Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ocean Deep

Thank you so much Zurina!

Thank you so much Noni!

"...a little love is all I ask,
and that is all."

Ocean Deep

Cliff Richard

6 treats:

KG said...

oohhooh..ocean deep.....that's all i can sing hehe! i love this song and deep choc lippy to bits :p...muhammad thot it was some kind of gula...he had some in his mouth last nite!

Acik Mano said...

rajin nye...kagum le..

Wiz said...

KG- Muhammad!!!!! he is just adorable. enjoy him before his baby cheeck fat melts away.

Acik- tima kasih byk2. tak der makna kagumnya Acik, bebudak pun boleh gentel fondant jadi berbagai bentuk. You only need the time, I am sure you can do it too with ease. :o)

Tina said...

i love the starfish! so comel, macam nak buat pet hehe..

JulesMD said...

alaaa, i pun nak jadi umairah la, dpt kek yg sgt cantik mcm tu...sgt2 cantik :)

yaz@lina said...

that's a really beautiful cake you.....fantastic job dear friend