Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Old Love of Mine

...was once the greatest in what he loved best. He trained hard, played harder but took defeats the hardest. When he plays, he plays to win, even at friendly games, even at petang2 memanaskankan badan untuk orang2 yang berumur 35tahun ke atas matches, even at kids' football and sports events, even at lari dalam guni runs! Owhhh, you should see him shout.

During these times, I would be the one standing very far, seated at the end corner of the stadium or sometimes at kids' sports day, not present at all, sebab maluuuuuuuuuuu. His over zealousness would either bring out the best or the undesirably worst in you.


when Malaysia played against Indonesia the other day, he was in front of the tele with my nephews who came to spend the holiday with makyang. In a nutshell, Malaysia was playing, like Malaysia always plays, not up to the expectation. He verbalized his disappointments, frustrations and anger so animatedly in front of the boys and I could hear the boys' silence, drowning in my other half's loud support for the country.

The very next day, when my husband was out to work, my nephews came to me and asked. "...makyang, terror sangat ker Alang tu main bola?" I responded with "...kenapa tanya?" "...idaklerr, sebab masa tengok Malaysia main semalam, aaaaAlang (my nephew ni gagap sikit) tu marah sangat, jerit2 panggil pemain2 tu anak kambing." I mmbbeekk-ed with laughter and quickly smsed the loud half about this and his answer was "...bring em boys to the stadium petang ni, and tengok Bapak Kambing main macam mana!"

So, pada petang yang bahagia itu, merangkaklah anak2 kambing bersama ibu kambing untuk menyaksikan bapak kambing bermain dalam final match of his University league.

Antara anak2 kambing yang hadir bukan untuk memberi sokongan tapi untuk menantikan kekalahan Alang dalam perlawanan ini.

He was the captain and this was after the tossing of the coin.

Let's play ball!

Alang was running up and down chasing after the ball, and the kids and I could see that he was giving his 200 % against a team which consisted of younger players. The highlight of the game was when he scored the first goal right before the half time whistle and all of us stood up and jumped from our seats clapping and cheering.

The waterboy and the captain during half time.

The second half saw the team performing even better. The opposition's goal keeper missed 2 more goals and that determined the winner of the final match with a 3 - 0 score. I think it was one of the best games I have seen him played so far. And I also think he owed it to the anak2 kambing for making that questionable statement which pushed him to do his best.

Everyone was in high spirits after that. My kids were very proud of the father's win, I was even prouder and my nephews, well, they then knew how serious and how meaningful football is to their Alang. It also proved to them that Alang indeed played for the country before, which all this while they thought was just a hoax. I could just write and write how good a player he is but nothing would compensate the time he missed not playing for the country.

Regaling the team's win.

No matching cake pictures for this entry folks. More of that in the next entry insyaallah.

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firahadifa said...

waaaa.. hebatnya hubby akak :)

zue said...

nasib baik menang kan Wiz.....hehe......we'll be going to KL this weekend for my brother's wedding, bila agaknya kita nak bersua muka Wiz, jumpa di alam maya je.....
you take care, all the

Niza Umar -- said...

Inspirational story Wiz! 3 - 0 !! Wow! Like my friend would say .. he is a football terrorist hahaha

Wiz said...

Afidah- Thanks so much. He is not in his prime anymore. Takut dia main bola dpt injury. Risau hati ni, patah kaki patah hidung ke. How are you in Dubai. Nanti kak wiz dtg visit bleh?

Zue- Would love to meet you Zue. But right now ni my face is the last you would want to see. I just had my molar extracted, a very stubborn molar that was and sebelah of my face bengkak and the pain still persists. Nak makan tak boleh, nak senyum tak boleh,nak cakap byk pun tak boleh, stone jer. It will be another week baru reda doctor ckp. Malu nak jumpa orang macam ni tau.

Next week buleh?

Niza- tersangat la the terrorist nya hoccay! Thanks for dropping by Niza. How have you been?

Ivy said...

hey Wiz... Season's Greetings!

How timely your post is. Maybe you (or your hubby) can help me. I'm looking to buy the sepak takraw ball and capteh as souvenirs and I've no clue where to look for them. Any suggestions? Preferably around KL of course.

Thanks in advance. Btw, I've gotten my PME Masters cert w/o taking any additional class!

Niza Umar -- said...

Wiz : Me? Hmm why everytime one asked me that, I pause .. dunno what to say actually... hehehe. I am okay la kot ..

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Kak Wiz, tell abang A, I want his autograph ;-P! I pun tumpang bangga kat sini. I wish one day,M, D & N will play some football with Abg A. Mesti kelakar. Baru betul Jarman lawan Msia! Take care dear!

Wiz said...

Fasha, if we had longer visit time aritu memang abang azam nak main bola kat sana, tapi apakan daya. Nak terkucil pun tak sempat kekekekeke apakan lagi nak main bola.

matt said...

Wahhh...apa nama kelab bola veteran ni ?
Congrats for winning 3 nil.

Wiz said...

Matt- Kelab "pencinta hujan gerimis di tengah hari" ahaks

Wiz said...

Matt- Kelab "pencinta hujan gerimis di tengah hari" ahaks