Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Hunch

Just the other day, I looked up to see the clouds forming your beautiful face and I felt the wind teasing me of your name.

and I stood still.

Last night, I saw your smile up on the moon with splashes of the stars resembling your aura. I knew I had to run to you.

I believe nature has a way of speaking and the signs are all lined up for me beautifully.

And my hunch tells me it's you.

Selamat Pengantin Baru to all especially to friends of wizcakes.

Ps. Kak Lin this song is for you and for me to perasan sorang2 ;o)!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much Ennie!

The words above are translated from the lyric of the song Firasat from Marcell. Nothing compares to the malay version. Bahasa melayu sememangnya sangat indah dan halus.

Kemarin Kulihat Awan Membentuk Wajahmu
desah Angin Meniupkan Namamu
tubuhku Terpaku

semalam Bulan Sabit Melengkungkan Senyummu
tabur Bintang Serupa Kilau Auramu
aku Pun Sadari, Ku Segera Berlari

reff: Cepat Pulang
cepat Kembali, Jangan Pergi Lagi
firasatku Ingin Kau Tuk Cepat Pulang
cepat Kembali, Jangan Pergi Lagi

alirnya Bagai Sungai Yang Mendamba Samudera
ku Tahu Pasti Kemanakan Ku Bermuara
semoga Ada Waktu, Sayangku

ku Percaya Alam Pun Berbahasa
ada Makna Di Balik Semua Pertanda
firasat Ini Rasa Rindukah Atau Kah Hanya Bayang
aku Tak Peduli, Ku Terus Berlari

dan Lihatlah Sayang
hujan Terus Membasahi
seolah Turun Air Mata

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sedetik Lebih

Thanks so much Wan!

It takes that sedetik lebih to make all the difference.

The heave of each breath which resonates silently in your heart, the unyielding thought which occupy every room in your mind, shape the motives in your life. In your wakes and in your dreams, when the unsettling vision of your loved ones tickles by the side, you continue loving them for all of their shortcomings.

Love is all you have and with sedetik lebih that you give every time, your only hope is to come out stronger than before. Yanie, I know it is hard for you right now but everything will work out fine, insyaAllah it will.;o)

It is that sedetik lebih which created all of the cakes in these virtual pages. The thoughtfulness of a person who has more than the usual, prompts the generous act of cake giving. If you are the recipient of special cakes, do take a moment to appreciate the gesture and reciprocate accordingly.

You are indeed special but it takes someone more special than you to offer the lingering sweetness.

Thanks so much Novee!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taking Time To Realize

He looped the loop and made ribbons, tight enough to tie his shoe laces. While I looked on and observed just in case I needed to bend down to help him decode the string work. I didn't have to. The knot was secured, in contrast to my insecurity in letting him dash to the pitch to play with the rest of the older boys.

I had vicks and inhaler in my knapsack, just in case he'd come running back for extra puffs.

He didn't.

The night before, when I thought I was all alone in the heat of the oven, I saw in a distance a head bobbing at the dining table. I peeped through the kitchen window to see her sewing away her badges. I looked on and observed just in case I needed to bend down to help her decode the thread work. I didn't have to. The badges were secured, in contrast to my insecurity in letting her manage her chores.

I had my sewing kit out just in case she'd come whining for an extra hand.

She didn't.

For all the little things my kids are able to do, I am proud in tremendous value. They are their own persons now and I am still taking my sweet time to realize this sudden warmth crashing down in full view.

I have the best seat in the house and I plan to enjoy the show of watching them grow.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Head Stuck In The Clouds

Thanks so much Ida Zentell!

Many moments in time, that's where my head is. The clouds serve as a barrier to things I do not wish to see or hear. It is more than a make believe for me, it is real, so real that I think I have a strong idea of how clouds taste like. Please abandon the concept of seeing me floating up there. I do not float, dalam air pun susah nak mengapungkan diri lagikan atas awan lol! At all times, consciously I make sure I have my feet fastened to the ground. I walk, stride, stroll, skip, tread, march, saunter and simultaneously my head wanders through the clouds above. It's indescribable really but if I can put words to the feeling, it is similar to you walking alone lost in your thoughts and dreams.

The motion is identical to you swaying to the rythm of love.

I have been walking alone literally every evening right before I fetch the kids from school. From a walk I used to dread under the sun, now it has become a walk I look forward to.

I just hope it is cloudy today, then I would have more clouds to myself.

The taste of the clouds you asked?

candy flossy and marshmallowy of course. ;o)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Love To Pay The Bills

Thanks so much Azyan!

It was on that thought that we agreed to be together in marriage. Love conquers all they say, just like it is scripted in many movie lines. Love was the currency in which we settled our bills, paid our dues and worked our ways through life. We thrived on love alone and multiplied from it. Like magic, from two, love became four. :o)

Believe it or not, love still pays for our bills now. A lot of things got done due to it. If it wasn't for love, I wouldn't be here, still writing. If it wasn't for love I would never continue baking. As much as I wished for the house in the South of France and be rich enough to buy nice sweaters for everybody and teach them to dance, I would be more grateful if we spent the time helping each other read books and soothe one another's worried looks.

But of course it would be really really nice if we could build our house on a mountain one fine day just so we could make everybody look like ants from way up there.

Yes Chamee, just you and I, you and I.

Friday, July 8, 2011

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Thanks so much Nina!

I don't normally put on proper footwear when I go out. It has always been those comfy rubber shoes wherever, whenever. My feet are those that are hard to please. The size is quirky and the shape is archy, walking can be an arduous affair for two feet stuck in the wrong walking compartments. But when I find one that fits and pleases I tend to not wear them as often for fear of them wearing out too soon on me.

Yes, that is the daily confrontation of my soulful feet.

I am going to be very honest with you. I have only 3 pairs of shoes. One is an orange original crocs bought at only 3 pounds,(orange because that's the only colour left) another is a pair of running shoes cum travelling shoes and the last pair is kasut in which I wear my baju kurung with, a proper looking slippers with heels which have graced the last 5 rayas. That's about it. In a shoe cabinet in any households where the mum's shoes should dominate the shelving space is unlikely the case here.

Buying shoes is an emotional affair for me everytime. I don't get the liberty to choose a design that I like, it all depends on the pattern which has my size. And when I am lucky to find one that speaks to the heart, I get emotional the second time when the shoes are all worn out with my husband begging to throw them away. Sedih.

Anyway, I know I will be engulfed with emotions soon enough with these pair of shoes. They are my prized possessions at the moment, a companion during my travels and a comfort during my sole searching. I have been putting them on more now as I need them in my rounds at this lake. Kunun2 nya nak mengecikkan apa2 yang besar la, so kena la jalan lebih sikit.

Shoes are made for walking pun kan. So walking I am now.

That's The Way It Is

Thanks so much Siti!

I am still here minding the mind, mending the house, making the cakes, marking the kids, marrying the letters and mashing the all. It has been quiet without the band playing in the background, but I still have songs in my heart which accompany me when the melody chooses not to hum so harmoniously.

I love coating everything with sugar, it gives that extra sweet crunch that makes any ordinary spread super special. I had an extra spoonful of sugar on top of my toasts these couple of days, and that got me through the day. The energy it provides is inexplicable but I am most definitively not intrigued deep enough to untangle the effects of it. I just let it do its trick and breathe in the moment before I start all over again.

This time I will make haste. I've got my running shoes on. See you at the Lake!

Thanks so much Khaz!