Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mai, thank you so so much for the order. Appreciate the gesture more than you will ever know.

Every year when mother's day makes its presence, I seldom let myself go and enjoy the day. But most of the time, I worry if I have been the best I could be to my kids. The more I think, the more horrible I feel. Sometimes I feel they deserve better.

I wrote this poem a long time ago in 2007. Just thought it is apt for me to share again with you today.

What makes a good mother? I am often bothered by this question.
Especially after feeling guilty of punishing my children.
Does a good mother only listen and never whack?
Does she reserve herself to only watch and never smack?
Does she only whisper and never shout?
Does she only believe and never doubt?

A good mother is all that is good and bad.
She is in for the happy times and also the sad,
She may be stern at the same time understanding.
She can be strict and yet compromising.
She is serious and silly all together.
She is full of tears and overflowing with laughter.

Am I a good mother? That is a question I will always ask.
Especially when I am bothered,
If I have carried well this god given task.


Happy Mother's Day especially to Hajjah Fatimah Azizah and to all mothers out there.

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SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Hi whiz...

I don't know who you are, except for the fact that you make and sell delicious, to-drool-over treats, as well as being a mum, sister and wife (based on your entries).

I don't even know why I come here to visit. But when I think about it, I guess it's the way you write about things... such heartfelt pieces that makes me wonder what kind of person you really are in the offline world.

In other words, I like to to read what you write. (And I also like to drool over your yummy pics). Keep going, akak :)

Tina said...

Happy Mommy's Day to the sweeeetest mommy I know! you're better than a good're a superb mom!! lots of love from me to you on this special day - tina

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Hi again akak.

I'm honoured that you came to drop a personal visit! Insya-Allah I hope to be a good teacher (my posting results are in August).

Happy Belated Mother's Day, by the way. I wish you all the best :)

Ida said...


hands down, you are! no question about it :)

Wiz said...

Sumaiyyah dearest, I return you the honour. Thanks for visiting, for reading, for drooling, for supporting and most of all for wishing the best for me.

Insyaallah you will make a wonderful teacher. I was one, still am actually and I am heavenly proud oif that fact.

Wiz said...

Tina- YOu must be a happy mommy today. Did you have a rainbow in your heart just now?

Wiz said...

Ida- hands down? alaaaaaaaaa I nak hands up, I cikgu, so I suka tgk hands up byk2 drp hands down heeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks so much Da. Happy mother's day to you too. You have benn the best mommy for your sibblings. Your mum would be so so so proud of you. Hugs.

LifeBloom said...

They all LOVE your cake...and thanks for creating such a wonderful masterpiece to commemorate their birthdays :D. Happy Mothers Day dearest!

Edi said...

kak wiz dear,
i always ask myself that same question too... am i a good mother.. am i good enough for them.. i think no one is a perfect one, but as long as we're trying to be one, and keep questioning ourselves, i think we are good.

happy mom's day to u.
i'm so glad our paths crossed.

fiza said...

happy mother's day sweet mama!

JulesMD said...

this is exactly why i love ur cakes :)

Wiz said...

Mai- I am so so happy that the cake was loved. I loved doing it, thinking how a grandma and the cucu would be around each other, you know and that's how I came up with the poses. Thanks for the order Mai.

Wiz said...

Edi- YOU ARE!!!! Our paths did cross and thank god we did not knock each other out kan hahaha. Pengsan.

Fiza - the same to you FIZA, the mother of 5 woo hoooo! One supermom you are.

Jules- thank you thank you. Happy mother;s day to you Jules. The boys are lucky to have you.

KG said...

this is late but you know i hv you in mind esp when i indulged in that luscious cake you gave...happy mommy's day are more like mom than a sister, tq :p

yaz@lina said...

that's a cool poem wizz. My girls on the mother's day weekend masakkan I cengkodok ula-la plus a sweet short poem on a home made card...super mums like you make normal mums like me feel cool wizzz, thanks so much for that

Wiz said...

Yaz!!!! What a fab mother's day for you! so sweet of your kids Yaz, sejuk dgr. Supermum? o please, I only have 2 kids unlike Anita and many others who have more. Every mum is a super mum and she soooooo has the right to call herself that!