Friday, May 27, 2011

Here And Now

I am here now, reaching out to you before I take a one breath break before more out of breaths take place again next week folks. The past week had my hands going in so many directions. I became a form one student researching for 20page project, a standard 3 pupil trying to sketch the most vicious looking snake for the art exam. It also felt like I was sitting for my mid year assessments memorizing bentuk muka bumi and the names of banjarans as well as figuring out my way in mathematical mysteries of a form One book, which I failed miserably. Fractions using whole cakes didn't work either for my 9 year old. I couldn't afford to break the cakes into pieces as I needed to use every single crumb!

If you could not see me, I bet you could hear me! I was screaming most of the time trying to search for my own voice to listen to. The kids were somehow hyper last week in a race to finish their projects and also to study for the midterm exams all at the very last minute. The mixer was going a tad too loud for my liking and as a result I could not hear anything the kids were trying to tell me. They find it most opportune to inform me of the most important stuff during my time with the mixer. And I would go "...O ok, hmmm iyer, sure" with a big nod at the end just to get them away from my working area. My nodding would always get me into trouble sooner that I thought.

But that itself deserves another page of another episode of "Mumsaster"

Have fun with your children and Happy Holidays folks!

Thanks so much Ika
This blue cake was inspired by a picture my customer sent me. If this is yours do contact me so I could give you a proper credit here. Thanks

I came to realize it's 4am here and now and I just could not keep my eyes open to iron the last few pieces of clothes. Till later folks!

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Oven Gigs said...

ooohh..i like this song and...that blue cake...

so lets target a year and date to go pick cherries at kakyong's. am all pumped.

zue said...

salam Wiz, I think we are in the same boat, as i am writing this, in between trying to draw pictures on my cupcakes with my daughter asking me to help her with her homework, luckily i know how to read jawi, her cuti sekolah nyer homework, bu phew! det conan took her away from my workstation for a while, yes I can understand you alright and can visualise the scene in your ktchen, very similar to mine, cos we are both mothers and we are bakers too!, well wiz, enjoy your school hols which i doubt cos i am sure wedding cakes waiting for you and as usual your cakes are gorgeous1 have a beautiful friday wiz!

KG said...

wiz, i can imagine!!! me oso slept very little last week, and tetap buat fondant walaugaimanapun! bilalah i boleh order cake cam ni for myself...takkan nak tunggyu khadijah kahwin!

Jasmine said...

Salam Kak Wiz..yes we are ofcourse supermoms!!! Trying to do everything at the same time and please the kids too!! Just want to ask you if you know where in KL is it best to beli sprinkles for cupcakes n cookies? Thanks Ka Wiz..Jasmine

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Amboi busy bebenor ye? Tambah dengan cuti sekolah ni. Hopefully everything went well for you.. and the kids :D

Wiz said...

Ida- Let's!

Zue- I know you know how it is like especially time byk kek and byk kerja sklh argh. The two always collide. Hope your holidays with the kids are fun ones!

Yani- Malas sebenarnya. I haven't been on the computer for quite sometime. Just wanna be away for some good reasons. But I am back now but still malas to do anything.

Jasmine- Hi! The best place to buy cake stuff and sprinkles and boxes would be Yummie in Bangi. Hope you could find your way there.

Aida- Sibuk untuk tidak menyibukkan diri al hahaha. So awak macam mana dah jumpa gandalf?