Friday, January 7, 2011

Dreaming A Dream

In my rare moments of silence, I stand tall, all 158cm of me, constantly trying to penetrate deep into the unseen future. My fingers are always meddling with sugar and flour constructing the present, as my mind drifts far floating along with the many dreams I have formed amongst the clouds. Yes, I am a dreamer, a serious dreamer of all things quaint and cozy. Dreams that only appear in my wakes and never in my sleeps. Dreams which forever stay idyllic despite the unyielding pressure of the present time.

My good friend Anita and I talked about dreams one day and how we wished it would shape our future. They weren't just dreams and as crazy as they may sound to others, dreams are the sacred hopes and aspirations to achieve the best in this single chance we have in life. It is our birth right.

I am not the best person to talk about dreams Anita, but as I wrote to you I keep mine in my pockets, close with me at all times. And if you would like to know what dreams I have dreaming up my sleeves...

"I always bring mine in my pockets and each time I send the kids and my husband off, I would blow kisses together with my dreams to them. So you now know I have three big dreams. Dreams of me and my better other, dreams for my daughter and dreams for my son. InsyaAllah the dreams are my dua."

And my friend Anita has 7 kids! I am sure she's been dreaming up a storm, kan Nita kan?

I assumed a more forgiving posture when assignments are completed for the day and suddenly the unyielding pressure of the present time melted away when the kisses I blew at the start of morn came home bringing dreams of their own to tell.:o)

Thanks Juwa for the order. I hope I have made one of your dreams come true. Cake inspired by pinkcakebox design.

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Anitaphd said...

Wiz, thanks a million for this! you know i'm always a fan of melancholic music, and your words are so special - it means so much to me :) keep on writing about dreams, coz you never know what's coming ;-)

firahadifa said...

kak wiz , i pon a full day dreamer !

Wiz said...

Anita- Thanks so much for dropping by and for sharing your dreams with me. Keep on dreaming!

Afidah - yeay! high 5!

KG said...

i nak cake cam ni for my bady, tapi gambo kmix and oven kat tepi boleh! :p

Ida said...

ooohhh..this song!! naik bulu roma semua.... ahhh...we are sooooo gonna go there!!

Wiz said...

Da- Yes we are so going there. Let's focus collectively!