Monday, November 1, 2010

Fly With Me To L.A. Part 3

It was hard not to tap and hum to the familiar tune of "Pretty Woman" when we passed by this building here on the left. It was where the character played by Julia Roberts received her first taste of the high- life. The hotel, Regent Beverly Wilshire, located at the foot of Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills is definitely the place to be if you are not financially challenged. It was told that a "Pretty Woman" getaway can be recreated for the the apparently well-heeled couples.

I love Richard Gere in this movie. It's probably the white hair and the smiling eyes. I told my husband that I look forward to having his hair turn white one day. He reciprocated with "...not until you look like Julia Roberts" Menci! ;o)

After jalan2 and perasan2 on the street of Rodeo Drive we drove ourselves nuts at Universal Studios pulak! We terrorized the place with our screams and shouts on all the rides available. The queue to the rides were moderately long. The longest was perhaps at the Simpsons' Ride.

When we saw the queue, we presumed it would be the best ride this theme park had to offer. Best is defined in theme park language as always the scariest. Along the way, there were warnings that this ride was not for the faint hearted. The description of the ride was also sketched and looking at the trail, I repeatedly asked Lisa, " we really need to do this?" But we were far into the queue and our turn was just around the corner. Rugila if we were to back out then. Did we do it? O yes we did! Was it scary? In a Simpson-ish way it was. ;o)

Lisa, wishing for Richard Gere...

...and poof! Dracula appeared before her very neck. So she gave it a second attempt for Richard Gere...

but she didn't wish hard enough and poof!, she got Donkey instead! Donkey pun Donkey la, janji ada white hair. lol

The two desperate housewives in the end was fairly appeased when they encountered the information board below. Their only wish was to be reunited with the other desperate housewives on the set. Naturally they didn't want to slack in terms of gossiping and minding other people's affairs all in the name of upholding the values on Wisteria Lane. And so they scurried back to their beautiful houses.

This is mine.(Susan's)

This is Lisa's (not sure ni rumah sapa, your guess?)

We ended our visit to the Universal Studios with the Water World Show. Excellent ending to a perfect day.

Next: L.A. The Finale.

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KG said...

wish i were there! bestnya!

zue said...

Seronoknyer jalan2 Wiz.....I love this movie too "pretty woman" we were jalan2 kat area Was it Leicester Square or China town, note sure, tak ingat dah, many many years ago....then lalu this theatre and saw that Pretty woman is showing. Not knowing head or tail about the story , didn't know much about Julia Robert but Knew Richard Gere from hisother movies( plus his good looks and charm on screen) , we decided to give it a go and boy were we glad that we did! It was such a heartwarming movie ( put aside her being a h**ker ) as Richard Gere said to his lawyer,kami keluar senyum sampai ke telinga and till today I think I do memorise most of the dialogues......."slippery little s*ckers", don't you just love Prince" "more than life itself".
I'd better stop before I quote all the phrases.....:-)
Have a good day wiz!

Lisajoehari said...

Jom lagi sekali? Hehehe

Fiza said...

been there 10 yrs ago kak wiz..time tu sibuk dgn 'back to the future' , E.T, 'jaws'...hehehe sumer criter lama2..but my trip to the U.S then was an unforgettable sweet memories with the omputihs still very2 friendly & helpful. time tu i rasa the americans lagi best dari british, tapi kalu tengok muka pakcik kat ur last entry tu hihihi x bestnyer :(
went there with my mom & her 2 other friends, semua jadik budak kecik, lagi lah bila masuk disneyland....hmmm...nak gi lagi..!tapi my 'keretapi' dah panjang skang, nak pegi kena tunggu the kids besar dan $$ berkepuk-kepuk hahaha....

Messy Mummy said...

Salam Perkenalan..

I'm enjoying ur pic/trip. Wish I could be there. Mesti pergi tak nak balik kan? Did you shop2 sepenuh hati? ;)