Friday, August 12, 2011

Tempat Mengadu Hati

Thanks so much Intan Juwita!

I wanted so much to write more words other than just the thank yous but time got the worst of me. The pictures have been kept for far too long and I just had to say my thanks before I forget the names of the kind people who ordered my cakes.

After I published the pictures, I packed some cookies and went straight back to tempat mengadu hati. I went back to Ipoh to berbuka puasa dgn mak, ayah, abang dan keluarga beliau.

Sometimes I let myself forget how nice it is to come home to friendly surroundings and to familiar screams of my mum. "Cepat change the channel tu, mak nak tgk ......"

It was good to be back.

PS. Rafiah!!!! I went to your shop and was hoping to see you. Maybe next time my dear friend. Next time insyaAllah k.

Thanks so much Hanim!

2 treats:

Ayu Safieza @ Humaira' said...

owh dear....Assalamualaikumwbh.....hopefully everything goes ok with ya....something to ponder...:)

Hadith Qudsi says that Allah swt said, “I was a hidden treasure, and I wished that I be recognized, and this is why I created.” Hence the reason for creation was love. Allah swt created everything out of love, and therefore He loves what He has created. Subsequently He loves the believers even more intensely.

Go and let's find out treasure...!!!:)

Have a blessed Ramadan sis!

Wiz said...

Ayu- Loved what you wrote. Thanks so much for the enlightment. Yes,you are full of love if Allah grants you the feeling kan. It is all by the grace of Allah.