Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfect Days

Perfect days aren't always perfect. Mine are sometimes full of shouts and screams and geram in between of the unsuccessful exchanges of thoughts. Kids act up, machines break down, students foul up, fondants fall off and everything could go in the opposite direction with you still standing amidst it all.

But what makes it so perfect is when extra clouds exist to cushion your falls, when shady days like these blow cool wind on your face, when food aroma teases your olfactory and when familiar songs trigger fun memories. Despite the hardships, days like these often end with good humour, exactly when you sit down and reach out to your better other.

Alhamdulillah, a yet again perfect day for me and here's hoping you are enjoying yours too!

Thanks Siti for the order!

Design inspired by this moment in time.

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tina_bakes said...


zue said...

Salam , Wiz, what can I say, gorgeous as always. just sent kids to school, my youngest buat hal pulak hari ni, baru darjah satu, biasanya dia ok but today dia ngantuk so tak mahu masuk kelas, I have the house all to myself, oops hubby belum keluar pi keje, wishing you a beautiful day today, me gonna start my chores, bermula dgn take care wiz..

KG said...

wiz, cake yg ini i nak for my anniversary! stunning!

Wiz said...

Tina- Thanks so much!

Zue- Yes, you too. Let's make evryday a perfect day no matter how imperfect it is.

KG- Aiyoo! I dont want to make cakes for a great cake maker herself. Maybe you can make macarons that look like this. That'd be cool eh?

Ayu Safieza said...

Sis Wiz...the thunder and storms were there before that wonderful perfect rainbows...:) enjoy reading you...:)

Wiz said...

Ayu - And I enjoy having you here reading your comments. Take care.

Edi said...

gorgessss... kak wiz, perfect!

nyelit sket, kak yani, td i tengok magazine better homes and gardens, jumpa red velvet macarons. tryla buat! it'll be divine!

Wiz said...

Edi- Bila nyelit2 yg tak tahan tu hahahaha. Thanks Edi. I need to find one good day to try em macarons. I am not a fan of macarons and neither are the kids, so kena buat time org dtg.

JulesMD said...

wiz, saat tengok swans tu sure romantic nye kan? :)