Friday, December 17, 2010

I Just Wanna Be Ok

Thanks Diyana!

It's been three days now and it doesn't look like the pain is going to subside anytime soon. I haven't been smiling lately, neither have been eating properly to the dismay of my big appetite. Talking is done only when necessary but most of the time forced, to hush the screaming kids who are forever fighting over who pushed who first. My throat hurts, my gums swell, my cheek droops and I could hear the nerves around the oral area pounding at every beat of my heart ait mcm bunyi lyric lagu plaks.

I took a considerable amount of pain killer these past few days and somehow it has affected my sleeping pattern, and so I think. I find it hard to sleep now. It's 4am when I am writing this and I am wide awake enjoying the rhythm of the other half's audible breathing. I might as well wait for subuh prayers and do a little bit of work here and there.

The trip to the dentist was a long over due one. I had a cavity the size of Niagara Falls in my molar for more than a month. I knew it would have cost me more than I was willing to pay, hence the delay. But at last I decided to follow a friend thanks aunty Ida yang lawa who recommended me to go to a klinik kerajaan if I wanted it to be done free of charge. I only had to pay 1rgt for registration and for 1rgt you can't really ask for a red carpet treatment can you? You get what you pay for of course, and I am not complaining only thankful. Beggars can't be choosers.

I am just glad that the worst is behind me. I look forward to feeling ok again, hopefully soon. I miss smiling, I miss eating, I miss screaming at my kids, I miss laughing at their silly jokes and mostly I miss talking to the better other. But you know what? I get the feeling he is enjoying this quite period. Benc tau. Tapi tak per, saya akan qado balik and he will have triple of my talking ration in days to come.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Happy Friday everyone.

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zue said...

salam Wiz, hope u r recovering and soon will be able to go back to your usual self.I was awake too at 4 am this morning, just arrived in Kota Damansara and I am still in Kota Damanansra now as I am writing to u, the akad is tomorrow so! or perhaps window shopping:-(, we'll see lah. maybe next time insyaAllah we can meet up,when u r feeling much much better, without the pain , have a good friday Wiz and you take care.

Edi said...

kak wiz! i baru je semalam buat one set yg lebih kurang sama dengan set pink flowers tu.. hehehe.. nanti i upload gambar.. mcm ade 'gelombang' pulak dgn kak wiz nie.. (perasan)

Wiz said...

Zue- Happy shopping. Kota Damansara tu zone shopping merbahaya tu. Byk kawasan2 yang akan membuat kita tershop kat sana. InsyaAllah one day kita jumpa k.

Edi- Kita mengikuti wave length yang sama. Radio klasik RTM kan? lol

zue said...

Hai again Wiz!just got back from shopping at i utama.....and had just counted and assesing the damage! thinner purse and very big grins on our kids faces,raya hari tu tak shopping so kali ni mengalahkan orang nak beraya....hehe.....kena balik bake more cakes.....:-)

Wiz said...

Zueeeee!!!! See I told you, itu zon merbahaya. Anda sudah terperangkap dengan seronoknya I bet. Alaaaa Zue, duit belanja tadi baru one day baking collection. Judging by the way you bake you make more or as much as a CEO!

have fun in Kay Ell!

Niza Umar -- said...

Toothache. Ouch! I feel you dear .. (even giving birth is not as painful as this) .. And I can't imagine that despite that you could still make these pretty cakes! Take care and get well soon.

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Kak Wiz, aaahh kesiannya dia tapi you can still make beautiful cuppies? Hebat! I remember when I had 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted early this year sekali gus skali harung. Dr McCurly Dreamy tu hensem so walaupun sakit tetap I was trying hard to menten habis cantek (sila muntah) walaupun masa tu mulut dah buruk merebehhh+air liur meleleh ke bawah LOL Take a lot of pain killers tapi jangan sampai overdose tau hehe and have a lot of rest and insyaAllah you will be fine. Get well soon Kak Wiz!! HUgss!

Wiz said...

Fasha, yea, I did read that once about your wisdom tooth. Tu la at least ada doctor kacak yg tolong cabutkan, walaupun keadaan diri sendiri seperti bayi yang ibunya kempunan dlm pregnancy hahahaha. Kalau ckp aritu, mesti I would also like to have my tooth done kat your house tau. Masa tu dah lubang nya.