Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fly With Me To LA Part2

The sunny weather felt familiar to the touch of our skin. We felt at home right away the moment we touched down L.A. The chaos at LAX with endless streams of guests from all over the world did not intimidate us the least. The Airport felt familiar though, a cross between Bus Stand Klang and KLIA, not too fancy, not too hagged. ;o)

Everyone dressed and looked like movie stars, flaunting designer wears. The fanciest item I had on me, on the other hand was the Crocs imitation, an RM10 pair of shoes which served me dutifully well thus far. We were hoping to steal glimpses of Hollywood Stars being bugged by paparazzi and cameras flashing and clicking all the way. Sighting stars like Drew Berrymore, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise or maybe the Bradgelina troupe stepping out from a white limousine, would seal the whole Hollywood deal. We spotted limousines countless of times, and waved unknowingly at the person behind the dark screen. A star might wave back at us, well you'll never know. lol!

The Hotel we checked into was 20 minutes away from the Airport and a 10 minute walk from the nearest mall. The mall became the convenient store for us in the next couple of days, ending our days with vegetarian dinners and sweet treats of pies right before we tucked ourselves to bed. Not to mention devouring on buckets of caramelised popcons in between. Lisa and I were intoxicated with sugar most of the time and laughing ourselves silly every time we dived in face first, into ice cream, cookies, chips and popcorn. That's USA in summary!

For the convenience of two makciks travelling sans the company of men, we opted to take a ride on the VIP tours for security purposes. The van picked us up at our hotel and took us around the trendiest, most visited places around LA. Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach to name a few. Below are some of the pictures.

Lisa feeling like one of the kids in Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills ni dikhabarkan oleh tour guide kami, dihuni lebih ramai orang kaya Arab drp mat salleh.

Venice Beach as you see in Baywatch.

Sebenarnyakan we were quite disappointed sebab pantai ni tak seindah yg digambarkan dalam Baywatch series tu. Macam rundown jer. The beaches we get over this side of our world are much more scenic. So you didn't really miss anything.

Santa Monica

Many movies were shot here. The Pier is shown in movies like Beverly Hills Cop III, Forrest Gump, Iron Man, and Hannah Montana: The Movie. It was quite a happening place to be.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills, is famous for its haute couture fashion shopping. You can find all the designers' label here including Jimmy Choo! We didn't get ourselves anything from here, nothing matched the amount of dollars we have left. Even the air tasted expensive.

That's all for now folks. Will bring you to other places of interest in the next entry where these shoes gallantly stepped with much reverence on people your hearts throb for. While waiting, maybe you can guess who was the superstar that stepped out from this limousine. Boleh jerit

A star about to disembark the white horse. Who who who? Tungggguuuuuu!

12 treats:

KG said...

berangan nak pi rodeo drive mcm "pretty" woman!

KG said...

so kalau makan pop corn and sweets jer, kena bawak serundinglah kan bila kita pi ny nnti!

Lisajoehari said...

Best. Rindu. Benci. Penat. Semua ada... :)

Wiz said...

Yani - Rodeo Drive tu tak la gah sgt. Lagi happening and lagi lawa Bintang walk kita tau, serious. It was quite a let down. Serunding? tak payah, I prefer yg berkuah like instant noodles. But if you bawak, I tumpang la makan jugak hahaha.

Wiz said...

Lisa - Yes, it was all of the above kan. But the company is important. Glad I went with you.

firahadifa said...

siapa kak ???? .. waaa tak sabo nk tau sapa nie..

Wiz said...

Afidah- Nantikan kemunculannya lol!

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Wowoo Kak Wiz, you have been everywhere around the world!! Fasha tak sampai lagi bumi Amerika tu. Memang kaki jalan tau! Tak sabar nak interview you all berdua nanti. Sedih baca your other entry about how all these people treat women who are wearing hijab.Fasha doakan your next journey semuanya akan dipermudahkan, InsyaAllah. hugsss!!!

Wiz said...

Fasha - hehehehe, saya memang kaki jalan. I take that after my mum actually who has travelled to more places than anyone I know. We are not rich Fasha but alhamdulillah with the little money we have we always find ways to travel eventhough if we have to squat and berkelana sepanjang perjalanan. The US trip was partly work so memang kena pergi, if not tak sampai akal nak pergi US sebenarnya.

Awak nak interview kita? Tapi microphone kat saya la.

Really2 hope to see you sson.

Ayu Safieza said...

As always, I enjoy reading this blog. Safe journey dear...:)

Wiz said...

Ayu- Thanks so much Ayu!

Edi said...

kak wiz ni kan... isk... buat saya jelous tau!!!!