Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kuih Raya Buat Mak Part III

My Mak used to sit cross legged on the kitchen floor with a spread of kuih ensemble before her. She mixed the dough all by touch and texture, kneaded it and wrapped the dough with a damp towel before slicing and frying it. We were never allowed to help, this was the only kuih she did all by herself. It was our most favourite kuih of all time and I have never seen any other families beside ours who served this kuih at their houses.

Mak has forgotten the measurements and as she said, she has lost the touch and energy to sit down to do the kuih for us. My yeop suffered the worst symptoms of withdrawal :o), this was the only kuih I ever saw him hugging the tin whilst sitting in front of the tele enjoying every single bits of it. We were given a tin each so would not argue for our shares, but still there were always others who dipped their little hands into other people's tins tau!

We called it Kuih Krup. The onomatopoetic name fits the kuih perfectly. I can't remember the last time Mak made this kuih but I knew I had to recreate for the sake of continuing the tradition.

Since Mak found it hard to remember, she only narrated the basic ingredients used for this kuih. She said I needed to balance, the flour, the water, the salt and the onions. That's about it she said so nonchalantly.

I searched the Internet for biscuits with the said ingredients as mak equipped me with and discovered the origin of this kuih is from the northern part of the Middle East. In that region it is called Lavash. The only difference was we had lots of onions whereas they lavish this thin biscuits with sesame.

I also found out this biscuit is perhaps the best thing to snack on. It is not fried unlike how mak prepared it and has olive oil with wholemeal flour and ingrained with lots of sesame seeds. I am not a fan of sesame seeds, but when I took my first bite of this crunchy healthy biscuits, I was hooked and terus perasan sihat dan kurus sekejap.

Alright before I write a thesis paper on Lavash, and bore you further,I better show you how to make it and let you be the judge of it.


as seen in Free range cooking show.

You need

1 cup plain flour
1/3 cup wholemeal flour
2 tbsp black sesame and 2 tbspn white sesame seeds
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp salt ( I used sea salt)
1/4 cup virgin olive oil
1/2cup water

To finish:

virgin olive oil
flaky sea salt

Mix the flours, sesame seeds, oregano and salt. Combine the oil and water together, give it a quick stir and add to the dry ingredients. Use your hand to form the mixture into a soft pliable dough.
Roll thinly

Take a portion of the dough and roll it on a floured surface as thinly as you possibly can. Cut the dough into strips of desired length. I cut mine just nice to fit my jar.

Peel the strips and put them on a lined baking tray. Brush them with the olive oil and lastly sprinkle the sea salt. Try to use sea salt as too much of table salt is not good for you. Sea salt on the other hand has medicinal properties. Bake the strips for 15 to 20 minutes depending on your oven. I baked mine at 170 Celsius for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

They taste as good as my mum's kuih krup but it is better as it is actually good for you. You can google the benefits of sesame seed and sea salt. I am sure you already know the goodness of olive oil.

Instead of the butter laden and oil laden kuih raya, this is an alternative for those who are health conscious. I would like to think that I am but I enjoy them purely because it tastes so so good.

Happy baking folks.

Ps. Yeop, there's a balang for you along with other biscuits as well. ;o) yes Ida, you too.

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MANISAH said...

Salam, bila baca blog sdri hari ini, terusik di jiwa... terutama bahagian `continuing the tradition'. Yes, that's the full factor to many of us. I still do the semprit like my mum used to do due to continuing the tradition. Come Raya, cousins would ask her, "Wan Chu ada buat kuih semprit?" To them that's the best semprit ever even though there are other great taste kuih raya nicely placed in the little decorated jars. The semprit will be the first to finish. Now that my mum has left us 3 years ago (Al-Fathihah to her), I continue the tradition of baking semprit and I wouldn't be more than happy when hearing people asking, "Ada buat kuih semprit Wan Chu?" So, dear Wiz, lets' continue the tradition!!

wiz said...

Walaikumsalam manisah, thanks for dropping by. Yes the tradition must continue on. If not the younger generation will not know what we used to have. And for a Wan Chu, I am sure you are flattered when all your nephews and nieces look forward to your semperit every year kan?

MANISAH said...

Yes, of course. And at the early wee hours of the day today, a cousin texted me for the semprit recipe. To you Wiz, have a great week ahead. Yesterday I made the almond crisps. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Your kuih krup is actually very enticing making me wanting to do it.

(psstt... Wan Chu is my arwah mak. To my cucu saudara and anak buah I'm their makngah

Wiz said...

Manisah- Thanks for trying the almond crisp. The Lavashis my new fav kuih to do. Yesterday I did 4 batches. 2 I substituted onions with the sesame seeds fried, of course lagisedap, the taste so familiar to our asian tastebud. ButIprefer the baked ones so Ican eat guilt free.
Again thanks for dropping by and accompanying me here. SelamatHari Raya Manisah!