Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't Fight This Feeling

Chocolate nibs oatmeal cookies. Adapted from the Grandma raisin cookies in previous entry.

I could not fight it. It was running in circles in my mind for almost 5 days in a row now. I have been singing to this Reo Speedwagon song and when I was not humming it, the world somehow took charge singing it for me! Menderita saya. It was playing over the radio station, at the supermarket, on TV. And as much as I tried to fight singing "I Can't Fight..." the more it fought to be sung over and over again.

I tried to delve into the probable causes of this enigma. Questions like below hovered bubbles above my head in between my singing and baking.

1. Is my better other looking more and more like Kevin Cronin, the vocalist of RS then, bushy hair and all? No.
2. Have I formed an attraction to Kevin after many years of listening to his band? Erm No.
3. Am I fighting any kind of feelings right now? Yes many!
4. Am I nearing that time of the month? Yes.
5. Am I craving for something to eat? All the time!

I figured it is the combination of 4 and 5 and a little bit of 3 as well. Honestly I have been on a low sugar diet for almost a week now. My appetite has been on the loose for quite sometime and putting it on a leash came naturally. So the menu was all about greens, fruits, tofu and wholemeal bread. No more fries, crisps, asam jeruk or cookies and ice cream in between instant noodles. I know! horrible eater I was and it doesn't help with me baking cakes and cookies all the time.

After a week of abstinence from all things sweet and fatty, I finally succumbed to this feeling of missing my all time favourite food. The pictures are here to guide you through my gastronomic quick escapade for now. I closed my eyes savouring every bite of the cookies and the wedges and guess what?

It stopped! the song finally came to rest, leaving me in peace...but not long after that, Careless Whisper got turned on. :(

Cheesy Wedges

Cheesy Wedges

5 big Potatoes unpeeled, cut into wedges.
Coat them with salt, kunyit powder, pepper,lots of corn flour and curry powder.
Fry to a golden perfection.

For the Cheesy sauce.

Double boil 1 tablespoon of butter,
2 tablespoon of mayo,
1 tablespoon of thousand island,
2 tablespoon of lowfat milk(oh sungguh menyihatkan sebab ada lowfat milk, lol!)
2 slices of cheddar cheese or more if you like.

Once everything has turned gooey and creamy, turn of the heat and drizzle over the fried wedges.

Dig in!

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zue said...

happy morning to you Wiz! It happend to me many many years ago.... when I was sitting for my SPM. I heard this Air Supply'Making Ove out of nothing at all" the night before the exam hile studying ( last minute peparation as usual)and this song kept coming in my head during the exam! OMG! I can't remember which paper but alhamdulillah, I did good...
I might try this chesesy recipe cos my kids love 'em.thanx for sharing Wiz....and CAreless Whisper, brings back old memories during my A Level time.....

Rin said...

...wiz, what can i say ... me too can't fight this feeling anymore - craving for more sweetness to bitterness of the days ... everyday!

Wiz said...

Zue- This isn't exactly like the KFC ones. I wasn't trying to duplicate the recipe. This is similar but at the same time different. Hope the kids like them. Air supply? I think you needed the air supply to your brain masa exam tu kut, tu yg naynyi lagu dia tu, dpt good results lagi. Cool.

Rin- Yes, I was probably singing sebab tak dpt makan my ration of sweet things, tu yg ckp I can't fight I cant' fight tu. lol!

Ayu Safieza said...

adeh......whiz sis.....I pun tgh tersiksa ngan my diet........err.....careless whisper...:) make me always falling in love, appreciate and tresure the same person.....everytime....:)

Wiz said...

Ayu- You tak yah diet sebab you rajin exercise! I ni bab exercise sungguh extra malasnya. So go on, enjoy foood. ;o)

PatinPasta said...

Kak Wiz,
Suka la tengok gambo cookies Kak Wiz tu. Rasa homey and cosy gitu. I LIKE! :)

Akak kalo on diet slalu cravings for sweet things or salty things? Kalo on sweet things, memang mencabar sungguh la sebab kalo dah dok selalu bake itu ini kan? Kental semangat sungguh. I LIKE! :)

* tak tahan tengok gambo cheesy wedges tu. mesti lagik nikmat dari KFC nye!

mush, brecht & nora said...

Wiz, those look sinfully deliciously babe! Nasib baik dah boleh buka puasa ; ) Hari ni bayar hutang puasa.... best get it done when we r still in winter time hee hee hee... Hope you are well my dearest Wiz. Big hugs from still wintery Belgium.


Lisa H. said...

lama tak menjenguk you kitchen...
How are you, Wiz?

Wiz said...

AIda- Thanks for dropping by.

Kak wiz crave for sweet and savoury itu yg payah sikit tu. I love cookies and chips. Memang akalu travel kan we would stock up on that jer, tak makan proper pun tak per. Pastu badan pun macam patato jugak hahahaha.

Mush - miss you la Mush. Thanks for coming here to vosit me. Oooo o puasa masa winter yer? If you puasa now kat this region, mak ai berdentang panasnya skrg ni. Hugs.

Lisa- Hi Lisa. My kitchen tak selalu berasap dgn meriahnya like your kitchen la Lisa. Malu saya. Love looking at your food photos but so lazy to give them a try. You food photos are so good that bila I tgk I trus rasa kenyang, buleh? hehehe thanks for dropping by k.

farhan said...

Lapaqnyaaaaaaaa - LISa Lish

Wiz said...

Lish- Was scratching my head thinking who is this farhan guy or girl. Kalauu guy tu mcm meriah sikit pemikiran ni kan hahahaha.

Muna said...

me likey-likey your table setting wit da cookies.
I bet da cookie tastes yummy-yummy.

ps I've yet to try making your choc cake with tofu... belum jumpa the right tofu... alamak!!

hugs and blessings xox

Wiz said...

Muna, I get so excited bila tgk your name in my comment every time.
You suka the setting sebab ada familiar bendera kat situ yea? Compared to your settings yg selalunya ala2 Queen's courtyard tu, apa la sgt meja buruk putih I ni hahahaha.