Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That Little White Cafe

It was a beautiful morning and we were looking for something fun to do and yes baby, we found a place we could go to.

I am not sure if it was the look in the kids eyes or was it their dancing juice, but who cares baby, I knew what I had to do.

Well I know this little cafe in Bangi we could go,

Not many people know, Come on Girls!

Who cares if we’re trashed, got a pocket full of cash we can blow,

A few shots of patron, And it's on Girls!

Don’t say no, no, no, no-no;

Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah;

And we’ll go, go, go, go-go.

If you’re ready, like I’m ready.

Cause it’s a beautiful day,

We’re looking for something different to do.

Hey baby, Let's eat there and we bring the kids too.

Before the food arrived.

Pancakes and blueberries,

Chocolate cake, a bit too sweet.

Apple pie, also too sweet to my taste. Maybe it's the age. I am old.

We also ordered a few more items on the breakfast menu. But I suggest for you to visit this place in time for tea as this is the place to enjoy your desserts more than your breakfast I think. They have interesting tea sets with delectable spread of sweeties for the patrons. You can read a good review here. But I love the place, the deco, the friendly and accommodating staff. Those are definitely the plus points. The food was several tads too expensive for me. But I don't earn enough, maybe to a lot more other people out there, the price is reasonable. But do check this place out for an outing with your girlfriends, enjoying a time of endless giggles.

My sis and the kids, outside the quaint cafe.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Think I Wanna Marry You.

Thanks so much Nur Izwani!

I spotted him from afar, he was standing with his friends lining up for the briefing. There were many people there but I just saw him as though there was light beaming on his being. The rest moved in the darkness of my vision.

"It was such a beautiful day and I was feeling dumb too. But who cares baby, I knew I wanted to marry you!"

Thanks so much Ezza!

15 years later...

"I'm so glad that I married you!"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Is The Grass Always Greener...

Thanks so much Masdiana!

...on the other side of the fence?

It seems so to the naked eyes. Not only the grass, the flowers too, at most times growing beautifully on someone else's lawn. And no matter how hard you tend to your plants, they would never match the ones on the other side. They always manage to turn much greener but not as green as your eyes though..

Thanks so much Nadia!

I used to see things that way. But now, I make sure I carry enough water with me whenever I cross over. And make sure I tend the grass wherever these feet decide to land on. At the moment however, these feet desire only to land on a big grass of bed and snooze all day long. ;o)

Thanks so much Zakiah!

Have a great weekend Folks!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Everything

The lacework of the cobwebs at the corner of the ceiling, seemed thicker than the last time I gazed upon it. It was beautiful as it was, the intricate pattern, the gentleness of it all. Somehow, I let it be in existence far longer than my mum would allow it. She is the sawang destroyer, simply ferocious. She'd freak out if she saw what's been hanging at that same corner for a tad too long. I told myself to have it cleaned sometime later, soon, said my heart, before I headed to the kitchen minding the sugarpaste that needed much caressing that morning. It has been a hectic week if not impossible for me. Cake orders which came in last minute took a lot of my focus and time. I was baking and cleaning non stop in between ferrying and screaming the kids around. They had their exams at the very same time, that alone was a frenzy.

I was also running to Alamanda for the demo and running back just in time to fetch the kids and send some cakes out. Just like a deflating balloon going crazy in its direction, that was me last week.

The last day of the demo at Alamanda, I came with sore feet. I was knackered. My fingers were all purplish due to the food colouring . I just hoped the audience didn't notice the taint and thought eeeeeuwww kotornya jari dia. So I kept talking to take away their attention from my fingers, hope it worked. When my session was over an hour later, I just surrendered to my appetite and ate like I have never seen food before. It felt good.

But I felt way better when I heard my husband humming Buble's number "I haven't met you yet". Confused was more like it actually, come on, my heavy metal guy humming to a Buble song? I looked at him and smiled. "What's up with you?" Apasal lately ni nak nyanyi lagu Buble jer? He smiled back and said "...sajer jer, he is in town now you know. Awak suka dia kan?" "Biasa2 je la, tak de la sampai nak pergi tengok concert dia. I like the songs not so much of the person. Even if S.M Salim yang nyanyi pun, if the song is good I'd like it." I mumbled at the same time munching the cookies I bought.

"... I guess, I have to find someone to buy the Buble tickets from me then."

" You did not!!!!. Please, tell me you did not! His tickets are expensive!" I fussed tapi dalam hati sukerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnyerrrrrrrrrrr.

"Awak ni kan. I bought it much cheaper from a friend la." He chided in an almost merajuk kinda way.

I wasn't used to this kind of gesture, I was in shock. It was just so thoughtful of him to do what he did which left me speechless for the next couple of minutes. The excitement soon crept in. I was skipping on my sore feet home. Texted my lil sis that she was given the honour to babysit my rowdy kids heeeeeeee. And went back to get ready for the show.

At the concert...

The rear view from where we sat nuuuuuuun jauh di atas. Ini pun setelah difocus 15 x ganda.

