Friday, May 20, 2011

Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi

I pulled myself forward from the reclining sitting position just to get closer to the computer screen right in front of me. The second hand office chair was a bit wobbly and not as sturdy as it used to be. It takes extra effort to get it to go in the direction you would want it to go. Just like shopping trolleys at Tesco, 1 out of 5 is faulty and has its own mind, choosing to be steered in the opposite direction to where you wished to take it. I am sure you know what I mean. ;o)

Thanks so much Adilah and family!

It was supposed to be an exceptionally beautiful day that day. I would like to make believe it was, as it was my birthday. No fancy celebrations, or gatherings or even a dinner out, I was just too busy to be taken away from my kitchen. But in my heart, I acknowledged the day in a big way, accepting the fact I am getting older if only wiser. The cakes however took me away from the computer, my window to the outside world, long enough for me to be ambushed from all directions from the people called strangers. My work was scrutinized and disparaged and my ethics were questioned. It all happened when I took a step away from that worldly window of mine...on a day only special to me.

Thanks so much Dora!

It seems that I have poured angst onto a very talented cake decorator who took claim that I copied her cake design. The similarities are very much questionable though, as I myself could not see any likeness of my cake to the cake she made. The common trait was perhaps the general idea of a globe and a woman placed on top. The rest was poles apart. But she was still enraged to the extent of posting my cake pictures on FB and let All be the judge to the incrimination thrown at me.

Thanks so much Eina

A good friend came to my rescue, defended me as she would have guarded her own life. I only got to know much later that evening the whole story of the real story of how I was made guilty to the eyes of others. No matter what I say or try to say, once an impression is made it will leave a permanent mark if not an unsightly dent. Even though she later came to her senses and apologized, I know for a fact that I was left dented, chipped and broken into several pieces but I also know I have to gather the pieces together in order to move on.

Thank you so much Anne!

She didn't initiate the apologetic gesture, I did, I wrote to her and in my writings I asked the reason to why she had chosen to berate me publicly. In her defence, she said she wrote to me but failed to get my reply, hence her reason to share my insidious crime with others.

It is just a cake for goodness in the world sake! I was copied many times, and some even took my pictures, exact ones and displayed as their work of art in their blogs! I took it as a compliment, with a pinch of grrrrr of course but who am I to judge.

The last few exchanges of words, I said all is forgiven but it would take time for this to be forgotten. That's all I could offer her right now.


1. NO, I did not copy her design. I have never been to her blog except for the time to see the cake she claimed I copied.
2. No, I did not receive her email.

3. Thanks so much Nina for being there in my absence and helped clear the air for me. I can't thank you enough.

4. I told her that I would not tell this story in my blog... I changed my mind. I thought, I better write it down and get it over and done with. Sorry!

27 treats:

zue said...

Salam wiz,
firstly I do know the feeling.. about the trolley, yup, they sure have their own mind..hehe...
secondly , was yesterday your birthday? does that mean we share the same date, as mine was yesterday, if that is, wish you Happy birthday Wiz!
thirdly, wow! what a story, she went to ggreat length to do whatever she did....i honestly feel that your cakes are original, you have your own distinctive character which no cake is similar to the other I would say. Don't let this disheartened you, keep on doing what you know best, that will make you happy and your customers happier. you are one very talented lady and no copycat and don't let anybody make you feel otherwise. you take care now! and have a beautful day ahead of you

The Red Apron said...

Dear Wiz,
Obviously the "very talented cake decorator" is a very insecure person, whoever she is. Just ignore her as your talent and creativity in cake decorator is indisputable. Happy caking and I love reading your blog.All the best.

Wiz said...

Zue- Happy Birthday!!! NO mine wasn't yesterday but around there. Kan, tesco trolleys? hahahaha I can go crazy with them.

Thank you for your kind words Zue. I am alright really just amazed at the animosity of some people. But I am glad she apologized but then again the damage has been done. Bak pepatah Melayu Terlajak perahu boleh diundur ye tak. YOu have a good week too Zue!

Wiz said...

