Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guess What?

I did it again.

Neither a pinch of remorse


a dash of guilt,

I just sat there

with a single weapon in hand

ready to engage myself

in a battle of...




Chocolate Tofu Cake

If you know me, you will also know that I would try to make all my food and cakes healthy or pretend that they are healthy to a certain extent, so I could eat more sans the guilt. I think I managed to do exactly that with my experiment above. The second attempt I tried to reduce more calories by eliminating the unnecessary fat and lessen the sugar. It worked without compromising the overall taste. Below is the updated version of the Chocolate tofu cake which I would like to call now as The Angel cake as opposed to the Devil's food chocolate cake.

Please refer to the recipe in this entry and compare with the few changes I made below.

I decreased the sugar from 1 1/2 to 1 1/3 cup, I think you can reduce it further to only 1 cup jer. I included a teaspoon of baking soda, increased the flour to 2 cups. I also did not mix a teaspoon of nescafe to the one glass of water. And instead of using milk for the ganache, I just used water. I was too lazy to fill up those ramekins and also malas to think I needed to wash them up later, so I produ jer all the batter inside a big oven dish.

Please give yourself a treat, dig in and allow your senses to run free savouring every single scoop of this innocent delight.

Saya puasa hari ini, so right now I am replacing the lost calories and allowing what's free to run... go wild.

Jom lari sama!

8 treats:

Oven Gigs said...

oh no..again?!! you have to make this for me..i am so malas to make it myself...

Wiz said...

Da- You'd get a lot and it is a nice dessert to serve guests if you have nice ramekins. Without the ganache pun dah silky smooth dah. But if tak nak letak ganache dont reduce the sugar.

I have extra batter and will bake for you some if I plan to go your way nanti. Haiya, its so easy la, One bowl kinda recipe. said...

semalam saye baked choclate moist, 1st attempt, berjaya.. tapi tengah2 buat tuh, memikirkan 1 cup of oil, 2 cups of sugar.. fuhh... mencabar betul.. kene puasa jugak la lepas ni..hehe

Wiz said...

Iam me, Good to know that and congratulations on your first bake. Hope there will be many more!

PatinPasta said...

Kak Ija,
Ahhh.. buleh ye guna air jek untuk ganache? Saya dok guna cream (lagi la fatty kan?). Thanks for the tips! :)

Wiz said...

Aida- Ya ampun Aida, tidakkkkk. Jgn la panggil diri ini kak ija. Hanya orang2 yg pernah membesar bersama yg pernah melihat sesama sendiri memakai seluar katok shj yg pass memanggil saya kak Ija hahahaha.

Yes, can use water but the consistency is for pouring jer not for icing the cake k. And rasa dia tak la selemak yg ada krim, but I have always liked bittersweet kinda chocolate as opposed to the milky type. So this works for me.

Try la this guilt free cake pudding.

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

haha love this, pure innocence! I cannot wait for the day when you find the substitute for the sugar pulak. How about ganti susu dengan soya milk, will it work?? I am going to try this kak! Will let you know kalau jadi nanti! Keep on experimenting love!!

Wiz said...

Fasha- It is. My kids had this for breakfast and then later came back again for lunch. Yes, you can definitely ganti dgn soyamilk and the oil in the cake can also be substituted with olive oil. Then kan, you can just put the oven dish on your lap and spoon the cake sampai habis. It would not rise up high sebab dia a cross between souffle mousse and pudding and cake. It is so silky and smooth. I ate it right out of the oven! Kalau tak na buat ganache then don't reduce the sugar k.

Yes a must try!