Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bear It All

They used to hide behind my flowers, sometimes sitting coyly looking so nervous. When they looked up and smiled, you could see that certain style, of adorable expressions, in many instances of actions.

They'll never misbehave, I can assure you. They'll sit when that is all, they are asked to do. They'll glance at each other whenever they are told and let their love story before you unfold.

They are as what you wish for them to be. Smiley, dreamy, silly and sometimes funny. It is all for you to decide and for you to characterise, their personalities, their attires, their stories.

The sugar bears will no more be shy.
They will sit down, lay low and stand tall.
Do come and sit with me, just for a while.
It is the most opportune time for me to "bear" it all.

Thanks Damia's Mum!

Date : 17th October 2010
Day : Sunday
Time : 10.30am to 3pm
Venue: Sugarflours BDR BARU BANGI: No.6, Jalan Medan PB1 Seksyen 9 43650 Bandar Baru
Module: Wedding bears and Bear Family tree using special moulds
Contact : Lisa (0123264841)
Please bring Modelling tools, small rolling pin, fine paint brush and apron.

Hope to see you there!

7 treats:

Eine Frau aus Botnang said...

Hi Kak Wiz, First time tengok beruang pakai baju melayu & selendang bagai!! Too cuteee!!!

KG said...

even though couldnt attend this session, seeing you on sat dah puas...hmmm...

hs said...

wiz... your bears are so adorable.

Wiz said...

Fasha - We'll definitely make things cuter over there soon k. Cant wait!

Wiz said...

Yani - Tu la you, I jugak yang kena pergi your house. Nak tunggu you, seribu tahun lagi pun tak tentu huhuhu. How's your cake bunga jadi tak?

Wiz said...

Hs- Adorable sebab the maker mcm ala2 bear jugak, tembam and pudgy.

PatinPasta said...

Ahaks! Kiut nye teddy bear pakai samping! :D