Red Apron- Hello Red Apron, thanks for dropping by. That baker is very talented. I adore her work and I am not going to lie about that. I dont keep compliments to myself. I give them when they are due. But a lot said the same thing of her being insecure. WIth talent like that, I don't see why she should be. But everyone has their ways of doing things. Tyanks again for reading me.

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Wiz Dear,
I know you're one tough cookie and will be able to sail through... Glad you've poured all out (ke ada lg) and just leave it as it is... Take good care n keep baking...


Edi said...

kak wiz!! what happened?? i tak tau pun psl ape yg berlaku kat FB tu... BUT i feel u!! hmm..... hmmm....... i rasa kan, dia bannga kot someone like u 'kononnye' tiru her design... we know u kak wiz.. dont worry, what happened showed her true colors.. and yours too!
love u!

ps: "Just like shopping trolleys at Tesco, 1 out of 5 is faulty and has its own mind" --- LOL!! i thought i sorang je yang naik gile dgn troli tesco! hahahahaha

Wiz said...

Murni- Liat cookie more like it, dah masuk angin la. I am here like I told her to make ends meet. I am not trying to be a competition to anyone. This rezeki in cakes are food and school to my kids and petrol to the car. I have to go on whether I like it or not. But my cinta is dissipating bit by bit hence the cinta jgn kau pergi song. I like the song anyway so sajerjer keh keh keh.

Wiz said...

Edi- heheheh tesco trolleys! I just thought of putting that here, to encapsulate the feeling of how I was feeling at the moment I was writing this.

Tak lah Edi I doubt dia felt that way. We have never seen each other's work. In fact she said harsh words on my designs. I believe of course she thinks her work is better. Of course they are, I couldnt agree more. I respect her for her work, I respect all for their work even though when one tries to copy from another, sebab no matter how you copy, the end result would not be the same. Thanks Edi. I pun tak tau when this thing hangat diperkatakan. Later got to know.

KG said... speechless, and you know why, take care to the both of us!

Wiz said...

Yani- Why?

harsaamylia said...

Salam. I have been following your blog for a long time and I think you are super talented. Your ideas are brilliant. I have at times used your ideas to decorate my cakes but they can never ever be as good as yours. To me, if someone says that you have copied her design and make a stir, it is probably because yours is better. She shouldn't make a fuss if she is that talented. She should take it as a complement, if you get what I mean...

Wiz said...

Harsaamylia- I just love the big brownie heading you have in your blog. It's like a teaser to my sweet tooth everytime.

She is good in what she does and like I told her we are have our strengths. I do not like to be in the same league as anyone. If I do that then I would cry everyday sebab my designs are not at par with the ones who excell in this art. I am in my own league, that's all I would like to look at it. And I try to be true to myself, to my ideas and to my designs.

I wish her the best. I know she will go far. Like they say, forgive your enemies, it will mess up their head. ;o)

Rin said...

assalamualaikum wiz....wahhhh...i didn't know yr 'strenght' until somebody attacked you..!!hahahaha. Well, It's a shamed to me - this 'thing' happened ... and i don't understand why she behaved that manner .. memalukan and showed her true color .. whoever she was... (errr...btw, may i knw who this fella is - her website? blog? )
Happy caking and cupping wiz...:-)

JulesMD said...

hi wiz, coba-aaaaaan... gambar kat google images tu lagi la byk yg serupa, tak sama, but serupa, kan? or, it could be that great minds think alike? hehehehehehe, sure dia bengkek dengar! cerciter skit kat dia... :)

dura m. said...

k wizz,

i agreed with e rest. now, i didnt say all this because i managed to get free muffettes from uu(teeheeeeee~), but, ever since i found ur blog, i have never seen anyone who can bake from ur heart like u did.

that is when i made up my mind and ordered cuppies for my hantaran, and, suprisingly my younger sis love e artistic hand in u decorating those lovelies cuppies = ordered them too.

and 2 y.o niece love ur carrot cake so much that e mom never see how much e 2 y.o can go on such a liking!

see k wizz..not only how ur baking make us, adults happy, but also that lil fella too..because why? u bake from heart.

keep it up k wiz..and, yes...ur entry will certainly mess their mindssss

Wiz said...

