Sunday, January 2, 2011

At My Heart's Invitation

It was an early morning after Christmas. The neighbours' lights were still sparkling, lighting up the not so christmas trees around their houses. I wished I could feel the festive air and the holiday mood everyone was in but I was too tired and was still trying to recover some leftover energy I had left after the nonstop week of baking. The kids were not up yet. They took to bed very late the night before as they were excited to receive special Aussie guests for a sleepover at our house.

When I sent My special guests to their car that morning to continue on with their journey, after a hearty breakfast of nasi lemak and roti canai(from the nearby mamak shop ), I realized that this was the first time I stepped out of the house after more than 2 weeks of serious baking. The sunlight gripped me by surprise and the cool breeze of December air resonated my senses. I recognized that wholesome feeling and the next thing to do was just too obvious. Rounded up the kids, packed up some finger food and off we went in search of a place to visit before 2010 bade us Adieu.

On our way there...

we captured this picturesque view,

drove through winding roads,

saw a bird on a tree,

dozed off and dreamt of this for tea,

crossed an old bridge,

and before we could wipe the drools off our faces, we were there already!

It was our very first time to Fraser's Hill and we didn't know what to expect. Since this was an impromptu trip, I didn't get to google for information about this beautiful destination. Fraser's Hill is a quaint little town complete with Balai Polis, small tourist shops and food stalls, lots of hiking trails. Places of interests are aplenty like the Paddock where you can enjoy the company of horses, a small lake where you can boat and fish, a children's playground where you can rent mini motobikes at 5rgt for 5 minutes and if you would like to put up a night or two there are many 3 star hotels and other types of accomodations for you to choose from.

the lake known as Allan's Water

But what stole my breath away that day was its own little Ye Old Smokehouse. It was one of those places you'd like to immerse yourself in and take sips of tea the whole day whilst enjoying a good book under a shady tree. Since we were only guests for tea not guests for the night, we weren't allowed to snoop around, but... I snooped anyway. So here are some pictures of the nook and corners of the place .

at the entrance

the verandah

the terrace

the dining room

the back

After snooping around, our tea pun sampai. We ordered the Devonshire tea set which came with a small pot of tea, two scones and cream, strawberry preserves and butter. The kids had chocolate lava cake and ice cream.

The Tea Menu

The scones are a must try if ever you make your way up here and with a perfect view as a backdrop setting I am sure you would not give this place a miss.

I'm glad I accepted my heart's invitation to go for a little escapade. The short trip was very relaxing, a breather in times of my wheezing. It didn't require much in terms of preparations and expenditures but the effect was as good as going on a fancy trip. Hmmm I might go again!

It has come to be the New Year of 2011. I haven't even said goodbye to 2010 and I do not wish to. I would just say "welcome 2010, you are now complete."

For the year of 2011, my hopes and dreams will decorate it nicely insyaAllah, with pretty cakes, sweet offerings and fancy projects.

And I hope so too your 2011 will be just as beautiful if not more beautiful as how I imagined mine to be.

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KG said...

happy new year wiz....rasa mcm yday you taught me fondant and the rest!...earl grey cake I want!

tina_bakes said...

happy new year wizzy!! haha looks like yani and I pretending to be busy at work tapi dok blog-hopping and FB-ing..ooopppss!!

i like how to say welcome 2010 and that it is now complete. nice!

Fraser's also one of my favs... used to go every year for'll see an international crowd there looking for species which only comes around a short period of time each year. quaint, very quaint! must go again soon!!

Ida said...

oh wiz

you just gave me another destination for my to-visit list. thank you. here's looking at another year of fulfilled dreams and hopes.insyallah.

LifeBloom said...

What a lovely entry Wiz...we must get together for lunch or something - ajak KG sekali - or I can whip up something (not cake or macarons!) savoury - selalu tak puas jumpa you all.

Have a great year ahead :D

Wiz said...

Kg- Errrm memang bukan baru semalam ker you dtg rumah I blajar? lol

Wiz said...

Tina- Yer! nampak sgt! Sib baik I bukan boss atau sedara mara boss, kalau tidak akan you all I ugut utk buatkan I macarons sebagai upah tutp mulut(sebab dah penuh macarons kan, kena la tutp mulut)
Nice kan the, place. Tapi kita orng nampak satu burung tu jer, tak perasan pun burung2 lain, sungguh tak bird enthusiast tul la.

Wiz said...

Ida- But kat situ tak der sebarang water sports tau. So mcm mana you nak glide and ski with no lake around. The Allan's Lake tu is too small for a pro like you. Tak der platform to jump.

Wiz said...

Mai-It's just so nice to have you here. Rasa hari yang sejuk dipakaikan selimut. Yes, must get together one day. You don't have to cook la, neither will we hahahaha. We just go out and sit somewhere and enjoy the bakes and cakes of other people at somewhere nice.

How's New York to you sound? You Yanie and I can share a yellow cab.

KG said...

new york joms!

Ayu Safieza said...

Salam 2011....:) Moga Allah swt memudahkan urusan kak...Ameen....I always enjoy reading your blog......:)

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

What a lovely entry. All that lovely places dekat Fraser Hill Kak Wiz? It looks so lovely. Ingatkan your pictures when u were in the UK. I tak pernah pi Fraser Hill boleh? Must go there one day! Eh dah baik demam suma ke tu? Get well dear!!

LifeBloom said...

New york...aku sungguh blur...that pizza heaven ke?

Edi said...

happy new year kak wiz! 2010 is when i found your blog, got to know you and got to gurau senda dgn you.. come 2011 i hope can meet u in person pulak! i'allah..

frazer's hill mmg best.. masa i duduk in a small town Rasa, kitorg selalu naik fraser'z hill tu.. just to enjoy the clean air and wonderful surroundings.. x pernah pulak makan fancy2 mcm tu.. hehee.. must go again and try the scones lah pulak!

Wiz said...

Ayu- Happy New Year to you too. May you become a more successful entrepeneur in time to come. Thanks for reading me.

Wiz said...

Fasha- All I can say is I can't wait for your return visit here to my house. Skrg ni pun rasa mcm bulan 8 tu dah dekat sgt. Excitednya!

Wiz said...

Mai- hahahhahaha New York as in the united states of USA New York. It has been Yani's dream to go to New York. I have 10year visa lagi, so jom.

Wiz said...

Edi!!!!! yes, we make it a point to meet k. That's a promise now, not just a hope. happy New Year!

Ms Wong said...

Wiz, wishing you a very Happy 2011 to you and family!