Monday, March 21, 2011

The Everything

The lacework of the cobwebs at the corner of the ceiling, seemed thicker than the last time I gazed upon it. It was beautiful as it was, the intricate pattern, the gentleness of it all. Somehow, I let it be in existence far longer than my mum would allow it. She is the sawang destroyer, simply ferocious. She'd freak out if she saw what's been hanging at that same corner for a tad too long. I told myself to have it cleaned sometime later, soon, said my heart, before I headed to the kitchen minding the sugarpaste that needed much caressing that morning. It has been a hectic week if not impossible for me. Cake orders which came in last minute took a lot of my focus and time. I was baking and cleaning non stop in between ferrying and screaming the kids around. They had their exams at the very same time, that alone was a frenzy.

I was also running to Alamanda for the demo and running back just in time to fetch the kids and send some cakes out. Just like a deflating balloon going crazy in its direction, that was me last week.

The last day of the demo at Alamanda, I came with sore feet. I was knackered. My fingers were all purplish due to the food colouring . I just hoped the audience didn't notice the taint and thought eeeeeuwww kotornya jari dia. So I kept talking to take away their attention from my fingers, hope it worked. When my session was over an hour later, I just surrendered to my appetite and ate like I have never seen food before. It felt good.

But I felt way better when I heard my husband humming Buble's number "I haven't met you yet". Confused was more like it actually, come on, my heavy metal guy humming to a Buble song? I looked at him and smiled. "What's up with you?" Apasal lately ni nak nyanyi lagu Buble jer? He smiled back and said "...sajer jer, he is in town now you know. Awak suka dia kan?" "Biasa2 je la, tak de la sampai nak pergi tengok concert dia. I like the songs not so much of the person. Even if S.M Salim yang nyanyi pun, if the song is good I'd like it." I mumbled at the same time munching the cookies I bought.

"... I guess, I have to find someone to buy the Buble tickets from me then."

" You did not!!!!. Please, tell me you did not! His tickets are expensive!" I fussed tapi dalam hati sukerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnyerrrrrrrrrrr.

"Awak ni kan. I bought it much cheaper from a friend la." He chided in an almost merajuk kinda way.

I wasn't used to this kind of gesture, I was in shock. It was just so thoughtful of him to do what he did which left me speechless for the next couple of minutes. The excitement soon crept in. I was skipping on my sore feet home. Texted my lil sis that she was given the honour to babysit my rowdy kids heeeeeeee. And went back to get ready for the show.

At the concert...

The rear view from where we sat nuuuuuuun jauh di atas. Ini pun setelah difocus 15 x ganda.

I asked Michael to say hi to you gals. So here he is saying "Hi!"

My favourite part of the show was definitely when the audience got up, yes including my better other, to sing "Everything". It was funny to see him sing the only line he knew "you're my everything, you're my everything" even if he was doing it out of mockery. But it was good enough a line for me to be able to hear him sing my kinda song and believed for that moment in time I was his everything.

Itulah sahaja ceritanya.

What a week folks from cobwebs to Michael Buble. Life is intricately sweet.

Vielen Dank Liebling!

ps. Thanks so much Noni for the cake order.

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zue said...

Good to know that someone is having a good time. You deserve it dear. the last concert that I went to was Bryan Adam's., back in the 90s.... fell in love with him all over again.....dunno if hubby would do the same for me if he comes to M'sia

- azlin - said...

Ohhhhhhhh ! ! Suruhlah Azam tu ajor-ajor sikit Mon niiiii !

Wiz said...

Zue - I had a wonderful time, just the two of us. Well, this was the first for me. Have never been to any kind of shows with him or with anyone else. It was a good experience. I am sure your hub will take you if Bryan Adams were to make his way down here. Mesti punya lah!

Kak Lin- Saya sebenarnya agak heran juga. Terpinga2 sampai sekarang. Ok nanti suh Azam ajor2 sikit or maybe you can hint2 ker. I gave up on hinting but tetiba, out of the blue, he did the what I never expected. Cool

Muna said...

After all the hard work, you deserve this break, dear.

Rin said...

wiz...sometime well most of the time .. men a.k.a hubby ( to our case or my case ...) is unpredictable..! you just dunno what they had in their mind .. but it was a sweet surprise ya ..
just to share here, end of last year 1 month before our 17th anniversary, he bought us a couple match white diomand which had put a big smile (malu2)on me for days ... hehehehe

Wiz said...

Muna - Yes, tetiba trus rasa bertenaga jer heheheh rupa2nya Michael Buble adalah penawar keletihan ;o) Thanks for dropping by Muna yang cantik berseri.

Rin - Diamond ring? wowweeeee. That is too sweet. YOu must be smiling until now~

Oven Gigs said... so hoping to get that lovely surprise like your friend Rin here. ahhh... NAK DIAMOND ring jugak!!

Wiz said...

Da- I didn't know you were into diamond rings?

Edi said...

wahhhh.... sweetnyer 'dia' kak wiz!!!!!!

Wiz said...

Edi- Yer, first time dia tersweet mcm ni. It got me into thinking..."has he done something?" Terukkan?

LifeBloom said...

What a sweet2x gesture !! I love the song "Everything" - that was the first song a significant person in my life dedicated to me :D. Lovely post as usual!! And of course the gorgeous cakes!

Wiz said...

Mai- I love the song too. Perasan sorang2 si dia menyanyikan untuk saya, si dia as in Michael Buble himself ahahahahaha.

How have you been? Hope to see you at KG's house.