Monday, June 20, 2011

T'was Father's Day

Thanks so much Ardena!

Father's Day this year almost got away. I woke up like usual that Sunday, basuh kain and nak siapkan breakfast before I summoned all those sleepy heads down. The laundry was done when I heard footsteps near the hallway. I knew instantly it was my other half's from the creaky snaps of the joints. The sound of maturity I call it, I have them too and they are probably called warning clicks by my kids as the sound would forewarn them of our grand entrances. They are constantly up to mischievous pranks, too much time on their hands.


Tetiba jer teringat it was Father's Day that Sunday. I quickly texted my father thanking and wishing him a beautiful day and quickly jumped into action next trying to prepare something for the baba of my kids pulak. If you know me I like to do things with a cheeky surprise grin on my face.But it was difficult this time around since my husband was just in the next room. So I quickly assigned him to hang the clothes outside, knowing that it would take him at least 30 minutes to do so. He is a perfectionist in terms of clothes hanging and he takes pride in doing so. So off he went and off I ran to fetch the kids telling them about the surprise breakfast due in 30 minutes!

I had a cake baked the night before for this day, his favourite marble cake. The kids had their cards ready. All I needed to do was finish up the sandwiches, dress the cake a little bit, make tea, make a computer card with all of our pictures in, set the coffee table, choose his favourite Dream Theatre song and spray a lil bit of perfume onto myself. It was done under 25 minutes with a lot of noise and a lot of bumping against each other. He was done with the clothes and he tried to get in but the kids pushed the door as I wasn't ready just yet. That made him very angry! The more he tried the more the kids pushed back until his strength was too strong for the kids to hold their fort. When he finally got in fuming mad, that's when all of us screamed with all our might "Happy Father's Day Baba!!!!!!"

The mixed emotion he wore on his face was just priceless. Of course he laughed upon seeing the kids jumping up and down with a cake on the table. It was a simple do for that morning. Just would like to mark the day with an unpretentious event starring the kids. The special treat for our extraordinary guy was due by lunchtime. I made his favourite nasi beriani with all the side dishes.

As much as I care for his health and his arteries, I can't help but enjoy looking at him eat the food I prepare, with relish. He wins this heart of mine every time he does that, even when this heart brews exasperation and vexation. All will melt away with the sweat trickling down my forehead as soon as I see him savour the food and all will be good again. I am simply a softy. There I said it!;o)

The simple do for Father's Day breakfast.

Happy Father's Day!

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Edi said...

kak wiz, that's too sweet!!!

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Kak Wiz that was so sweet of you!

When I read the part about your husband being a perfectionist in laundry hanging, I couldn't help but grin. I know exactly what it's like! Whenever I hang clothes, they have to face a certain way, and the shirts have to be with the shirts, etc. It's important! Haha.

Celebrating special days with one's family is always so fun. I do miss it, and I cannot wait to go back and celebrate the coming Eid and Ramadhan with everyone! :)

Wiz said...

Edi- As sweet as it gets. Cake for breakfast?? too sweet.

Sumaiyyah- My husband is always spoilt with surprises. But knowing the wife suka buat surprises, there was never once yg dia get to smell it first. He was surprised everytime. So lurus! Yes, he has the same way of hanging the clothes. YOu know how s=he describes my way of sidai kain?

Ambik bakul and just throw all the kain on the line and see how they hang themselves. Teruk tul tau.

Hope you get to go c=back soon Sumaiyyah. I am sure everyone is missing you so much.

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Hehe... well on my lazy days I'd like to throw them on the line too. In fact, I wish they'd walk and hang themselves on the clothesline.

You're such a good wife and mum! I hope to be both too... one day :)

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Awwwww... such a sweet and nice surprise. Seeing the joy in the face of the celebrated person is indeed worth all the trouble and hard work. Yippie for you and the kids!

anedra said...

So lambat nak comment - my dad loved the cake! And so did everyone else..sampai sayang nak potong. My kids had a ball eating the tees. So you can imagine how crazy they got afterwards..bouncing of the walls. You make beautiful cakes..looking forward to more insyallah. Jadi tukang order cake je..makan tak boleh! Dah gemuk! Hehe. - dena-

Wiz said...

Aida- hehehhe, yes it was fun to see The look on his face. Thanks

Anedra- So glad he liked it. It was good that only the kids were jumping of the walls, imagine if it wwas the adukts to do that, lagi horror!

Thanks for the order, By the way, my cakes ae all low fat laaaaa, so go ahead take a bite!