Friday, August 19, 2011

Saying It Best

Nana, you are as sweet as the person you are. Thanks so much for the order!

The cake was ready to be decorated right in front of me. I was standing clueless in the kitchen pacing up and down for ideas. This was a cake for someone dearest to Nana, it had to be special, it had to say LOVE, it had to encapsulate the idea of love and family. Those were the thoughts which come into play every time I take to see the pages of history Nana created for her family. The videos of their new baby, the adventures of her new role as a mum and how her husband fits in so snugly in all the arrangements the family has made. The cake wasn't just to celebrate the birthday of her husband, but also to celebrate the love they have for one another.

As I was about to drape the cake, at that time still clueless of what I wanted to do, Ronan Keating was singing in the background. I followed the rhythm carefully, thinking of gardens and swings and flowers in between. I remembered the long walks I took with my husband and resting our weary feet on one of the many benches at the park whilst humming the same song. True to the lyrics of the song, no words were exchanged during that time but somehow it felt as though we had the best conversation ever.

I installed the swing last after the bird nest resting at the top of the tree and consolidated the park bench with bamboo skewers for the extra support. Somehow I wasn't worried if it was going to collapse or topple before it reached Nana. When the foundation is strong and the feeling is happy, it's going to be alright.

The cake was all ready to be delivered and I had the song playing over and over again when my other half walked in humming to the music. He had that flustered look on his face and with a higher pitch than usual he sang with all his heart and there I was ready to feel so romantic when he blurted out...

"...I think it's best when you say nothing at all!"


3 treats:

jasmin said...

Another masterpiece..... Love the song too...

jasmin said...

I think ur other half did a rock version of the song but with the same feelings and memories in his heart and mind ;)

Wiz said...

Min- Tak der bila nya he will ever do a rock version of this song. I yg selalu do a sentimental version of his song just to irritate the living daylight out of him. Best!