Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Love To Pay The Bills

Thanks so much Azyan!

It was on that thought that we agreed to be together in marriage. Love conquers all they say, just like it is scripted in many movie lines. Love was the currency in which we settled our bills, paid our dues and worked our ways through life. We thrived on love alone and multiplied from it. Like magic, from two, love became four. :o)

Believe it or not, love still pays for our bills now. A lot of things got done due to it. If it wasn't for love, I wouldn't be here, still writing. If it wasn't for love I would never continue baking. As much as I wished for the house in the South of France and be rich enough to buy nice sweaters for everybody and teach them to dance, I would be more grateful if we spent the time helping each other read books and soothe one another's worried looks.

But of course it would be really really nice if we could build our house on a mountain one fine day just so we could make everybody look like ants from way up there.

Yes Chamee, just you and I, you and I.

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dura m. said...

"If it wasn't for love I would never continue baking"


p/s : previous comment x dpt masukkan my id. tsk tsk tsk. oh k wizz, apa lagu background blog ni ya?feel so calm..

JulesMD said...

hi wiz...i love this! like i always say, i love the stories u create...

Wiz said...

Dura- yes all for love. Lagu ingrid Michaelson, You and I. I love all her songs.

Jules- thanks so much. Stories syiok sniri jules, memang best sorang2 baca kat depan computer ni. My husband bukan baca pun. Maybe one day bila I tak der lagi kat dunia ni, dia akan bukak and read slowly, taking his time to understand the words I have written to him in almost all the entries.

Ida said...


your last sentence made me shed a tear.reminds me of my late mom and how her world evolved around my dad and he was always oblivious to her efforts.but when she is gone for good, she took half of his will to live. it is true, you never know what you got till it's gone.

hs said...

dear wiz....hold my hands and we can fly together to south france and jump to one of its beautiful coasts and explore the farmers market and attend the baking course by cordon bleu...hold on tight...drop me a line. I'm back here in KL. 0132281911. i have a few things to send it to you.

Wiz said...

Ida- Azam doesn't really read my blog coz he hates all the songs I put on here. But if one day I am gone, maybe, perhaps he would turn to these pages for comfort and read what I wrote about him in almost all my entries. If not, you je la yg baca k.

Wiz said...

Hs- yes! I would love to do that, jalan2 cari makan cari buah cari cake waaaaaaaaa. I am having it in my thoughts already.

Ok will call you once I have the time. This weekend I am not around KL though.