Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cerita Pakcik

Thank you so much Nur Zahrah

Saya bukan seorang yang pandai menulis, jauh sekali untuk berkarya. Cerita-cerita yang terkumpul di sini semua melibatkan perasaan tak tentu hala dan syok sendiri saya sahaja. Saya menulis dalam bahasa asing bukan kerana hendak menunjuk lagak, jauh sekali takbur dengan penguasaan saya yang tidak seberapa ini. Niat sebenar ialah untuk saya terus menggunakan bahasa yang saya pelajari dengan susah payahnya seumur hidup. Saya tidak mempunyai otak bergeliga dan menyedari tentang hakikat itu saya perlu berlatih dan terus berlatih. Suami saya selalu mengatakan saya menulis mengikut emosi, tapi saya rasakan saya menulis mengikut gerak hati atau dalam kata lain, "pakai boh je". Saya tidak memilih untuk menulis dalam bahasa ibunda kerana karangan saya akan berbentuk seperti tulisan kanak-kanak darjah enam.

Apa-apa pun, saya kagumi cara dan penulisan seorang Pakcik ini. Olahan beliau terhadap sesuatu tajuk sangat menghiburkan lagi menjana ekonomi rumah tangga. Sudut pemikiran beliau diibaratkan seperti melihat pelepah kelapa ditiup kipas angin yang kekuatannya di takuk ketiga. Walaupun beliau tidak setuju dengan nama persatuan Brownie yang berbunyi seperti makanan, beliau masih mengekal intergriti sebagai peminat sukan nombor 2 Malaysia. Dan disebabkan itu, hanya itu, saya mengangkat topi Brownie saya untuk beliau!

Take it away Pak Kordi!

Thank you so much Liza!

Lagu ini ditujukan khas buat suami saya dan Pak Kordi sekeluarga jugerrrrr.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ekonomi Rumah Tangga

Thanks so much Nazia!

It's a subject I never took when I was in my secondary years. We had a choice between Perdagangan or ERT and for some undomesticated reasons I took the former. Two classes after, I regreted my choice as our teacher Miss Lee's enthusiasm was a notch milder to Hurricane Katrina.

I could never remember learning anything from her class. We were either too stunned of her voice or too frozen to connect any brain activities. It was the exact scenario when you have your ghosts infested nightmares, you just don't dare to move a single muscle for fear of being noticed. Everyone sat still, praying she didn't point her index finger to our faces during her question and answer sessions. I found out much later after I left school that she was admitted to an asylum. I knew those eyes were too deep a stare. I am glad she went to place that could make her feel better.

My daughter is currently taking ERT and it was not of her choosing. The system goes by name fortunately. I am thankful she was forced to take the subject as I want her to be more domesticated than I was and anyway I was always curious of the lessons taught in this subject.

Yesterday morning she made us breakfast. A plate full of skon titis was served for us to enjoy and scrutinize. I had a smile on my face for her effort, it's a good sign. We thanked her for what looked like American pancakes but she was adamant it was skon titis. But we enjoyed our breakfast nonetheless whatever name it deserved to be called.

The syllabus of ERT focuses on among other things the many types of Malaysian cooking ranging from the traditional kuihs to some modern ones. I flipped through her book and felt very relieved that this should be a subject she could do well in. Names like kuih rengas, lompang, seri muka, pulut inti, lopes, keria, tepung talam, tepung pelita to name a few ring many bells in my ears. There are recipes too which jolted me with the excitement to try. But my happiness was shortlived when she produced me her exam result for this subject. She just managed a 65. The bells that rang in my ears were missing in hers. She didn't know most of the kuihs mentioned above, neither did she know what are they made of nor how they looked and tasted. Uninitiated, she just could not produce good understandings, hence the poor results. And I haven't been the exemplary mum either to introduce these interesting kuihs to her. Sigh.

So yesterday, I brought her to the pasar malam and we bought one of each of the kuihs mentioned in her book and later had a tasting session. As expected, she didn't like most of them and I ended up eating all of them. ;o)

And these thighs now resemble more of Robocop's. Semua gara2 ERT!

Thanks so much Asyida!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy, Mazy, Hazy, Dozy

Thanks so much Meiza!

I am guilty of many terrible things in this life. Some are too horrific to mention here. Just yesterday, I grazed the car against the awkward pillar which stands in the middle of my porch. Some neighbours had it deposed instantly when they moved in due to the bad feng shui but ours is still standing tall. I had dark brown paint at the side of a white car, yes white!!!! Now am so regretting the colour choice. Even if I had worn a sexy lingerie in front of the scratch, I am sure my other half would still spot it a mile away. So before he came home yesterday and before he got the chance to drop his jaw sighting the horrendous effect I custom made on the car, I quickly moved myself into action. Sprayed some cheap perfume on a tissue and wiped away the dark brown paint on the car. So only a tiny scratch was visible. Oh, Saya rasa saya sangat pandai ketika itu sebab dapat menghilangkan warna calar di kereta famili kami. I can skip the sexy lingerie part safely. Phew. ;o)

Another thing I am guilty of is my lack of productivity lately. I have come to a point that I didn't feel it. There was no emotions in my craft. I was doing it for the sake of doing it. To tell you the truth, I was afraid of what I was feeling. I was immensely passionate about my work, I remember being excited and enthused with cake projects. But now, it is as though I just recovered from a massive heart attack(nauzubillah), numbness all over. I barely got through last week. Hence the brief road trip.

