Monday, May 16, 2011

What Sits There

Once a whole family sat there, the grandpa, the grandma, aunties and uncles, nephews and nieces. They sat staring at me with their familiar friendly poses. Some graced this ivory isle to become husband and wife and many have gotten engaged with the promise to unite in a holy matrimony one day. Bears become my most loyal companion when lonely nights creep in. They love playing dress up, ever willing to be decorated in any attires chosen. But most left this isle in their wedding best, malay traditional wedding costumes, complete with the keris, tanjak and long shawl for the female bear bride.

My kitchen counter top or the ivory isle as I fondly call it have made home for so many loving characters. I always make sure they are in their prettiest smile and dashing look before they make their way to their final venue for others to appreciate.

When I let go of my creative presentations, I relinquish simple hopes of making things better, making days more beautiful after. My hopes were high for the cake below as it was there a husband kneels on one knee strumming a guitar, gazing at his better half's beautiful face with feelings only their hearts could fathom. It takes more than a cake to celebrate 13 years of meaningful companionships but a cake with all its pictorial representations is always a good start to begin with. :o)

For all the words that matter, the lyrics from 11 Januari by Gigi made it most memorable.

Happy happy 13th Annivesary Aizi and Min. Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan bahagia hendaknya ke akhir hayat. Take good care of each other like always. Thanks so much for the order Aizi.

And Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers who took the path of becoming one. Please know that you are very much appreciated.

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KG said... in tears...yes wiz, that isle of yours has made many people smile including me!tqs wiz!

wiz said...

Yani- Why are you in tears Yani? I should be coz my macs haven't graced the ivory isle yet huhuhuhu.

jasmin said...

Thank you very much dear. It was indeed very very special in many many ways…

-The lucky beneficiary-

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Wahhh sangat sangat romantic!! I love this cake Kak Wiz and the way you write this entry...mencongkam kalbuku! Another masterpiece from you!!

zue said...

Beautifully written, beautiful creation, beautiful song, what more can I say...always love your work Wiz and your writing

Wiz said...

Min- Beautiful intentions from the person who orders naturally results in beautiful cakes. Thank you for receiving the cake well.

Fasha bukan Sandha- Lomatik? oh saya memang sgt extragavanza over the top perasanova lomantik. Thank you Fasha. Bila dah tua2 ni bila manis bercinta masa dulu2 dh semakin nipis, kena la lomantik untuk mengimbau balik.

Zue- Hi hi hi! I was at your blog the other day and looking at your wonderpets and all your many many other orders and said, this girl is sooooo swift and rajin in her work. I could not do more than 2 or 3 cakes a day. I would be too kaputt, you would just go and go and go. I like that. Thanks for dropping by.

Royalshoppingarcade said...

Kak Whiz,
pelik. nearly menitik airmata baca your writings and such romatic gesture and beautifully captured on the cake. syahdu! :)

Wiz said...

Royalshoppingarcade- So sorry I didnt catch your name.

Just wanna say what comes from the heart, reaches another heart. Glad it touches yours.

Thanks for dropping by.