Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy, Mazy, Hazy, Dozy

Thanks so much Meiza!

I am guilty of many terrible things in this life. Some are too horrific to mention here. Just yesterday, I grazed the car against the awkward pillar which stands in the middle of my porch. Some neighbours had it deposed instantly when they moved in due to the bad feng shui but ours is still standing tall. I had dark brown paint at the side of a white car, yes white!!!! Now am so regretting the colour choice. Even if I had worn a sexy lingerie in front of the scratch, I am sure my other half would still spot it a mile away. So before he came home yesterday and before he got the chance to drop his jaw sighting the horrendous effect I custom made on the car, I quickly moved myself into action. Sprayed some cheap perfume on a tissue and wiped away the dark brown paint on the car. So only a tiny scratch was visible. Oh, Saya rasa saya sangat pandai ketika itu sebab dapat menghilangkan warna calar di kereta famili kami. I can skip the sexy lingerie part safely. Phew. ;o)

Another thing I am guilty of is my lack of productivity lately. I have come to a point that I didn't feel it. There was no emotions in my craft. I was doing it for the sake of doing it. To tell you the truth, I was afraid of what I was feeling. I was immensely passionate about my work, I remember being excited and enthused with cake projects. But now, it is as though I just recovered from a massive heart attack(nauzubillah), numbness all over. I barely got through last week. Hence the brief road trip.

I am writing more now, churning my brains for words and ideas. Not here though, somewhere else. That's the real reason of my absence. I have been punching the keys on this keyboard just as much as I would like to bash a punching bag, extra hard even though I know I would hurt in the end of the course.

Hope to find my mojo back, my stardust, my sugar, my joy powder. I want to be high again in what I used to love so much.

Thanks so much Watie my royal sugar highness, the Queen of Sugarflours Kingdom.

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SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Maybe you need some more rest. Or change part of your daily routine? Sometimes even the things we love to do can become boring and sometimes there's no reason for it.

I feel a bit ashamed to ask this... but I've never (yes, never) encountered much less eaten a cake covered in fondant icing. Do people really eat the fondant part? How do they get the nerve to cut and wreck the beautiful creations that you (and other bakers) make? :p

Wiz said...

Sumaiyyah, yes I am diverting my attention to something elase now. Hope it works.

How does a fondant taste like?
Mine tastes like mentos. You can eat it and it tastes nice but you can only eat it so much since it is pure sugar. But it goes well with the cake.

I hope Mai my customer friend can elaborate more on the taste as it would be biased for me to do so.

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz dear,
Firstly *calit!* on the fast thinking and speedy action regarding the car :D.

Secondly.. I do wish that you get your mojo back. Sometimes a total break from everything would do you good. Take care!

Tina said...

you will get your mojo back in no just need some time out!

the sexy lingerie bit...ntah2 kalau you buat camtu the hubs nanti saje2 je letak obstacle kat your porch so you'd run into something and scratch the car again ahakkksss :)

as usual, love your creations - that goes without saying everytime.

pakkordi said...

It is just a phase wizz.

Please contact me at said... colour my colour!yup purple is the new pink!
am also going through the same!

Wiz said...

Aida- Calit!! Bangga saya sebab dpt menghilangkan kesan kesalahan kecuaian hahaha. Yes, hopefully soon.

Tina-errr I think he thinks the car is sexier than me kehkehkeh.

Wiz said...

Please contact me at,
Yes, there are a lot of purple nowadays.

Wiz said...

Pakkordi- Terkezut godzilla saya apabila melihat kata2 pakkordi di halaman saya. Mesti tiupan takuk ketiga kipas dinding di restoran mamak telah menerbangkan pakkordi ke sini. Apa2 pun thank you Pak! Ingat, balas balik pada rokes yg terlibat k.

ps. Errrm suami saya tak baca blog saya, maka beliau tidak tahu menahu tindakan bijak saya itu.

jasmin said...

I noticed I'm allergic to parking ramp lately. Both sides of my not so sporty rims dah terguris... Issshhh sana sini terguris la...

Pakkordi singgah kat In A Whiz nak cari ilham....;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wiz, I have always love your brand of humour, ha ha ha.
And that is the first time I read about using perfume to touch up a car's scratch? Hmmm, I must check this out.
Nasib baik my wide doesn't drive.
So have to drive her mana dia nak pergi.....reason is I cannot cook.
So if don't drive the cook, makan sadine or Magee mee, ha ha.
You keep a song in your heart and have a nice day.

ps, I love that using sexy lingerie make hubby ta'nampak, ha ha ha. Wiz, you my kind of lady!

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Hi Kak Wiz, I so feel you dear. But I am sure it is just one of that temporary downhill phases kak. Knowing you, your brain is always working and banyak sangat idea nak buat itu ini. I wish you and family can chillax with me now at the Alps hehe I miss you too and you dont know how much I want to be back home and see you and your lovely fam again. Masa tu bulan posa kak tau InsyaAllah kita jumpa. Anyway, take it easy and InsyaAllah your mojo will come back soon. Take dear. hugsss. Pssst will call Kak Yong and tell her that am happy to hear the good news. Can see you guys are coming over again for the next not so amazing race trip soon? ;-)

Wiz said...

Min- Thanks for dropping by. Terguris jugak ke? terguris kereta nampak di mata, terguris hati siapalah yang tahu kan min?

Wiz said...

Uncle Lee!!!! I know I would get your attention with the sexy lingerie thingy hahahaha, apalah uncle ni.

I always have a song in my heart and right now it's some sad air supply songs.

Your wife is lucky to have you drive her everywhere! So lomantic one Uncle Lee, I loike.

Wiz said...

Fasha!!! I don't think you have any idea how good it is to see you here and leaving some soothing words. I like the part about us racing there again, best best best. I am counting on that. Kakyong suh dtg masa summer sebab rumah baru dia byk pokok buah yang kita boleh goncang2 sampai botak. Pastu lepas dah amik buat dia, kita dera dia plak suh buat pies dah segala nikanya k!

Enjoy your time Fasha, I have got green liquid gushing from my ears and eyes and nose right now, jerez punya pasal huhuhuhuu. Menci tau.

Hugssssss back.

Wan said...

Tell me about it kakwiz. You got so much passion it took you years to feel the numbness. I got numbed after only few months!
You'll be alrite kak wiz :)

Ayu Safieza said...

Assalamualaikumwbh Wiz Sis...

owh....I think u need a break! Do something different, listen to good old love song, dance to it...u can hop too...:). Find good funny n motivated movies and play online game...hik3....try once in a while...It pulls out the energetic child in you..

By the way.... I missed talking to you....errr...did we? :)

Take care sis....

Edi said...

samalah kak wiz... saya pun takde mood :((

hope the scratch's not too bad. jgn risau, harta dunia je.. (ni tektik i nak sedapkan hati)

Wiz said...

Wan- How have you been? Are you still baking? Good to have you here. Hope ou are well and dandy!

Ayu- Thanks for the motivation. The thing is if I ever did anything more childlike than what I already am, I think people would mistaken me for a mentally challenged person! It is hopefully a phase I will try to get by.

Tu la rasa macam dh bersembang lama kan?hehehehe

Edi- You too? oh got to get some antibiotics for both of us then. A nasty bug is going around ;o).

Edi, hati saya tak gusar about the scratch, tak heran pun kahkahkah. You need to tell my husband that though. You know men and cars. ;P