Rin- I do not blame her for being defensive, I would too of my designs but at least be respectful for something which is still uncertain. Wait till for my reply, or email again since I didnt get the first one. People make blunders all the time, I guess this was her moment. Tak pe la Rin, I would just like to leave it as that, no need to expose her link. But thanks for your comment.

Wiz said...

Jules- small matter, small matter but since I didn't have any idea what to write today, thought I'd write this and get it over and done with. I do not have th intention to generate any comments pun. But it's nice to get feedbacks from others. Didn't think people would read thru till the end. You tau la I bila tulis tak tau nak ringkaskan, burung, awan, langit, meja kerusi sumer nak masuk keh keh keh.

Great thinkers think alike? No la, she may be great, I am just the commoner in baking.

Wiz said...

Dura- Hi!!!!! where have you been? Hope you all had a lovely wedding. Just wanna say, your husband is the sweetest and I think you guys just complement each other.

Thanks so much for dropping a few lines to lighten things up. I appreciate your feedback on my cakes and I am super glad that everyone enjoyed them. You deserved the free muffs and with what you commented here mcm rasa nak bagi lagi jer free cakes hehehehe. Whenever you are town just holler k. Thanks.

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Happy belated birthday sweetie! Hope you did enjoy your birthday as you said, despite being all couped up in the kitchen with all the cakes. *birthday hugs to you!*

Regarding the unfortunate incident, I'm sorry to hear that it happened to you. That's awful! Maybe there's a bit of jealousy going on that triggered her actions. As long as you and people who matters to you know the truth, then just let it be. You're better anyway :)
* bear hugs!*

LifeBloom said...

You said it best - ITS JUST CAKE!!! In our life - Allah SWT presents trials and tribulations. Am glad you handled it gracefully and with dignity dearest...*hugs*

fiza said...

lerr saya tertinggal keretapi haha...whatever it is kak wiz, you inspire me, in many ways...terima kasih ;-)

zaitgha said...

like fiza, i pun ketinggalan ketapi ....i am your fan Wiz....

jasmin said...

OMG Wiz. My cake. Really sorry it had to spoil your lovely birthday... and sorry I didn’t pick this up much earlier.

I’m standing by you and my cake and say it is ORIGINAL. You represented my hubby’s description flawlessly with the things and special moments we shared.

As for this talented cake decorator, I reckon you should take a legal action against her for accusing and smearing you in the Net without any definite facts and evidence.

Meanwhile, keep on baking Wiz. Am already thinking of a cake for my other half, with a guitar of course.

Wiz said...

Aida- Ntahlah. I dont want to blow this out of proportions but like some of my friends have said my name did get tainted in the net. And she didn't apologize in her blog pun, and pretended as if nothing happened. Errrmmm that's not the way to go.

Mai- Yea baby yea! I am as strong as you belived I am. Thanks for leaving a few words of wisdom here Mai.

Wiz said...

Fiza- You naik ketapi mana ni? senandung malam or sinaran pagi? keh keh keh. Saya agak terkejut dia boleh menulis dan menuduh saya sebegitu rupa. Saya telah pergi ke blog beliau dan ada antara design2 beliau yg menyerupai design2 orang lain tetapi beliau gagal menyebut dari mana inspirasi tersebut diambil.So itu bermakna?????

Wiz said...

Zaitgha- You are my fan as much I am yours! :o)

Min- Tu la Min, it's your cake kan? And I rasa memang tak sama. If dia nak ckp I tiru globe I boleh google gambar yg byk dlm internet yg ada pompuan duduk atas globe cake. Actually my cousins and I have done so and we came out triumphantly at that. Memang byk. But I dont see her going to those people and claiming those designs are hers, kan kan kan.

Biarla Min. She has her world and I have mine. Biar org buat tak baik pada kita as long as kita jgn buat tak baik pada dia sudah.
Guitar cake lagi? Ala why not kek gambar you hahahaha. Barulah original.

jasmin said...

My hubby pun kata tak sama.

And there's only one globe, and it is for all to share. Shallow betul la si telented cake decorator tu. And she must be stalking your blog.

Actually I pun blh take legal action agst her for being so selamba uploading my cake at her FB without my consent.

Oh yes, cake guitar lagi. I see and hear guitar at every corner of my house.....