I asked Michael to say hi to you gals. So here he is saying "Hi!"

My favourite part of the show was definitely when the audience got up, yes including my better other, to sing "Everything". It was funny to see him sing the only line he knew "you're my everything, you're my everything" even if he was doing it out of mockery. But it was good enough a line for me to be able to hear him sing my kinda song and believed for that moment in time I was his everything.

Itulah sahaja ceritanya.

What a week folks from cobwebs to Michael Buble. Life is intricately sweet.

Vielen Dank Liebling!

ps. Thanks so much Noni for the cake order.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Out Of Line

I do not think it is out of line for me to say this but my Internet provider sucks mega time! I am viewing every page via the basic html format in super slow snail pace mode. To get to this page where I am writing now took me half the night and uploading the picture below was another quarter of it.

Will write and upload pictures more once the Unifi people have installed everything and upgraded the speed of things around here.

On a much brighter note, I would like to wish you many thanks for your presence at the Sugarflour's booth last Sunday. It was nice to see friends of similar interest taking the time to be with sugar and spice and all things nice.

Watie!!!!! you should have been there! Thanks for the invite.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks

Thanks so much Kak Zaiton!

Thank you so much for coming down to see me at Alamanda. I know some of your names but to those whose names I didn't manage to catch, I would like to express my gratitude for your presence as well. I hope to see all of you again real soon.

My next demo will be on Sunday at 1.30pm. It's for those who are thinking of venturing into the cupcake decorating world but with limited funds to invest in proper tools. Come and see how flowers get done sans tools.

Edi, you came!!!! thanks a mil for the cupcakes. Haven't had the chance to have a bite though. thank you thank you thanks you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...and don't forget your handbags too!

Thanks so so much Meeza's friend. Sorry I didn't catch your name.

See you at Alamanda Folks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bring Your Cameras

Thanks so much Nur Adibah!

It's time to aim and shoot! You will have this opportunity to capture still shots or record videos of Sugarflours' highly trained staff conducting free cake decorating demos. The sweet ladies of Sugarflours would be more than happy to answer any of your queries regarding the matters of all things cake and would even be happier to show you some tricks of the trade using their interesting and indispensable tools.

Do make time to come and see all of us at our "sugar and spice" spread at Alamanda Centre Atrium from the 3rd to the 8th of March in conjunction with Mum's Baking Needs programme. Below is the schedule to some of the demos that have been prepared for you.

My demo is all about "beautiful things do not have to be complicated" in the hantaran cupcakes segment. If you like simple things like I do, please please come.

It'd be super nice to see you there!

Oh yeah, Farida and Kelvin will be there too!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Simple Things

Thanks so much Ida Rosario!

I was in the company of professional women one day, dressed in my best. Definition of "best" would perhaps be understood as ordinary plain Jane to many others but to me, best is more of an internal thing, as to how I am feeling. Whilst exchanging our life's adventures, I saw one of them peering to look at the brand of my handbag. They didn't look at my shoes though, as it was clearly seen from afar, the croc like version of comfort. I didn't try to hide the brand less wares I had on me, in fact I took time to tell them I got the handbag from my mum's closet. When my phone beeped a sound, I saw them checking it out. No, it wasn't the Blackberry, neither was it the iphone or some gadget filled application handphone. It's just the basic Nokia with the black and white wall. The one I can't take pictures with, send or receive mms. Itu pun, the kids could still pick a fight on who gets to play snake on my handphone!

I live within my means, amongst simple things which have probably gone obsolete to some people. My kids too are made to live the same way, sans PlayStation, electronic games and astro. I want them to engage more on games that we used to play when we were kids, games that made us run, jump, sweat and laugh at each other's silliness. Games that did not cost so much. They know I don't have much to spend and I am thankful that they never asked for things their friends have.

We don't have much, but we do have these though...

Our exercise machines. We also turned the dining table into ping pong table and play many rounds of this game when we are not eating there, of course.

The Dart. The place where we hope and try to aim for better things on daily basis.

The old fashioned game of Carom. The room would turn wangi as many splashes of bedak would be used to ensure smoothness of the game. It's the same place where we play board games and cards.

My handphone cum favourite snake game yang menjadi rebutan, haih.

The fav place in the kitchen, where the kids and I swing our woes away.

Happy Friday folks and enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Street Before Wisteria

I once lived on a street very familiar to everyone else in this world. Friends were aplenty then and never once we questioned the colours of our skin. It didn't matter whether you were blue, red, orange, brown, green or whether you were grumpy, happy or funny. You could also be in many sizes: petite, small, tiny, big, tall, huge and still be accepted to play and be the person that you are. Each and everyone who treads on the street is special.

I sang and twirled and believed there was only good in this world. I think I might have seen you, yes you, on the very street. You were there, weren't you? I remember, you had those two pony tails and your hair was always braided, sometimes neatly but at other times messy. You sometimes forgot to take your bath and ran along with the others.

Do you know how I knew?

...because I was always there in my pyjamas too!

Thanks so much Farah and Fadya!