I am writing more now, churning my brains for words and ideas. Not here though, somewhere else. That's the real reason of my absence. I have been punching the keys on this keyboard just as much as I would like to bash a punching bag, extra hard even though I know I would hurt in the end of the course.

Hope to find my mojo back, my stardust, my sugar, my joy powder. I want to be high again in what I used to love so much.

Thanks so much Watie my royal sugar highness, the Queen of Sugarflours Kingdom.

Monday, June 20, 2011

T'was Father's Day

Thanks so much Ardena!

Father's Day this year almost got away. I woke up like usual that Sunday, basuh kain and nak siapkan breakfast before I summoned all those sleepy heads down. The laundry was done when I heard footsteps near the hallway. I knew instantly it was my other half's from the creaky snaps of the joints. The sound of maturity I call it, I have them too and they are probably called warning clicks by my kids as the sound would forewarn them of our grand entrances. They are constantly up to mischievous pranks, too much time on their hands.


Tetiba jer teringat it was Father's Day that Sunday. I quickly texted my father thanking and wishing him a beautiful day and quickly jumped into action next trying to prepare something for the baba of my kids pulak. If you know me I like to do things with a cheeky surprise grin on my face.But it was difficult this time around since my husband was just in the next room. So I quickly assigned him to hang the clothes outside, knowing that it would take him at least 30 minutes to do so. He is a perfectionist in terms of clothes hanging and he takes pride in doing so. So off he went and off I ran to fetch the kids telling them about the surprise breakfast due in 30 minutes!

I had a cake baked the night before for this day, his favourite marble cake. The kids had their cards ready. All I needed to do was finish up the sandwiches, dress the cake a little bit, make tea, make a computer card with all of our pictures in, set the coffee table, choose his favourite Dream Theatre song and spray a lil bit of perfume onto myself. It was done under 25 minutes with a lot of noise and a lot of bumping against each other. He was done with the clothes and he tried to get in but the kids pushed the door as I wasn't ready just yet. That made him very angry! The more he tried the more the kids pushed back until his strength was too strong for the kids to hold their fort. When he finally got in fuming mad, that's when all of us screamed with all our might "Happy Father's Day Baba!!!!!!"

The mixed emotion he wore on his face was just priceless. Of course he laughed upon seeing the kids jumping up and down with a cake on the table. It was a simple do for that morning. Just would like to mark the day with an unpretentious event starring the kids. The special treat for our extraordinary guy was due by lunchtime. I made his favourite nasi beriani with all the side dishes.

As much as I care for his health and his arteries, I can't help but enjoy looking at him eat the food I prepare, with relish. He wins this heart of mine every time he does that, even when this heart brews exasperation and vexation. All will melt away with the sweat trickling down my forehead as soon as I see him savour the food and all will be good again. I am simply a softy. There I said it!;o)

The simple do for Father's Day breakfast.

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We're Alright

For Khairina ...

Thank you for asking. :o)

I needed to find out how much I would miss blogging and making cakes so I decided to go on a short road trip.

It should be a trip where we put all our clothes, in just one knapsack and pack a little bit of food to last us in the car and enough cash to fuel up our vehicle. That sounded like an impromptu plan, and I loved it.



The kids thought they had me figured out and they were ready to end up in Aki and Opah's house but when we continued on passing Ipoh on our left, they became noisy and inquisitive. We took their questions like bullet shots, fast and furious. They never found out about the destination until they spotted the sea on both sides of the bridge.

Penang????? before they vociferously screamed yeay!!!!!

We took a longer drive than the usual 3 hours up north. It rained a couple of times in between the strong rays of the hot sun. My husband and I were perhaps just as excited as the kids. We were there last when we could still fit in our dark blue school uniforms, that's how long ago it was. After 15 years of marriage with two kids in tow, we made it again to the place that was special in so many ways. I knew I loved Penang for its food and its ferry and my husband loved it for its pasembur and sandy beaches!

We managed to secure a room for the night at the affordable Hydro hotel. We were told that it was the last room available for the day. After prayers we quickly checked out the beach across the hotel.

Miami Beach, Penang.

We were ravenous by the time we arrived and the best place to entertain our big appetite was Padang Kota Lama laaaaaaaaa! Guess what my husband had? and guess how much he had to pay for it? I reckoned the price was equivalent to his ration of the food for his entire lifetime! lol!

I had sotong kangkung size s.

The next morning after an early ocean dip, we checked out and made our way to Penang Hill. A new funicular was just installed a couple of months ago and looking at the long winding queue outside the station we were convinced it would be worth the trip up.

It was to our surprise how efficient the service was. It didn't take us that long to board the funicular as the trip to and fro only took 6 minutes each. So the crowd was immediately dispersed each time. The ride was pretty fast, maybe a tad slower than the roller coaster at any theme parks but it was considered a speedy one with quite a few screams audible from the passengers. My husband too gave my hand a tight squeeze as the funicular seemed to shoot to the sky.

The view?

...was a heart stopper.

We took the ferry home and enjoyed the sea breeze on our faces. The kids were expecting a supersonic transporting machine but nevertheless they enjoyed the slow moving ferry just the same. It wasn't a cruise ship like they had thought either, one that had a swimming pool and rooms to sleep in. It was difficult to explain what a ferry was until they saw it with their own eyes.

After Penang we made another trip to Manjung. A quaint town which serves the best Apam Balik in the Apam Balik universe. I had 6 in one sitting, one representing each flab on my tummy hukhukhuk.

Did I miss blogging and baking folks?

Alas no.

Thanks so much Noor for the order.

But what I realized I had missed were precious times where I should be doing more of the the above.