Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pushing The Edges

The edges in this house always get cut, trimmed and pushed away. It's a blatant waste I realize that, but at times when you are in constant battles of perang saudara with picky eaters, you are just thankful, that they, at least want to eat the sandwiches made with or without the edges intact. You just want to avoid the drama in front of rezeki and get on with the rest of your day.

But I am a sore loser and a control freak all rolled into one loaf. So lose not, want not, I concocted the recipe below simultaneously made the kids eat allllll the ingredients of their nightmare... willingly,cheerfully.

ChuChore Recipe

250gm of bread edges
1 cup of shredded carrots
half portion of silken tofu
2 Tablespooon of shredded onions
3/4 cp of milk
1 large egg
1 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of dried oregano
1/2 cup of shredded cheese( I used mozzarella, that's all I had)

250gm of the edges, a weeks ration of leftovers!

The soft tofu, use only half of the packet.

Mix everything together till smooth.

Fry to golden crisp.

Ready for tea. My kids finished these with no questions asked.

This is a one bowl recipe. Put everything inside a deep mixing bowl and mix everything up till smooth.

Fry until golden brown and serve with your favourite chili sauce. Don't skip the cheese, that makes the Chuchore crispy.

And see how the kids pop one after another in their mouths, bright eyed and compliment you that this is the best chuchore you have ever made.

Don't you just love winning?!?

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Ida said...

hmmm...roti in my house habis sehingga ke crumb yg terakhir...tak sempat nye nak ada sides... but the chuchore looks really yummy and healthy though...hmmmm

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

haha Kak WIz, punya glamour nama cucur to Chuchore. I guess sebab bahan2 yang lain semuanya omputeh kan? hehe Brilliant idea for the roti edges, tapi kan roti jarman punya edges is hard, I guess I can add a little more milk to soften it kan?

Rin said...

...:-) cute spelling of 'chuchore' wiz...hihi..check-out my 'chuchore' pulak at my blog;-)

Wiz said...

Da- It is healthy and if you have more ingredients at hand like daun bwg ker, somshredded meat ker, lagi la complete meal. My kids hate tofu, carrots, onions the only thing yg depa suka is cheese, and this is one way to get back at them mwahahahaha.

Fasha- No matter how hard the bread edges are, bila kena air dia akan lembut. Yes maybe you can put more milk, but jgn letak sumer dulu, put bit by bit and if you feel keras lagi then increase. You can put a host of other things and veges in there, I only had those at hand so itu je la I letak. The kids didn't suspect anything fishy. I have beeen doing this every week lepas dah kumpulkan sumer the edges and they seem to love it. Dont skip the cheese sebab it makes the chuchore crispy.

Rin - Will be hoping to your blog soon. See you there.

Uncle Lee said...

Wiz, you remember me? Uncle Lee!
I noticed your callsign at Zue's place....
Holy Smoke! Banyak ayer has passed down Sungei Klang, as well Niagara Falls I last popped into your place here.
Tada link.

Anyway, how you doin, Wiz? Hope your wizzzing has improved. You better today.

I have never heard of chu chore'.....sounds Korean or Mongolian tu.
But it sure looks real good.
6 pieces will be fine with me.
You keep well, have a nice day. Best regards,

KC said...

kalo dah nama pandai masak ni, campak je apa2 bahan mesti jadik punye..perghhh! good recipe...can try one day but but selalunya the edges pulun sekali

Wiz said...

Hi Uncle Lee, Of course how not to remember a strong character like you. Sorry I havent been commenting on your posts, but I am a regular visitor. No this is not a Korean dish, very malaysian. It is tradisionally called cucur as in cucur udang but since the ingredients have been changed dramatically, I changed the name tu but retained the same name only spelling is different. Thanks for dropping by.

KC- yes, main campak2 and hoped for the best. kalau tak jadi tak masuk la blog which are many of the things I have tried yg tak jadi and the readers never got to know! yg jadi dua tiga kerat jer yg dpt masuk hehehe. So tak lah terror sgt.

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Will definitely do it this weekend! InsyaAllah thanks Kak Wiz! Hugsss!!

Wiz said...

Fasha!!!! Yes, try k. But you can only eat 2 jer tau cos you are on a diet kan? Hugs back.

Jgn jadi seperti saya selepas memakan 12 biji, baru tersedar seluar dah ketat. Pastu berkata dlm hati akan berexercise hujung minggu ni, tetiba nak terbuat chocolate pudding plak dan dah lesap 2 bijik dah pun. Arrggghhh. appetitte sungguh dasat sekarang ni.

fiza said...

wow, sedapnyer itu chuchore sesedap namanya...:)
will definitely go into my list ! thanks for sharing such a creative recipe..i pun selalu ada problem nak suruh kanak2 kt rumah ni makan. i love healthy recipes, keep posting ;)