to anyone until recently. Not even to my better other, not even to my own shadow. It brewed many unwanted emotions in this heart, ones I could actually do without.

When I lightly opened up to my better other about the said secret, we played a guessing game. I didn't want to tell him yet just to prolong the suspense ala2 cerita Hindustan mixed with Indonesian sinetron plus Malay crekarama. His ridiculous guesses however had me in stitches and as I was sewing myself up again he looked at me and we locked stares before he said "...nooooooooooo!"

I knew what he was thinking and just to play along I nodded to his thought of

"...yes chamee, I was once a man, and my name was Wizzudin"

He collapsed at the side and said "... no wonder. That explains the facial hair."


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KG said...

when i was 21 i gatai hahahah!percaya tak!

Wiz said...

Yanie- Serious, reall? betul ke ni? I sungguh percaya! ;o)

Ida said...


azam tak tau lagi yang you sebenarnya pioneer watak 'ceaser'? ;)

Wiz said...

Ida- He only knew yg my first cast of a movie role dlm the initial cerita "the Rise of Cleopatra" tapi after much discussion and I pun sibuk buat kek kan, I declined. Now dia dh tau secret you pulak. Yg Caesar sebenarnya adalah jeng jeng jeng



Ok la I tau bila you tgk citer tu you ingat m classic ape walk hahahhahaha

menci tau.

- azlin - said...

Ija, when I was 21 I was..bak kata MakYang..'tengah merenyam' ! muahahaha

PatinPasta said...

Hahaha! How come eh? Wizzudin tu! :D

Wiz said...

Kak Lin- Merenyam? Tak lah, cheeky more like it.

Aida- Wizzudin, kinda cool for a guy's name kan kehkehkeh.


Yang tak tahan tu, you were in stitches and you sewed yourself back? That's is hilarious and yes Wizzuddin tu classic la!

Wiz said...

Your Royal Highness- ;o) Yes, I had to sew myself up quickly before he made another silly guess. I reckoned if I am now wiz, the male version would be wizzudin, no? Thanks for dropping by.

tukanama said...

teringt masa teacher cakap, "Mr. A was my ex bf"..n we were speechless..

Wiz said...

Khalil- hahahaha, terkezut? Actually I planned to just acted along lama sikit tapi kesian plak you all lepas tgk muka you all terpinga2.

Sib baik kita org tak berlakun pegang2 tangan mesti you all pengsan! kahkahkah.

But gotcha!!!!!