Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taking Time To Realize

He looped the loop and made ribbons, tight enough to tie his shoe laces. While I looked on and observed just in case I needed to bend down to help him decode the string work. I didn't have to. The knot was secured, in contrast to my insecurity in letting him dash to the pitch to play with the rest of the older boys.

I had vicks and inhaler in my knapsack, just in case he'd come running back for extra puffs.

He didn't.

The night before, when I thought I was all alone in the heat of the oven, I saw in a distance a head bobbing at the dining table. I peeped through the kitchen window to see her sewing away her badges. I looked on and observed just in case I needed to bend down to help her decode the thread work. I didn't have to. The badges were secured, in contrast to my insecurity in letting her manage her chores.

I had my sewing kit out just in case she'd come whining for an extra hand.

She didn't.

For all the little things my kids are able to do, I am proud in tremendous value. They are their own persons now and I am still taking my sweet time to realize this sudden warmth crashing down in full view.

I have the best seat in the house and I plan to enjoy the show of watching them grow.

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R&R Family in Germany said...

Ija...yes it's a pleasure watching them grow but they grow up way too fast for my liking. I'm dreading the day they'll fly out the nest and I'll be left behind. I peluk, cium and cuddle them at the slightest opportunity now. So hard to let go....that must be what our Moms felt and now I know why they make a fuss if we don't call to say hi. Allah SWT is great, what my mom experience with me is what I'm experiencing with my children, the obvious one being with Jaja and I appreciate and understand my Mom so much more now.

Wiz said...

Kakyong- Exactly. And do you realize we are so melancholic more than ever now and missing our childhood so much? I think I got you in ways that I feel like pulling the handbrake so that everything would take a pause for awhile. Hence, the reunion eh? ;o)

KG said... also taking time to realise....

Tina said...

wiz, your firstborn looks like an adult in the pic!

btw, my two girls dah pakai b*a!!

Wiz said...

Yanie- In time you will realize a lot of things, sometime good sometime bad kan. Hope you are well.

Tina- Kan? tu la. Mine hasn't hahahaha. Mesti d girls dh excited sebab dh mcm2 adult2 gitu and soon you girls can share things and clothes and shoes. Coolness.