Monday, January 17, 2011

Better Left Unsaid

There used to be so much room inside, where I keep words to myself. Space just created itself to accommodate all the words unspoken. I have somehow mastered the technique of storing words over the years, by swallowing hard the remnants which plugged my throat. And as difficult as it was shoving the words down, I managed to do it regardless, with water in my eyes.

Then came the blog. I poured some of the words here, the extra ones, the ones that didn't matter. A good friend said that my writing was very personal. She said she could feel the motion, the beating of the words as if she was in the experience. I relayed to her that it was a deliberate intention, that I wasn't just writing on my own behalf but of others too, especially for ones who have been keeping things inside, hence the common emotional feeling.

But now the words need not be swallowed, kept or poured. They just evaporate and disappear and I am left with none to share. I am all depleted but what shall remain are all the cake pictures for your viewing pleasure. Cake pictures will be my words here and like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope not only to make a picture but insyaAllah more than a thousand and allow you to conjure up the thousand and thousand of words in your mind.

Soon, when the words do come back, I will share with you again, the words that don't matter, the words that are only decorous in nature to this space, most definitively...indefinitely.

But speak I shall, more wordy than ever, to Him, the One and Only and let this silence beget a stronger bond which is only natural between The Creator and His subject. Amin.

Thanks Yaya for the order and Izanie for the picture.

6 treats:

Rin said...

salam...wiz, your cake creations never failed my interest to come back here again and again and again... what more with your words and stories u shared here ... i do too could feel the motion and i do too swallowed every words, every emotions... hanya yang pernah merasa, merasainya...:-)

Niza Umar -- said...

Dear, could not agree more, some things are better left unsaid it will only do harm than good..especially when it involves the people whom you love

Ida said...


you have truly astounded me with this latest creation. hopefully in the midst of creating, you could spare a few odd moments for exchanges of voices.

Edi said...

kak wiz dear,
some words are better left unspoken -william shakespere-

u take care ok..

KG said...

yup, better left unsaid! these...and wonders why ppl cant just have simple yet stunning kek kahwins like these kan!xox

Wiz said...


Thank you so so much for your kind words. I appreciate your presence here more than you will ever know.

Niza- Yes, some things but this time I am going with all. I have resigned to the fact that expectations are the culprit. None of that now and I think I feel much better. Thanks for dropping by.

Ida- Would call you up when I am ready and when the awkwardness isn't there to irk us up.

Edi- Thanks thanks thanks. You too, take care.

Yani- I kinda get the feeling you didn't read thru hehehehe. I know you are busy.

Yes kek kawin mcm tu simple but the thing is they cost very little too. Tapi nak buatnya sama jer lama dan susahnya.