Sunday, June 19, 2011

We're Alright

For Khairina ...

Thank you for asking. :o)

I needed to find out how much I would miss blogging and making cakes so I decided to go on a short road trip.

It should be a trip where we put all our clothes, in just one knapsack and pack a little bit of food to last us in the car and enough cash to fuel up our vehicle. That sounded like an impromptu plan, and I loved it.



The kids thought they had me figured out and they were ready to end up in Aki and Opah's house but when we continued on passing Ipoh on our left, they became noisy and inquisitive. We took their questions like bullet shots, fast and furious. They never found out about the destination until they spotted the sea on both sides of the bridge.

Penang????? before they vociferously screamed yeay!!!!!

We took a longer drive than the usual 3 hours up north. It rained a couple of times in between the strong rays of the hot sun. My husband and I were perhaps just as excited as the kids. We were there last when we could still fit in our dark blue school uniforms, that's how long ago it was. After 15 years of marriage with two kids in tow, we made it again to the place that was special in so many ways. I knew I loved Penang for its food and its ferry and my husband loved it for its pasembur and sandy beaches!

We managed to secure a room for the night at the affordable Hydro hotel. We were told that it was the last room available for the day. After prayers we quickly checked out the beach across the hotel.

Miami Beach, Penang.

We were ravenous by the time we arrived and the best place to entertain our big appetite was Padang Kota Lama laaaaaaaaa! Guess what my husband had? and guess how much he had to pay for it? I reckoned the price was equivalent to his ration of the food for his entire lifetime! lol!

I had sotong kangkung size s.

The next morning after an early ocean dip, we checked out and made our way to Penang Hill. A new funicular was just installed a couple of months ago and looking at the long winding queue outside the station we were convinced it would be worth the trip up.

It was to our surprise how efficient the service was. It didn't take us that long to board the funicular as the trip to and fro only took 6 minutes each. So the crowd was immediately dispersed each time. The ride was pretty fast, maybe a tad slower than the roller coaster at any theme parks but it was considered a speedy one with quite a few screams audible from the passengers. My husband too gave my hand a tight squeeze as the funicular seemed to shoot to the sky.

The view?

...was a heart stopper.

We took the ferry home and enjoyed the sea breeze on our faces. The kids were expecting a supersonic transporting machine but nevertheless they enjoyed the slow moving ferry just the same. It wasn't a cruise ship like they had thought either, one that had a swimming pool and rooms to sleep in. It was difficult to explain what a ferry was until they saw it with their own eyes.

After Penang we made another trip to Manjung. A quaint town which serves the best Apam Balik in the Apam Balik universe. I had 6 in one sitting, one representing each flab on my tummy hukhukhuk.

Did I miss blogging and baking folks?

Alas no.

Thanks so much Noor for the order.

But what I realized I had missed were precious times where I should be doing more of the the above.

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Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Glad you're back though...So good to hear that you had a great time, wish I could do the same. Balik2 mesti rasa recharged...

Whatever it is,hope you will keep on baking coz I'm one of your diehard fan...LOL

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

I didn't know there's a Miami Beach in Penang...

I love Penang! I spent part of my childhood there and it always brings some sweet but distant memories to mind...

Looks like you had a good time. I always liked the idea of backpacking ;)

KG said...

i knew you were ok, tapi tiap hari jengok!miss you whiz!

Edi said...

WAH.. BARU JE NAK TY KAK WIZ KNP SENYAPPP JE... opss.. caps lock... rupernyer gi jln2... good for you! dulu kitorg xleh naik penang hill tu sbb tgh repair.. what a view! harus pergi next time :)

Tina said...

I'm glad you made the trip!! I need one soooon!! Wiz, those nights I spend in my kitchen alone baking, I ada teringat kat you...your sacrifices bersengkang mata baking for others..making them happy..I salute you!!

so glad you made that trip!

Niza Umar -- said...

I love Penang ... and plan to take my parents & my brother's family next school holiday ..they say the more the merrier even if it meant a whole weekend living in a 'nursery' hehe

The beach looks wonderful .. the name of hotel is Miami Hotel? Must check it out.. :)


Wiz said...

Murni, it was a simple trip, laid back, baju pun bwk 2 helai jer sorang. Konon2 amazing race ler tu. It was one of those times you told yourself, just go! And I did. best sgt. Thanks for dropping by.

Sumaiyyah, I didn't know either! But I really liked the beach, clean and berbatu2 besar. It was a backpacking trip. We fit everyone's stuff in one small bag. We just went with the flow.

Wiz said...

KG- Tengah malas tahap Ultraman gaban sekarang ni. I am searching somehow, but I don't seem to know what I am looking for.

Edi- YOu must go back there again for the funicular ride. It was amazing. I just thought they should have one section opened so that org2 mcm I boleh jerit2 sambil angkat tgn mcm naik roller coaster. My husband said to me Gila apa? when I suggested that to him.

Wiz said...

Tina- Yer ker ingat I? heheheh I memang burung hantu tak tido mlm with or without cakes to do. To the extent I could feel my body was decaying, and trus I wanted to give it a rest. Right now I am doing more of the academic stuff, get my head thinking again and write formerly more.

Yup you should tak a holiday soon. But one thing about holidays ni kan, you don't seem like you want to come back arggghhh!

Niza- The name of the hotel is Hydro Hotel and we just love it. The staff is so friendly and accomodating and the price is so affordable for me too. I just had to pay RM160 for a night. The room was so spacious. What I like best is that it is in the middle of the two happening places in Penang, tanjung bungah and Batu Feringgi. Penang is busy though, rasa pi holiday kat KL jer bila time peak hours dia.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wiz, not sure you still remember me, but I remember you.
How's your sinus? You okay now?
Glad to read you having fun in Penang, my favourite city.
How's the family? And you?
Here's wishing you the best of health, keep a song in your heart, best regards.

Wiz said...

Uncle Lee...who? kehkehkeh.

dura m. said...

hi kakak,

Do u know the first thing i did when landed@ Malaysia after my business foc trip last week?

Checking ur blog.And, am glad u r doing fine kak.

I agreed with this comment, "your sacrifices bersengkang mata baking for others..making them happy..'

u deserve this trip. And be happy as much as u made others happy too kakak!

Oh btw, i have yet buat entry for e free muffettes and wonderful carrot cake i got from u. Too many things to do in so so little time!

Wiz said...

Dura!!!! muahs! your words are the thing that make people happy. Welcome back Dura. Thanks for dropping by.