Friday, February 11, 2011

Dreamings Done... Alam Impian.

We wanted to go somewhere during the Chinese New Year holidays but the daunting thought of packing up a household and travelling across the country with other holiday goers put us off. Linda my sis in law, suggested us to go to Bukit Cahaya Alam and a few more other places but somehow the idea didn't catch on, maybe we were still too tired after our Amazing Race journey or perhaps it was just the feeling of laziness that has seeped in.

Despite our lack of interest to budge from our comfort zone to indulge further in our inactivity, my sister suggested for us to spend a day at her mother in laws leisure house at Alam Impian Shah Alam.

It was a beautiful day which moved according to our slow mo pace. It was as if we were dreaming a dream relaxing under lushes clouds accompanied with simple home whipped food and home moulded chocolates by Aunty Linda and out of this universe cookies by Ovengigs. The rest was made by makyang.

Enjoy the pics folks and have a pretty weekend!

Makyang made sausage rolls,

Brunettes Makyang called those,

she made pizza with extra cheese and meehoon with no chillies,

so kids could enjoy with happy feelings,

and adults could indulge in Mak Da's offerings.

Alang played like it was a test,

As usual Mak Da posed her slim best,

Ayeop threw with much zest,

Aunty Linda minded with Izz' mess.

Whilst Aiman, our security guard, took care of the rest. lol!

Happy days, lazy days at Alam Impian.
Thanks Tok Ma!

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Edi said...

wah kak wiz.. rumah tuu.. besarnyer halaman dia! best!

Ayu Safieza said...

Family hour......:) sonok nyer!!! Happy weekend sis!

Wiz said...

Edi- yer, sgt beasr dan kita org sgt berbesar hati dpt duduk lepak2 kat sana.

Ayu- Happy weekend to you too!

zue said...

Wiz, seronoknyer dapat bersantai begitu, tak payah pergi jauh2 pun boleh enjoy jugak kan? My chinese new year hols that is after finishing all the bunnies and bunnies head, we decided to go back to kampung in Kelantan, it was good sebab dapat jumpa my parents and sisters and brother but tiring because I had to drive all the five to six hours journey pergi balik cos kita bawak balik dua bijik kereta ( bawak MIL and SILs sekali). but it was worth it.
happy weekend Wiz!

Oven Gigs said...

ahahahahahhahahaha...i cannot stop LOL looking at Aiman and his bat. mmg mcm nak pukui orang je...ahahah...

Wiz said...

Zue- Waa I dgr pun dh letih dah, and you drove lagi? so terror nya you. But all in the name of family fun, good times with family so that's a good thing.

Wiz said...

Da- Yes, muka macam nak ketuk org jer. He was holding the bat plus the bola from beginning till the end. Bila terjatuh suh Aizat amik kan. Bijak tul. Kalu saya jadi Aizat saya bawak lari bola tu lepas amik. Tapi susah gak sebab dia ada bat kang tak pase2 kena ketuk ahahahaha.

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Wahhh Kak Wiz, your pics dah semakin berseri and I like it! The house's garden is so big and nampak sungguh nyaman macam bercuti di resort gitu! Brunettes because they are not blondie? Happy to see the familiar faces again! Sejak bila Colin Farrel hisap pipe tu? hahaah.Take care dear! Kim salam kat Wid!!

Wiz said...

Fasha- Yes, brunettes coz they are neither blondies nor brownies hahahaha.

Sejak bila? sejak tak dapat berlakon dlm filem hindustan hahahaha. My brothers are all pipers so dia pun join in the fun. But it is actually less hazardous and much cheaper than cigs eventhou kalu boleh I want him to quit entirely la kan.

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Seronok kan bila beramai-ramai berkumpul, lepak-lepak dan makan-makan (bab ni paling seronok). And saya pon setuju macam Fasha, your pics makin cantek la! *thumbs up* I like! :)

Wiz said...

Aida- Yes seronok sebab dpt makan hahahaha. terukkan? Itu la kita ni asik jumpa nak makan, asik jumpa nak makan, tapi kalu tak makan tak best kan?

Aida- Kak wiz tgh imagine one day I go to Spain and you prepare me some spanish spread. Imagine je la sebab nak mencapainya rasa mcm tak tercapai jer. Imagine pun jadik Aida!

And when you come back home, singgah la rumah kak wiz k. This is an open invitation. Dtg je bila2 pun.

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Spanish spread? No hal nye! Saya memang laju jek bab ke dapor ni :D. Tapi sedap tak sedap tu.. tak berani nak janji tau. Hehe!
* Kalo nak ikutkan, derang nye dishes lagi simple and senang compared to kita nya (cth rendang ke).

And thanks, Kak Wiz. InsyaAllah.. mudah-mudahan ada rezeki :)