Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Pudgy Fingers

I love carbs. I am my happiest around this type of food group. Patatoes, bread, pasta, noodles, cucur, you name it and I love them all. The starchier the better. Saya suka! This food group is also the cheapest and the most convenient to prepare. You can go miles and miles with a bag of flour or a kampit of rice, feeding an army along the way and still have some left over for a late night snack.

My fingers? yes... they are known to be pudgy not lean or long, as a result of my love towards carb. Let's just concentrate on my fingers now and not elsewhere ;o(
So to celebrate my pudgy looking fingers, I would like to share with you a recipe I named just that. Like any of the other recipes I have had the opportunity to share here, the operative word for all of them is Super Easy! This one's too!

Pudgy Fingers

1 1/4cup of warm water
1 packet of the Mauripan Yeast
Put these two together in a large bowl and leave it for 10 minutes.

In another bowl, sift ...
3 3/4 cups of flour to 4 cups of flour
1/2 cup of icing sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon of salt,

and pour the wet ingredients of yeast and warm water into the flour mixture,

and mix and knead til the dough is soft and elastic.

Leave for 30 to 45 minutes or until the dough is doubled in size like the above picture.

Then take a portion, knead again to make a long tube like shape. Cut to the length desired or you can even shape them in any way you fancy.

In another bowl, dilute
1/3 cup of baking soda with
2 cups of warm water and immerse the sticks in the soda bath.
Arrange the sticks on the oven trays lined with aluminium foil.
Make sure there are rooms in between one stick to another
as they are likely to double in size.
Bake at 210 Celsius until the top is golden.
Serve as ...
Dip in chocolate
or coat in
Cinnamon Topping
1/2 cup brown sugar mix with 2 teaspoon cinnamon powder.
Coat with butter and sprinkle some salt
garlic powder
and serve with mushroom soup.
These pudgy fingers are similar to pretzels. Since pretzels have an odd shape and take up a lot of tray space in the oven, I altered the shape, so many can be baked at one go.

My Pudgy Fingers

I know I have lots of your cake pictures unpublished yet. Promise will do it right away in the next entry k.

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Lisajoehari said...


KG said...

wt choc dip reminds me of auntie anne's....yums!

DayBab said...

nak kena bikin nie....

Wiz said...

Lisa- Yes, you could use a few sticks of these on the go since you are so busy nowadays.

KG- These are pretzels! I changed more than 3 things in the ingredients to make these. maybe you can even fry them as donuts, like my cousin plans to. But they are soft and chewy even after a day on the counter top.

Daybab- Yes kena bikin ini kueh, sgt senang and tak byk brg.

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Kak Wizzzzz, this is sooo not helping with my low carb diet tau! Are they as soft macam Bretzel kat sini? Love thiss!!

Wiz said...

Fasha!!! Eh I thought you are only dieting in 2012? hehehehe. Yes this is so not helping at all, I am not helping myself too. Bretzel yg mana ni? The one I ate aritu ker masa kita jln2 tu? But this recipe I think you can bekalkan your kids to school sebab it stays soft till the very next day. I had a few sticks left after 24 hours in the oven and ingatkan dh keras, tgk masih lembut lagi, trus ngap 3 batang! Abd those are plain ones, imagine if I had them sira with sugar or chocolate mesti ngap lagi byk. It's so easy, try it k.

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

I pun baru berangan nak go on Atkin Diet (low carb lah tu konon nya). Dgn tak semena-mena you muncul with that easy as ABC recipe. Tak kan tak nak buat pulak, dah buat tak kan tak ngap sekali... sabor aje. Is it my kontot2 fingers you were talking about by the way?

Wiz said...

Murni, you have got to put on hold the Atkin diet tu just to try these out. It's worth the little effort! And make sure you try a few versions of savoury and sweet. Our fav is the butter with garlic powder and the cinnamon brown sugar. I could just eat it plain with a lil bit of salt.

Mr Atkins, pun id dia tgk ni, mesti dia cancel diet dia tu and makan dulu lol!

Thanks for dropping by.

R&R Family in Germany said...

Ija...juz by looking at your pix I know this is a winner. Will try altho as Fasha rightly says....habis la jelly bellyku! Tks for the recipe. Mlm ni boleh try.

Wiz said...

Kakyong! you better! I gave you 10 packets of the mauripan yeast tu. So now's the time to guna. Lepas dh masak don't peel them off right away. You have to wait for them to cool first if not nanti the fingers tu akan melekat kat aluminium foil tu.

PatinPasta said...

Haish! Ni teringin nak buat ni! Saya teramatlah suka pretzels (tapi tak pernah/reti nak buat).

Mauripan yeast tu dry yeast ke, Wiz? Ke kena cari yang bertulis Mauripan? Ampun naa.. saya bab-bab roti/kek ni memang fail.

Wiz said...

Koi! Hi!

Good to have yo here. Anyway, Mauripan tu brand dia. You can use other powdered, dry yeast which weight is equivalent to 11 gm. The recipe is so easy and I use this for my donut(reduce the garam in the recipe) for my pizza base yg stay lembut after a day, reduce the amount of icing sugar) I use this recipe in a lot of my bread dough. I ni bukan rajin orang nya so all the recipes must be super easy. This one is.

Try la and tell me how you like it k.